The Bitcoin Surprise Move NOBODY is Expecting

Might Bitcoin be making ready for a suprise transfer the few folks have thought of? On this video I clarify what is worrying me proper now about Bitcoin, and what this might imply. #Bitcoin #BTCUSD

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  1. Thank you Alessio for breaking it down and making clear scenarios, bullish, bearish, and wildcard. My gut says wildcard.

  2. In order for Bitcoin to gain enough trust for both massive individual and institutional investment as a safe haven asset, it can't exhibit the kind of volatility that it did after its all time high in 2018. If it does, it will lose all of its credibility and probably never recover from a second massive crash, so I think it would probably be the end of crypto. Why would any person or institution in their right mind invest in something that could lose half or more of its value in a couple of weeks? What I like about this second upward trend is that it's more steady and sustainable, and Bitcoin's reputation has gone from being a get-rich-quick, take-the-money-and-run plan to more of a long-term investment. If Bitcoin will ever actually become currency, that day is still years away, and it is probably doubtful. I bought my Bitcoin (not a lot, but also not 20 dollars worth like some dreamers have bought, what the hell do they think that is going to do I have no idea) in the hopes that it might be a safe haven for people and institutions to invest in in preparation for the next inevitable financial crisis. I will say this. It seems to me that all of these traders, who keep pulling the rug out from under Bitcoin every time it starts to make a significant reach toward where it once peaked, are actually jeopardizing its future. I am a buy and hold guy who believes that the real future of crypto will happen when fiat loses tremendous value through quantitative easing and both individuals and institutions will run to both crypto and precious metals as a safe haven. I personally don't understand the rivalry between the two because in financial crisis, I think the value of both will rise significantly. But, this is if, and only if, day traders will ever allow Bitcoin to look promising enough, and human greed may never allow that to happen, in which case gold and silver will be the sole option and crypto will die a fast death. To me, this seems completely logical. 90% of the videos about price predictions are ridiculous smoke being blown up people's asses, I suppose in the hopes that naive ordinary people will invest and then the video makers can go back in and pull out their money again, greedy assholes that they are. They don't even believe their own bullshit.

  3. What if BITCOIN was all a RUSE created by the same Bankers like Alan Greenspan to take the attention away from Gold and Silver,so the Big Banking boys could load up on the "real stuff" and the public is distracted with Bitcoin and their Greed??.While at the same time ALL the World paper currencies are becoming destroyed????..Once they destroy the fiat money,and have accumulated all the Gold and Silver(like JP Morgan has done), the real Satoshi Nakamoto could reveal himself or his identity and possibly be ALAN GREENSPAN(according to Bix Weir Theory).While you'll be holding on their useless virtual coin and they will use BITCOIN as a weapon against mankind to CONTROL US???

    But does that hold something real will be buying their liberty and not submitted to serfdom by the banking cabal.

  4. Can u sent me few of bitcoin i need it so i can buy pubg Game I'm poor and there is no shame in it
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  5. Could you do a video where you concentrate on the 200MA , I beleive Btc needs to break it on the downside to get a much higher gradient upwards in order to hit the 300k to 400k ATH price in early 2021.

  6. ive had a gut full of bit ups n downs 8500 support its bearish to bullish consolidation on algorithms as its bot performance on hash rate etc etc blah blah blah steady as she goes upstairs then the elevator do the maths that's what the algorithm is whales make the trends for a splash for your cash so be a bit bearish on that note . but futures are bulls .

  7. I regret watching your videos past fackin year

  8. lol biggest clown of an analysis I have watched in a long time. GG Alesandro

  9. never be so certain about the market. on July 28 the Bitcoin chart looks hella bearish, now it's up 18% since then, turning bullish on daily again.

  10. Damn. Watching this video Cost me. I sold at 10400. Idiot. This guy placed a bit of doubt. I guess I’ll have to wait and see if it corrects again. Done watching everybody’s opinions. They are like butt h****, everybody’s got one.

  11. This dude is a banker in sheeps clothing.

  12. you suck at analysis. all you do is spread fomo.

  13. So btc is still going to 7,5 k?? you are becoming a Joke Allessio!

  14. Your ABC don't make any sense all crypto are very volatile you either going to make money or you're going to loose money ; you're getting thumbs down , now go away.

  15. I’m sure you’re a smart man, but this is all over the place.

  16. All eyes are still on the crucial $10,000 level," Mr Jason, an analyst at the online trading platform eToro, said. "Investors will be waiting to see whether this rally has enough stamina to break this level. "If not, falling back to levels of $7,000 is still highly possible." so i’ll advice current investors and newbies is to take advantage of Mr Keagan’s program, a pro trader who’s is helping investors/newbies recover loss from the crash and also accumulate more bitcoin through his amazing trading strategy, with his program i went from having 3btc to 9.5btc in just 2weeks. hit him up @ LinkedIn as Keagan Botsford his email is ( or I would leave his phone line but not without his consent.

  17. Does any one check this? is it true? Can you double you BTC? @t

  18. What do you think now that it hit $12,000 on August 5? Maybe the higher it goes down more too?
    I’ll buy more IF it goes down.????

  19. Check out optical arts Btc vids very good TA

  20. If everybody is thinking the same… somebody is not thinking? Was it?

  21. BTC does not have time to go down to 6k or below. I am bullish. Thank you Mr. Rastani, great video as usual!

  22. i just received 2btc from hacktivistworld ,com

  23. I know my comment is kinda irrelevant now, but what if the so called "Wild card" is a NO drop? lol. What if everyone expects it to bounce from 8k, and it enver goes there and leaves everyone bitting the dust expecting the "correction"? I didn't see your video a week ago Alessio, but I've been saying the excat same thing for a while now lol. Everyone expect a nice and paused bull run for BTC this time (By a nice bull run I mean: pump . correction – pump). What if it is just pump and pump? lol

  24. You are the only on youtube who stayd on his prediction that it will go down. All others youtuber changed to bullish, but now it goes down!
    Bravo! You are the only who knew and saved us a lot of money. Thank you. I lost a lot with listening to the selfmade pros on youtube. Wish i knew your chanel earlier.

  25. I think the c wave 2000$ _1800$
    its happen 98%
    and I hope soo ??

  26. Your prediction is very true my friend.. wow

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  28. i think bitcoin is becoming more interesting and cool if you invest well, i keep making my earnings with team George despite the fluctuations.

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