Justin Sun Interview, IRS, taxes, Bitcoin Ban

BITCOIN $8K NEXT? ? Justin Sun Interview, IRS AFTER CRYPTO!!!

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  2. According to Justin "lots of the mainstream cryptocurrencies will go at least up to 50% of their ATM". This is ridiculous, most shitcoins will converge to zero and only a few good projects (not Tron) will survive the next couple of years

  3. 100% Your phone is listening to you, had an interesting experience myself regarding Podkamennaya Meteor story, I never use Siri and it was turned off yet phone started telling me all about Russian meteor even though i didn't even mention the place, it was a general conversation about Siberia and Dash Cams !!????

  4. TRON is damaging the whole crypto space. I get angry to hear about such an incompetent individual like Justin all the time. I feel more stupid after I heard him talk.

  5. Mostly nice Video Ivan, thanks for your continuous efforts in the space…

    The “interview” with Sun is quite bad/laughable though

    On the Apple/Facebook discussion, why don’t you mention that’s also possible you granted them access with the terms of use?!

  6. This "listening to the microphone" has long been disproven by sniffers that catch network traffic. What is happening is that people are extremely good at seeing patterns (with a combination of smart AI of course)

  7. guys, give up on tron, just look at them. they are a marketing company,: they were lucky to raise money during the 2017 hype by copying ethereum's white paper. justin sun is a history student (doesnt look like the brightest of the herd) and is only able to market the tron token. recently, as he was expected to deliver something, he simply bought bittorrent to have their name associated to a respected and established project, tho it has little to do with the crypto space. i leave you with one thought: he is obsessed with vitalik and buterin always mentioned bittorrent in his first interviews about ethereum, when he was trying to explain to the world the crypto space. Bonus: when tron bought bittorrent, after a while the biggest guy there resigned, cuz he undestood quickly how things were gonna go… i know many of you got fooled and bought tron (i dont blame you, at that time we were throwing money at every new coin) but its time to admit they are an office of marketers (how many developers were at the event? how many technical questions were asked?)

  8. Atomic clock is back, finally

  9. McAfee releasing exchange combining 8 exchanges and allowing set up of our own buy/sell bot that will compete with pros and let us follow(shadow) their profitable traders

  10. Omg I was looking for you. Didn't know you were in Canada. Were you in Toronto?

  11. Trump's economic mindset so much further than anyone else in this world we're lucky to have him as our president us! the amount of pressure the amount of pressure and date of days that he has to deal with it's unbelievable. He wakes up with a million hate-mail everyday and still precedes as the top guy in the world.

  12. they know about what u r going to talk about, before u know,

  13. Traded Tron for NOIA, wayyyy better use case and air drop program.

  14. Private eyes, they're watching you… They see your every move… Private eyes, they're watching you, private eyes….. they're watching you watching you watching you watching you..

  15. what criptomoney ist in hicash?

  16. Justin Sun's credibility is in the gutter now. How can you snub an individual like Warren Buffet and an event with such media coverage. As the figure head for Tron he's got a lot of work to do now.

  17. The US will never ban Crypto. They would create a global divide instantly. Those countries whom ban it and those who openly accept it. And we all know where the future is. It would be the ultimate shot in the foot.

  18. The United States will not ban Bitcoin…..and it can not! India will not ban Crypto either! China tried, it didn't work and China does have some smart people in it. Until Tron becomes completely Decentralized it will be at the mercy of the Chinese Government & The United States Government. Why hasn't Tron's Justin Sun tries talking with the guy from Alibaba to be used as a internal pay system to be used within Alibaba? Isn't Justin Sun a protege of Jack Ma? Since Jack Ma did step down and the CEO Daniel Zhang has taken over, talk to him. I am sure Jack Ma still has the power to say what happens with his company…though another person runs the company. Speaking of tax rates…..Here in the United States if you Hodl for over a year's time, the % tax rate changes bigtime. Of course this is right now, this may change in the near future…? The SEC just announced that it is going to run some nodes from a few Crypto/Block chains in the United States. Something you mentioned about there not being a global war….It could happen…..with Pakistan, India at each other's throats. The Middle East is still has so many nasty issues to be solved and may never be solved? And another really bad situation is….The South China Sea issue? The United States will not allow China to take it over….there is no way China will give it up and there is no way in hell the United States will not be allowed to cruise through there as they freely want! If all these pop off at the same time…it will be a global event.

  19. Well well well look who's back! ?

  20. Tron is a scam. How is this not obvious to everyone?

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  22. Tron Foundation deserve to more attention then Justin Sun ! Its huge project and the platform is light years in front of us ! One day we will undernstand , today we still have difficult to got all things about the tron project

  23. great stuff..thanks Ivan