Bitcoin READY to Explode! – JPMorgan Says "Dump Dollar"

Bitcoin is prepared to explode larger, $11okay and past. Tune in and discover out why I consider so. Additionally JPMorgan is beginning to inform clients to dump the greenback…catylst for Bitcoin.

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  1. Imho we will head down to the 6k-8500 range then btc will have another parabolic run up to new all time highs. Start DCA when we get to 8k and if we go lower buy some more all the way down to 6k. We started this run at 3,100 and made it to almost 14k. Now how high will we go starting at 6k-8k. Crypto Kirby made a valid point about this yesterday and I agree.

  2. Momentum shift. JP Morgan will be low on cash soon seeing their cocaine cartel has taken a hit

  3. George you were too early on the reversal. You have a good chanel but you a bit high on the hopium. Right now all the fundamentals against BTC. This market is heavily manipulated, we can only guess which way whales want to move it.

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  5. u called that to quick georgie…lol..and i am sure when JP Morgan say invest in store of value they.. r talking bout precious metals… NOT btc

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  7. George??? WTF happened to BTC??? It's dumping!

  8. CCN and RT are literally the only ones writing about that stuff. You'd think more would be interested if he ever said something like that.

  9. It's like his daily stream is always too early in the day…

  10. People are cruel.
    This info is for free.
    It’s good, and George does his best to perform well.

    I thank you for that and for the educational service you provide nearby.

    It’s a jungle and you are shedding some light.

    In the end we all have to take the responsibility of our own decision. And that’s ok for everyone with a halfway healthy brain.

    Keep it coming man!

  11. Uhhh btc is still dumping…..

  12. Uhmmmmm…I think there is a bit more down side to go..time will tell

  13. Good news that ‘Norwegian Air’ now accepting Bitcoin and crypto ✈️

  14. At the very least it’s a screaming endorsement for GBTC.

  15. I'm not ready for it to explode. Stop it. Wait George, hold your horses. Are you saying we should own bitcoin or be a bitch? And we can only do one and we should choose wisely?

  16. It wil retrace to atleast 50% f i b retrace at around 8.5k deal with it! Dont be a fomo fool george be a master , the news wil do nothing to the price in the emmidiate term only long term

  17. Nope it ain't gonna explode yet. Chill pill till Mid Sept.

  18. Nobody knows anything- charts are all hindsight with BTC zero long term predictability. You don’t believe me? Just look at the BTC headlines every day. Neurotic and irrational – just like the charts. Hodle LAMF