Bitcoin Gap – Is Bitcoin Heading To $8,500? – Brave Most Downloaded Browser In Japan!

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In this video, we analyze the Bitcoin futures chart and we analyze the latest descending wedge sample. What does this imply for Bitcoin? We additionally focus on some Crypto information and we focus on the Bakkt launch, which may have main impacts on Bitcoin.

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I’m not a monetary adviser, this isn’t monetary recommendation. I strongly encourage all to do their very own analysis earlier than doing something with their cash. All investments/trades/buys/sells and so forth. must be made at your personal danger with your personal capital.

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  1. You. Are. Always. Wrong.
    You have no shame.

  2. Classical divergences are easy to understand. Can you do a video on hidden divergences, please?

  3. Thanks for the great content! 👏👏

  4. Yeah, bull market my anus. More like one crazy run up followed by weeks of dumping. That ain't a bull market, it's dumbasses.

  5. Hi Jebb. Thanks for the content. I think the whales are messing with us.

  6. Parabolic Curve . . .
    Bitcoin $100k EOY

  7. Sold at $10,500, looking foward to buy more Bitcoin as Bitcoin prices fall. Daily MACD is also converging, so I feel it can go quite low.

  8. Great analysis! I have a question. How do I choose the right trading pair to use to get out of a position? Lets say I have some xrp and want out of it. Xrpbtc is showing +3% and xrpeth is showing -3% Does that mean if I went with btc I gain 3% usd? And if I went with eth I lose 3% usd? Thanks CJ!

  9. I have a topic: Since everyone is talking about a possible recession / crisis for 2020, you could make a video about where is Bitcoin going during recession – arguments why it could crash with other assets like stocks VS. why it could go up for example because people think of it as a safe haven like Gold.

  10. Great content Jebb. 👍🏻
    I'd like to see a video on how Tether affects BTC. I keep reading that it does but don't see how.
    btw, mid-roll ads… 👎

  11. Hope you guys enjoyed! If you did, SMASH those likes, and share this video with a friend! Also follow me on twitter @cryptojebb for charting, analysis, and random shower thoughts.

  12. I like to believe sub $9500 is history, and the price will bounce off the 20-week moving average soon (mid to end of september).

  13. Take a look at the monthly chart. 3 red months in a row has never happened before in a bull cycle.

  14. Trading options would be something good to cover… Keep up the great content!!

  15. Not gonna happen! Bitcoin will pump to new heights

  16. well i wish it would hurry up and DO IT ALREADY… getting sick of 10,500 range day after day

  17. Can someone explain why gaps need to be filled? I never really got that…

  18. At last it's sinking in – bitcoin is going to dump way way down.
    Because we haven't yet started the bull market.
    We ahve to capitulate first.
    Watch out for $3K and below.

  19. If we test VPR at $8K guess what? there's no support from there to $3K.
    Think about that.

  20. No idea if it’s going up or down but gut says down

  21. I don't think we will do gap filling. We will go down a little but that's it …moving sideways and ignition for breaking some resistance!

  22. Will be great if you could recommended an Alt coin weekly to invest like "The Alt of the week"

  23. I've had Brave for a few months, I like how it blocks a lot. You can't transfer your BAT out though, only donate it…

  24. I bet the ones that say 8k will be miserably wrong. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  25. Cant that drop from last night be an ABC correction?

  26. There is so much Dumbfuckery going on, its hard to tell which direction bitcoin is going…

  27. How about some trading strategies based off TA? Or what "usually" would be done by others?

  28. Hi Jebb, if the 8.5k gap will get filled (also 50% fib retrace in this gap from year high to year low), than we should look at the one prior to that one formed on the 15th of May and not being completely filled on the 4hr chart between 7188-7433 (also 61,8% fib retrace in this gap).
    What is your opinion about that gap?

  29. Another shiller trying to push his product 😒

  30. 16 minutes on one single breath.

  31. price is going down. you predict correct!! more price will go down due to Bakkt.