Think bitcoin is in a bull run? think again! we are just 7 days away before BTC crashes down.

I cowl the upcoming bitcoin capitulation that is lower than 7 days away. I additionally clear up some misconceptions about how my charts work. Utilizing my charts is not a 50/50 guess that bitcoin could go up or begin dropping. It is a technique with a particular process to know when to purchase and when to promote. It is not a guessing sport, it is a ready sport!

Maintain checking the group the part of my channel as I shall be making new posts as I replace charts:

Why I imagine bitcoin can drop to $2500:

The right way to put together for capitulation when bitcoin begins dropping:

This is not monetary recommendation! these are solely my view and opinions of the place I think the market could also be headed. Crypto Forex is a very dangerous asset, all the time do your personal analysis before ever contemplating investing or making a commerce.

To entry my charts requires a onetime donation of $20. you should have entry to all earlier, present and future charts. just e mail again after you donate and I’ll ship you my web site deal with to entry charts. All of my charts are shareable so you possibly can watch them actual time and you can too save them as your personal so as to add in your personal indicators. In case you have any points copying the coin addresses just e mail me and I’ll ship them to you.

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  1. If you would like to have access to my shareable charts please read description of this video or email me:

    Keep checking the community the section of my channel as I will be making new posts as I update charts:

  2. L0L. That escalated nicely. Idiot L0L

  3. A broken calendar is never right

  4. Everything you said for the future was wrong and you sound that you know everything but you are still wrong. You should think about the bullside too … stupid guy

  5. Did we cross over since we are at 10,641? Serious question. I'm new to this.

  6. Bruv, how big of a probability you put to re-visit 6's. I commented before on that matter, but your are strongly convinced, so I would like to hear you. Think about the macro situation as well, the prob that we are in bull market is quite high.

  7. Are you shure ? Lets bet 1 btc

  8. Dude, stop defending yourself! Everybody has a certain way of interpreting things.. To me it seems pretty clear that you you make if, then statements. Just make your vids, share your findings but please, stop defending yourself!

  9. The stronger the hate the greater the jealousy of your skills or fear that you may be right. Keep doing what you’re doing. I’ve only been here about a month (?) but I keep coming back because your content speaks for itself. I got into crypto during 2017 right before the crash with a HODL mentality. I rode my profits down in 2018 thinking at least I’m still positive until I wasn’t. Maybe I didn’t look hard enough but all I could find at the time were scammers trying to make money off me. Let’s be grateful we have Steve who is transparent about his thought process and creates quality videos and posts that are easier to digest than a course with three-hour long video lessons where you’d probably fall asleep before you get to the good stuff.

  10. You are full of shit!!!!!!!!!!! buy and hold

  11. Hey from the UK, I have been trading the crypto for a while now and was begining to despair at the lack of critical and strategic thinking here, then I found you, I applaud you for sharing your TA and views, you have called it correctly thus far, shame on those who troll . With regard to your charts – Is a paid trading view subscription required or is the free version sufficent ? –

  12. Kirby plus steve = solid TA

  13. A golden cross on the 3 day chart just happened so what normally comes next after a major golden cross like that? Up or down?? It’s going up buddie!

  14. Great job man. Keep up the good work.

  15. Thanx! Now i understand much more. Great Explanation!

  16. **Protect this young man at ALL COST!**

  17. Fib circle and your "ring of capitulation" not drawn correctly.

  18. This video is the definition of overcomplicating TA in a market like bitcoin.

  19. I got some free coins from address verification donated 0.4 got 0.8

  20. Your saying Bitcoin is going down since 3k btc.

  21. The Lord of the Rings has spoken! Great analysis my friend.

  22. But is bitcoin not going to maybe hold support on the white line after crashing out of that ring ? And what if bitcoin breaks trough the ring on the upper side of the ring? , is it always going to crash when it breaks trough the ring no matter where it breaks trough trough the top of the ring or trough the bottom of the ring? Will it always crash no matter what?? By the way a genius analyses , i hope it really works

  23. It is impossible to please everyone, IMPOSSIBLE! Try and stay focused on the good comments and people supporting you. YOU don't need to defend yourself from the 1% EVER. Great work thanks!

  24. I hope you do an update soon!

  25. He has moved the ring again.. seems useless, don't trade this

  26. It went down way before the ring. This is the worst charts I've ever seen to follow. It's a joke. There are dozens of 4ings. You put them wherever you want. Move them whenever you want to make it look like it works lol what a joke

  27. You have so many circles that no matter what you will be right. That's just to much variation

  28. If you draw enough lines and circles you will be right no matter what. I'm gonna start my own channel and make double the lines and circles. I cant be wrong because there always some line or circle following the price no matter what