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  1. Valuable update! Very helpful! information! Thanks much AD!

  2. URGENT: If You Are Waiting To Buy Bitcoin, Trust Me…..wait…still…September and buy at 3k.

  3. do you know Cyrpto Zombie just carbon copies what you say for is channel

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  6. Never trust anyone that says "trust me"

  7. What I'm noticing. You are showing us the impressive market action of Wave five, which ran from $200 to $20,000, and implying that the Bitcoin market will always show this impressive action. That was only one out of five waves from 10 cents to 20k. Waves 2 and four had
    ominus action on the downside. That's where the red boxes are.
    What I'm noticing. After five waves up comes a bear market of equal proportion.
    A-B-C. Wave A from 20k to $3,500? Wave B up tp $13,800? Currently in wave C down to (?).
    What I'm noticing. I can't find any bears on YouTube. No one is noticing what I am noticing.

  8. So can someone tell me out of 15,388,712,828 volume in the last 24hrs, how many are buys and how many are sells. Now I’m guessing as BTC is up over the last few days I’m assuming buys out way sells, so how many are actually buys…..

  9. I'm seeing $1000.00 soon on all my charts.

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    Good luck all,

  11. In the future how do Bitcoin transactions for the block continue to be added when there are fewer or no miners?

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  14. But from 20k->3.2k is a 84% correction. Edit: realised you said 200-20,000, the pattern broke with the 84% correction tho, can't really ignore that. If this is indeed part 2 of a bull cycle then it could be something to watch for

  15. I'm waiting until it goes back to 3c

  16. Great info, I just started buying bitcoin 🙂

  17. STATS WONT SAVE U. sell all have now. BT will crash

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  23. Clearly price is leading and mining difficulty is following based on these charts.

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  26. The past is history, the future a mystery……..however this ribbon is bang on! I've been saying for a long time, this bull market we are in will be like no other. It will dwarf previous bull markets!

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