‘Nakamoto Shock’ Triggering a Historic Bitcoin Rally

‘Nakamoto Shock’ Triggering a Historic Bitcoin Rally


Disclaimer: I’m not a monetary adviser and this isn’t monetary recommendation.

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  1. Binance Connnnecccct, not really but its fun writing coonnneeeeccct

  2. 3:15 Holy crap Beaker got old huh?

    Edit: Fantastic End Gif!

  3. Bitcoin is not scam and was invented in good faith but it behaves oddly at global scale. It will never reach 15.000$. The only time it reached 20.000$ in december 2017 was when mining was not so widespread (in China). Bitcoin has a curse on it. The more it acquires value and the more it tends to centralization. Bitcoin now is a Chinese coin, Chinese ASICs, Chinese mining farms, Chinese mining pools. Over 70% of all Bitcoin's hashing power leads back to… guest who… China. No tell me what's free about it. All Bitcoin hodlers can do is to wait constant ups and downs in Bitcoin's price till ASIC manufacturers and farms will eventually fail… and reborn from their ashes to die again till price stabilizes but it will never go to 1.000.000$. Bitcoin is not design to be a store of value but it's not good as a currency either because it's super slow. We should see Bitcoin just as an early experiment.

  4. This is not prediction, this is real , Oct 2019 16,000, Feb 2020 29,000, July 2020 56,000, Nov 2020 87,000, April 2021 130,000. Also on youtube look for Bob Loukas BTC 4years Cycle.

  5. There a two cryptographic functions that are used in cryptocurrencies. Message digest/hashing (MD5, SHA256…) which are muscolar functions and asymmetric encryption (RSA…) which is more of a brain function.

    These two functions combined together define how a cryptocurrency work.

    Bitcoin and clones, Ethereum Classic, ZCash, Monero use 99.999% muscles and 0.001% brain

    Stellar, Neo, NAV and eventually Ethereum in 2020 use 99.999% brain and 0.001% muscles

  6. Bitcoin is where it is due to it's own quantitative easing from its own central banks, Tetha mainly. Tetha on ropes with global regulations marching in shortly, the party music will be shut off shortly. actual utility is only thing that can save any of this digital scam.

  7. TA is useful in many ways it can predict repeating patterns and models but is more alchemy than science. The only accurate thing one could possibly do is to see the Big Picture of how this world evolves from a Technical point of view. Not counting the github commits or developers but seeing how to reach the Moon without spending GWatt hours for validating something that is in control of five mining pools.

  8. Bitcoin is not for everyone. If you are still dummy like me. Get TOKO from KuCoin exchange. Tomorrow you might be holding equivalent of 1 bitcoin if you buy now. You can can how IEO and pre-sales fill now.

  9. I dont care how hot it may be – max out the airconditioner and slip on a signature hoodie…

  10. Thanks for information. Smth new

  11. 2:08 I thought you said "release the balls". I was all, "whoa whoa whoa… I thought this was safe for work". ?

  12. who is that crying girl at the end? channel name? gave me wood

  13. Wait…its backed up by math?

  14. To that add the monetary system collapse en 2 years

  15. binance loan? with interest? but people, are you such dump to not realize interest is what brought us this monetary crisis?

  16. Keep telling yourself that.

  17. 10. 4k or 10. 6k if your in profit pull it back on when bitcoin drops, nakamoto probably not real, get over it still dollar to be made, moon yes! if you use your noodle