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Guys, what if it occurs to Bitcoin NOT to succeed in the worth of eight’500 anymore? What if we are going to see these costs for Bitcoin BTC not anymore? What do you assume for Bitcoin the place the worth of Bitcoin goes to go for Bitcoin Btc?

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  2. its clear we are heading to heaven and beyond girls 😀

  3. Thank you Chris for the content. God bless!

  4. Peter bought a 14,000 and now he’s afraid to sell, jejeje…

  5. What about all the people who sold thinking it was going to 8500?

  6. Brother your hair had a spike up today on your part-in. Are you signalling for a pump up?

  7. Yes but, can you tell us what would happen with the 8.5k gap everyone is talking about

  8. Extreamlly good TA. Fantasic video 😉

  9. No man this is going to break to downside and you will see it as now wales are selling their btc to moonboys like you – with this price move up they want more people to buy in- before huge drop – you will see I have seen this over the years all over and over again – when will you guys learn at once 🙂

  10. Would be cool if 9,100 was a double bottom and we never form that triangle at all.

  11. Good Vid, its pronounced "dee-sending" just FYI. Keep up the good content

  12. dude in 6-7 days it will crash.. watch thatkid explain it to you. he has circle charts.

  13. Is Bitsonar legit? Why would anyone with a profitable bot want other people to profit from it? What´s in it for Bitsonar? Can you elaborate on that?

  14. I miss your insane indicators.

  15. If you don't think Peter Schiff has not bought any Bitcoin then you are a Fool.
    He is a Wealthy man , he can afford a few , don't you think
    Make him swear on the Bible he has not bought a load and watch him run for the hills lol

  16. Chris, here’s an amusing but good illustration of how weird the English language can be:

    “Yes, English can be weird. It can be understood through tough thorough thought, though.”

    Always appreciate your videos. Your English is way, way better than my German. Keep up the good work. Cheers.

  17. hi is it better to buy alts like ADA with BTC or with fiat and if so why ? thanks very much!

  18. Trading bots? Nothing scammy about that. Conflict of interest much?

  19. I coudn't help but smile every time he said dizkending triangle.. Great info regardless!

  20. Mouhahahaha!!! $2500 in a few months ! )))) Moon boyz getting rekt very soon )))