Bitcoin 2nd Golden Cross TOMORROW!!! Bounce or Plunge!??

#Bitcoin will likely method the brand new and 2nd Golden Cross tomorrow! What would be the impression on the $BTC Bitcoin Worth?
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Bitcoin and its new second Golden Cross Tomorrow? What would be the impression on the Bitcoin BTC Worth of Bitcoin? Will the Bitcoin worth bounce or will we plunge with Bitcoin and $BTCUSD?

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  2. Exactly. I trade gold and buy long term real estate. In a bull market you do t act as contrarian. You buy the DIPS until you reach the top.

    This is just he beginning it’s obvious from last ten years of BTC long term cycle

  3. Stop referencing Alessio in this channel please…. he is wrong so often and when he is not he simply refers back to one of his "it could go up or down" predictions and claims "i was right!". Deep inside hes a perma bear, always saying apocalypse is coming regardless of what asset market it is. Just look at the video "Trader Alessio Rastani Leaves BBC Speechless By Telling the Hard facts
    " he gave same beardoom speech right before the biggest stock bull run in history.

  4. I personally will never take any call from Alessio seriously,he has been wrong couple of times

  5. Chris, you are the best crypto YouTuber. Along with Ivan. ☺

    China recognizes how blockchain is a way in which the U.S. dollar is being circumvented. They want to encourage that.

  6. Alessio has not idea of crypto, It is my humble opinion with all respect for Rastani.

  7. We banned alesso….always posting down price…….didn't make predictions, then later says he called it…….

  8. Alessio has been wrong many times and can be wrong this time as well. Actually, he is not claiming anything, but just putting the idea out there. In the bear market, when everyone was selling Alts some were contrarian and now they hold 2-3usd avg XRP bags. Being a contrarian for the sake of being a contrarian is the worst noob mistake. When btc was 3k and ppl were selling, buying that btc was being a contrarian. Anyway, totally agree with you, join the trend, before masses.

  9. If it goes up (or down) tomorrow its going to be because of the Senate hearing on Crypto regulation. Not sure why this isnt on anyones radar.

  10. Chris, you're my favorite fanboy. Love your enthusiasm! Thanks bro!

  11. You had me until you based Chinese Government Action as “Protecting it’s people”.
    Chinese Government action historically has been about Control over its people and a decentralized currency isn’t moving forward that agenda. My guess is that the Chinese Government now has a handle on how to get information it needs to use these potential capital gains to its advantage.
    With Google and the Cell Phone manufactures working to help the Chinese Govt spy on its citizens; Bitcoin and the crypto markets are not a threat to their control.

  12. Long Live Bitcoin!!!
    Long Live the Bitcoin Bull Market!!!

  13. EMA death cross on the 4hr CME futures is what you should be worried about.

  14. excellent video , couldnt agree more concerning the alessio video. Rastani may just want to cause and profit fear and buy your bitcoin .. Zoom out keep it and don't worry, three little birds 🙂

  15. Thanks for your always nice and funny videos. I follow you both and I like the analysis you both do on the market. But most probably the bitcoin price will take a different scenario as you both think. When it was possible to predict the price you would not have to make these nice video's. You where already sitting on the moon !!

  16. Tin Foil Hat Theory:
    1) very similar pattern MAR_2017<>TO-DATE & MAR_2014<>NOV_2015
    2) Retrace of 20K_3K > 83% if this dip retraces 83% > 12K_2K ?
    3) the parabolic 2019> 3K_12K similar pattern to SEP_2017<>NOV_2017
    ————————————————————-****what are the odds? AUG 1_9,864.72?****

  17. Alessio is just upset that he never bought the bottom. BTC took off he waited for a massive retracement and missed the boat. He kept waiting but at the point, it was at 9K, even when it hit 13K he was pissed and started saying it was in a bubble. he is salty AF. He contradicts himself and doesn't even trust his TA. He said he was waiting for his WAVE 4, Then his WAVE 5… it's been so funny watching him be salty.

  18. My friend thinks we already peaked in 2017, and we will never see those highs again. I made a bet with him that we will see Btc at or over 15k on December 22, 2019. ??????

  19. It’s definitely going to keep going down! There’s absolutely no way it’s going up for a while. We’ve already hit the high for the year!

  20. Watched Alessio's vid. I think the 21 weekly EMA retrace or wildcard scenario is most likely. You guys targets have been off, especially about "alt" season. We had a death cross on the 4hr 50/200 EMA. Means medium term down trend, maybe till October?

  21. Awesome job with your videos Chris, well done mate ? moon ? boys for the win ?

  22. Awesome content .. thanks Chris!

  23. Keep dreaming. Tether God is not going to print anymore and king Arthur is hiding to avoid jail lol. Those crypto gurus. Get rekt all the way down to 2k thank you!

  24. The 3 day and the weekly is suggesting a counter move from the bulls. The 3 day stochastic appears to be to low to dump below 8.7k – 8.8k in the short term. So inevitably it looks like we “should” have the cross as expected. Price action should resume trading back above 10k possibly up to 12.3k in early to mid Aug. That’s the bearish case scenario. The bullish case scenario is that we continue to bleed out and stop testing 10k until we are ready to break above it and hold. But eventually the “minimum” lower price target is 6.3k. But again it looks like we must go up before we go down. I know you won’t agree with this Chris lol. But hey I’m just a noob so no one should take my advice. Lol Safe trading guys ?

  25. Years ago, I'd heard a rumor that the Chinese government was telling their citizens to buy gold. Apparently, if the entire world's wealth was redistributed to a gold standard, having an Oz. of gold would put you in the upper-middle class. They want their entire country to be rich, good for them. Communism still sucks though.

  26. Go check alts like EOS OMG ONT THEY ALL have tested the break out zone …. may be thats why he called up this wild card senario …. some even went to previous lows ….. every one is too bullish i am holding for long run so not going to sell. did regret not buying at 3700. But happy that i did not sell. However if bitcoin drops now alts should be crushed to lower lows

  27. Id be happy if bitcoin would just continue trading the volatility channel of 9100-11000 from last week. One of the easiest trades ever.

  28. Congress hearing today went ? We are mooning soon boys!!!

  29. Wie stelle ich diese Charteinstellung ein? Wie heißen die Werte?

  30. PL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Golden cross means nothing unless it's on the weekly chart