Bitcoin Rap Battle Debate: Hamilton vs. Satoshi (BITCOIN GIVEAWAY) [feat. EpicLloyd, TimDeLaGhetto]

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Alexander Hamilton and Satoshi Nakamoto have interaction in a battle rap debate on the deserves of centralized and decentralized currencies. What do you suppose? Tell us within the feedback beneath for an opportunity to win bitcoin. (Sure, we’re critical.)

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[HAMILTON] Earlier than we start, everybody do me a favor,
And browse a little bit factor I wrote known as the Federalist Papers.
I clarify how a nation’s unlikely to outlive
With out a robust central authorities to maintain it alive,
After I launched the central financial institution, Jefferson known as me in poor health,
Now you have got my face to thank on each ten dollar-bill.
When America was cash-strapped, I pushed previous that,
Now some sicko makes crypto and our nation backtracks?

[SATOSHI] Decentralized foreign money. Sure, I invented it.
I’m certain many governments want that they had prevented it
Their nationwide money is how they maintain management,
However freedom to the folks was my final objective.
Am I a pseudonym? A gaggle of males? It doesn’t even matter.
I invented Bitcoin trigger fiat is a catastrophe.
A person from Japan or a rattling hologram?
I’m the explanation open season on crypto started.

[H] Does anyone know what this crypto-thing means?
To me, feels like the brand new Get Broke Fast scheme,
A bunch of fools from throughout the land
Investing in one thing they don’t even perceive,
Shopping for Litecoin, Sprint, Bitcoin Money,
It’s all gonna crash, and be gone in a flash.
All this unsupported cash’s an irrational prank,
And I’ll be laughing all the way in which to my Nationwide Financial institution.

[S] Hahahahahah, yeah dude, tremendous humorous,
As if banks lately nonetheless helped folks earn cash.
The wealthy get richer and we observe like we’re all sheep,
The banks serve Wall Road, crypto serves all streets,
The curiosity in crypto’s on fast ascent
What’s your present curiosity? Half a p.c?
I’m sorry, the financial institution’s gone previous its peak
However I need information encrypted, not hacked and leaked.

[H] If this crypto system can be our salvation,
It must be centralized, wants regulation.
If our central database will get… the way you say, “hacked?”
Insurance coverage will simply make a case to get your a reimbursement.
‘Trigger in actual fact, it’s tracked, and the cash leaves a path.
Central foreign money is robust, cryptocurrency is frail.
Untraceable cash — wow, so intelligent.
One typo in your deal with? Now it’s gone endlessly…

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Host: Reward of Gab / Blackalicous
Alexander Hamilton: EpicLloyd
Satoshi Nakamoto: TimothyDeLaGhetto
Hamilton posse: Will “V” Randolph, Kaila Love
Satoshi posse: Adesha Adefela, Johnny Rice
Satoshi rappers: Lesley Toche, Michael “Inverse Okay”, RyanNicole, Ari “Hashbrown”, Frak
Delegates: Ash Hicks, Kaiy Watts, Rachel Morrison, Carlos Andrickson, Kimberly Hollkamp, Edward Ewell, Rodney Jackson, Marcelo Pereira

Particular company:
Adam Again
Amanda Natividad
Anthony Veneziale
Atul Joshi
Ayliffe Brown
Ben Davenport
Brian Bland
Charlie Lee
Debbie Sterling
Dylan Discipline
Elena Nadolinski
Erik Torenberg
Ivan Money
James Prestwich
Jessica Scorpio
Josh McFarland
Laura Shin
Lily Liu
Meltem Demirors
Micky Malka
Mike Belshe
Pat Keep
Reid Hoffman
Sam Altman
Shadi Mehrein
Sonja Perkins
Soona Amhaz
Teo Casares
Theo Hollingsworth
Vinitha Watson
Wences Casares
Yuqing Fan
Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn

Govt Producer: Reid Hoffman
Producers: Ian Alas, Beau Lewis
Writers: Reid Hoffman, Ian Alas, Frak, Beau Lewis, Seth Brown
Director: Beau Lewis
DP: Peter Furia

Music by: Alex States “AMS”, Will “V” Randolph
Combine/grasp by: Fai, Deep H20z

Assistant Director: Frak
Assistant Producer: Theo Hollingsworth
Digital camera: Tyler McPherron
BTS digital camera / edit: Steve Flavin
Gaffer: John Dannenfelser
Grip: Donovan Gats
Artwork division: Jackie Scott
Artwork division: Paul B
Costume: Tatiana
Walkies: Patrick Dunnam
Casting: Ken Savage
Slate: Tyler Lim
PA: Sharissa Wright
PA: Kalani Ruidas

Particular due to Erik Torenberg, Alexandra Weiss, Elisa Schreiber, Kaitlin Durkosh, Greg Beato, Saida Sapieva, David Sanford, Fernando Gallegos, Ryan Galvan, Khristian Hernandez, Miguel Hernandez, Andrew Montesano, Rachelle Diamond, Ivan Money, Conrad Kisunzu, Charles Morgan, Travis “Organik” Fleetwood

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  1. Decentralized Bitcoin, backed by Gold & Silver wins!!! but XRP Ripple for a Transfer agent in crossborder payments!!! bc XRP is the fastest most cutting edge in speed and technology!!! glta crypto

  2. I still prefer Lin-manuel's Hamilton but Lloyd plays it good

  3. I am drunk as fuck in a country where its not allowed to drink while watching a video. I need a bitcoin lol.

  4. Satoshi all the way, decentralization forces governments to listen to the people again. His invention deserves the Nobel prize.

