HOT & CHEAP Crypto – That ISN'T Bitcoin ?

HOT & CHEAP Crypto – That ISN’T Bitcoin ?

Disclaimer: I’m not a monetary adviser and this isn’t monetary recommendation.

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  1. My friends please don’t pass up on .32 XRP it’s main function is to provide liquidity and settlement for the entire global financial system. Passing up on an investment opportunity because of some kind of team rivalry type bias would be foolish

  2. Holochain in the eye of the beholder ? Lol, what has Fiat Daily been up to lol, how does he feel about Deutsch Bank

  3. Thank you Crytpo Daily for your advance analyses. BUT that doesn't tell me IF the altseason is coming : will i have to sell my house or not ?

  4. Can you do an overview on NULS?

  5. I can't remember the last time I watched one of your videos and DIDN'T at least chuckle out loud, Daily! Keep 'em coming

  6. @CryptoDaily – have you changed your Cam / Settings? looks low quality.. :/

  7. That was a quote by Mark Twain, not Ghandi. Silly billy

  8. You have a talent sir. ?

  9. World economy collapse is around the corner. Stocks and forex whales have started to take shelter on gold, yet crypto are abnormally crashing. This is already an obvious sign the bubble is bursting. No mainstream investors dare to touch such ridiculous gambling volatility and whale manipulations. They are not as stupid as the leftover bitcoin slaves who keep feeding the whales round after round until suicide.

  10. I swear my last 100 subs have been caused by comments I made on your videos

  11. I ain't touching those old, stinky, ugly alts until btc hits 20k.

  12. Please donate any ltc you can spare. MUHQWAsvBpojPuAKuKewaZAhrGRzpDUPiP

  13. OMG, hahaha, I watched the cat meme about 12 times

  14. WTF? You lost a lot of credibility with this B.S. Tech, team, partners, utility, adoption, funding, public perception, brand recognition all trump your pseudo science.

  15. @4:36 "XRP's chart, it's like a heartbeat… which is almost flatlining…. anyway…"

  16. claims liquidity is important, hates bch which is more liquid than btc. losing!

  17. 2:22 "first you notice is, that's a nice color" , hahaha priceless!!!

  18. Love your videos, but…
    All you're saying with your TA is "Rapid movements in price one way or another are always followed by another rapid move in price the opposite way".
    If you look at when current price is much higher than the 50 day MA rather than much lower, you'll see the same thing.
    This observation is not particularly useful; charts always behave like this.
    The real question is: when does it happen (10% gap, 5%, 10.5%, 16.9%)? And no TA can answer that question.

  19. it would be easier if you just use bollinger bands

  20. Bought some OKB 1 month ago, best Alt gain for me in 2019 haha, about time!

  21. A little overripe, in fact sour …. Hahaha dude cracking me up over here

  22. Please don't try to catch a falling knife, you're going to get absolutely rekt at some point.

  23. Dope sweater just had to throw it out there! 😀

  24. i use coins for their purpose, circulation!!!!

  25. Want some free BTC (Bitcoin?) – grab €10 of it for just signing up and making a no-obligation deposit! You can contact me for details <3

  26. Is this a meme review video including strictly your TA? I dont get it.

  27. One way ticket…???….

  28. "having done my research and looking into it more, it has some of the best meme's out there" ROFL literally #xrp ?

  29. could u make a video of bitcoin atom

  30. ??the bottle really looked like a plane window…we can surely dream

  31. Lol man i know since bitcoin is not doing well but your video has a sense of humors

  32. ???????????love you Man XRP hopiom ?
    I'm buying vechain & Electra…

  33. 50% BTC, 30% ADA, 20% ENG and you are good to go long term. Just hodl.

  34. I want to remind concerning Ethereum, everyone who keep these coins on a long term period, I recommend registeringreception of dividends on dividendwallet .org

  35. I've watched this video 5 times, for the opening cat meme alone. ???

  36. Nice. How about a link for Huobi invitation code? Anyone got a Huobi US invitation code? This is my global one: b82v4