Sawcruhteez Streamz: Bitcoin Within a Whisker of a Golden Cross. Ethereum Threatening to Break Down.

Sawcruhteez Streamz is a channel devoted to technical evaluation for Cryptocurrency, Gold in addition to the S&P 500. That is an academic channel that’s set out to train sound cash administration strategies without charge to the viewer. All statements / remarks are an opinion and will NEVER be construed as monetary recommendation. Sawcruhteez will not be chargeable for the selections that others make with their very own cash.

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I do the bulk of my buying and selling on Bitmex as a result of they’ve: the most important insurance coverage fund within the business, my favourite person interface, no KYC requirement, BTC for margin, a maker charge and peer-to-peer funding charges (can receives a commission to maintain positions)

Evolve Markets

Evolve Markets makes use of BTC for margin, doesn’t KYC, provides entry to conventional markets in addition to alts vs USD on margin.

Working Man’s Bitcoin Cruise (proceeds go to Tyler Jenks property)

Ugly Previous Goat E-newsletter

Ugly Previous Goat has been one of the very best merchants on Bitmex since 2013 and now he’s sharing his trades in actual time by means of his E-newsletter. He’s an knowledgeable in danger administration and buying and selling the premise.

Sawcruhteez will work for beer. When you have discovered from the free content material offered, or have in any other case discovered it helpful, then think about shopping for him a beer (Coors Mild and Montucky Chilly Snacks are his favorites). When you ship crypto then he’ll convert it to beer primarily based on present trade charges.

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zero.000264 BTC = 1 Montucky Chilly Snack
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  1. It will be great if you create a trading course, not only because your knowledge also because is rare find traders with that honesty and ethics.

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  5. You talk about things that nobody else scratches the surface on, and I learn something new every video. Thanks for opening my mind that much more!

  6. First 10 minutes, you said the same things over and over ?.

  7. Saw….same for me. My stop loss was also triggered. I knew to loosen it up due to wicks like that, but I didn't want the additional losses. I'm equally disappointed! But I do take solice in the fact I held strong to my strategy.


  9. Very interesting on mentioning the psychological aspect of trading its something that is forgotten in most books and in training programmes. I think it should be up there with money management.

  10. I hope you're joking about this crystal bullshit.. wow

  11. Nice hoodie 😉 Carnelian is my favourite gemstone

  12. HEY SAW!!! love your content brother!! its awesome and inspiring! thanks for the deep dive analysis we are all learning so much here!! its a global community unlike anything!! so agree with you and i learned a valuable lesson too. i was up until just about that crash happened. everything looked amazing. i checked and double checked and everything seemed poised for more upside, i told everyone its a great place to sell and enjoy the gains, unfortunately i passed out before could do the same for myself…lol…i will never underestimate the power of bigger and smarter players above me!! hard lesson but so valuable!!and i saw a Williams fractal on the 4 hour chart its confirmed on my exchange now waiting for the upside…i reposition with available cash from a previous position and hoping to ride this up with a stop loss in place!! ))) lol

  13. Thank you so much for your content. BTW, you can stress much less by using dark mode on everything. So to read the brightest pixels in a sea of ​​chilling pixels, rather than the contrary that is quite painful for the eyes

  14. Love your openness brother, heartwarming ?

  15. there's value in what you do… but you do ramble on quite a bit. so it's like finding nuggets of info amongst all the words… Hope you take this constructively. some brevity would help

  16. Why would you do the fib 50% retracement just using the open/close of the marubozu candle @54:00? Why not use the wicks which is where market makers usually make their stand and most likely were the ones to take the short position you mentioned.

  17. Really love your streams Saw! So happy you have continued creating content! Love your vibe too, btw!

  18. Another great video and TA thank you Mr Saw! I see the monthly in downward channel summer 2020 we could finally get down to 1300???

  19. Hi S, thank yoiu for sharing TA knolwedge, and here also info about hemp oil. Can ask where I can buy this?

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