  5. Satoshi definitely won because he showed the long term benefits of bitcoin that haven't been seen yet–like being able to update it to adapt to a modern world ("try updating cash go ahead I'll wait"). He also shut down all of Hamilton's pros while also pointing out the egregious flaws of traditional centralized banking like "trail to recession" and "I don't need a bailout to survive thanks".

  6. Satoshi cause he created a new form of currency and if it wasn't for him we would be still using cash ? yet because of him we can get bitcoin & other forms of crypto currency so we should all thankful to Satoshi

  7. Why do "Satoshi's" supporters look so evil?

  8. Satoshi o Hamilton???

  9. "As if banks these days still helped people make money. The rich get richer and we follow like we’re all sheep, The banks serve Wall Street, crypto serves all streets, The interest in crypto’s on rapid ascent What’s your current interest? Half a percent?"

    Bitcoin wins.

  10. Tough to pick a winner, but I’d say Hamilton won. I thought his arguments and comebacks were a bit stronger, and he had some great lines- “can’t bitcoin the dentist, can’t bitcoin my breakfast, can’t even use bitcoins at bitcoin conventions.”

  11. Satoshi won for sure. We cannot allow the Fed to continue to print billions from thin air with these REPOs every week! Wake up!

  12. Hamilton looks like he should be a lot louder than he is

  13. ohh i see this time you guys curse censored is it ??

  14. "It's not the currency itself
    It's the method, man"
    That "get it" in the background made it so much better

  15. Bitcoin is the peoples money!

  16. "One typo in your address and it's gone forever." Uhmm no. The Bitcoin address is Base58Check encoded or Base32 encoded with a SHA-256 checksum's first 4 bytes at the end to detect typos.

  17. In 2008 even insurance companies went bankrupt – AIG, FDIC and all those alphabets. Though a stronger point would have been, we can print fiat out of thin air and hand them over to their cronies at the cost of loss of purchasing power of the poor.

  18. Over a quintillion dollars of derivatives markets which can collapse the moment some counterparty cannot pay fiat definitely does not sound frail for fiat. 🙂

    Mt. Gox, numerous exchange hacks, multiple 80% crashes in prices over last 10 years, government bans in numerous countries, and yet Bitcoin lives with no bailouts and 80% renewable energy mining (with zero taxes on Bitcoin holders). Definitely frail. 😀

  19. Did they announce the winners for that Bitcoin giveaway yet?

  20. Andrew jackson needs to get Hamilton’s head on a pike

  21. Bitcoin won because it WILL win over centralized fiat

  22. Honestly, I don't think either of them "won"

    Both systems can be run by and serve the rich and powerful, there's nothing in either system that prevents it.

    Bitcoin – the more $$ you have for mining machines the better you're off, while the poor get left behind by higher and higher mining "difficulty". Bitcoin is also limited in amount, so it will eventually pool to the top leaving a concentration of wealth. And since the value of bitcoin is determined in a stock-market-like fashion, it's insanely volatile.

    Centralized – Doesn't have the same "finite amount" problem that bitcoin has, but through banking systems it has created an economy where if you're poor you're more likely to stay poor (and to be fair, this system is perpetuated in part by world governments who could easily fix it). So the amount of "infinite" money still gets concentrated at the top proportionally.

  23. I rather invest in beanie babies than BTC.

  24. Satishi won! Well done guys ???

  25. Satoshi won because ALL FIAT eventually dies! Print! Print! Print! Inflation! Inflation! Inflation! Less than 21M Bitcoin will ever exist! Very well done battle! ???

  26. "What's your current interest, Half a percent" ..Just one of the sad truths about the broken banking system these days ?

  27. I think you also need to know the person the internet is a sketchy place

  28. Bitcoin will not fund any more wars! Join the silent Protest BUY BITCOIN and LITECOIN!

  29. I like the references 😛 haha

  30. "Crypto's a far-worse medium of exchange". That's the realest winning factor ?

  31. I mean, it looks like Hamilton won but one should always correct for the teleological bias.

  32. Hamilton won hands down. Better arguments, supported by facts. Satoshi was incorrect on a number of points, and his premise. There’s actually no paper in paper money (US anyway), and the reason it’s failing is because it’s controlled by private organizations , not the governments. Hamilton didn’t create centralized banking. It already existed in Europe. He championed GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED centralized currency because privatized currency had no oversight,(like bitcoin), So a privatized, untraceable electronic currency that doesn’t physically exist will fail, either by malware, or a grid down situation, just like credit/debit cards, or ultimately by corruption in the private organizations that control it, Just like privatized cash, which is what is used today.

  33. Bitcoin is the future, adoption will make it present.

  34. ⭐️ UPDATE: The time has come! We're gearing up to draw winners for the bitcoin giveaway this week… stay tuned and thanks everyone for sharing your 2 cents on the debate ?

  35. i just gotta say, they both made valid points. i will keep my bank account for now… and they were both good, i cant pick a winner

  36. Hamilton won because whoever wins this bitcoin is likely to cash it out for more useful currency fairly soon

  37. Satoshi definitely got the jams rolling. Bitcoin it is.

  38. Hamilton won because I know him.

  39. i dont know they both are used for control but in a rap its a draw

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