Rep. Patrick McHenry: 'There's no capacity to kill Bitcoin'

Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.), rating member of the Monetary Companies Committee, joins “Squawk Field” to focus on the tech listening to on Capitol Hill.

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  1. Libra goes against everything cryptocurrencies ever stood for. Especially ran by someone who has leaked peoples info and data. Ill stick to my $ONION @getdeeponion

  2. @KevinOleary You can do that right now!

  3. HAHAHA bunch of bull bull Tara…not even a single mansion of XRP. ???

  4. Bitcoin is something that is not possible to touch! Not even to kill ??

  5. We are all fiduciaries with out vehicles to move remitences if we use swift or don't have XRP or FB Libra!

  6. If the U.S. would ban bitcoin it would be like the metric system, it would be used in the rest of the world and work fine.

  7. It'll never fly.
    (Politicians to Orville and Wilbur Wright during the revolution)

  8. Facebook is untrustworthy. Glad business-killing Democrats are in place.

  9. That dude on the left is a lizard person lol. his eyes

  10. dark web??? morron is deep web have see toomutch movies star wars lololol!!!!

  11. i like this guy…i ned to move 1 milion too…i need to move 1 milion lundry??? yes is lundry!!! you cant lundry btc idiot!! but fiat you can….lol!!!

  12. At 6:40
    O’leary Is explaining to the T what xrp does!

  13. #DeepOnion @DeepOnionOfficial the blockchain with privacy features!

  14. REP Patrick McHenry, Then pass the Tokentaxonomy act. Unless you want the U.S. to fall behind, give us Regulatory Clarity ASAP!! We are losing out to the rest of the world, screwing around and grandstanding. They can't forbid people to buy it without a rewrite of the constitution. There would be lawsuits for decades.

  15. A Consortium of Companies (not including the private FED) decides to stage its own currency to get in on the Ponzi of the Dollar. Hmmm. And the government decides for you that you are not going to be allowed to own Bitcoin. Sounds like what FDR did to strip Americans of wealth by outlawing gold until President Ford removed the restriction. Gold is in a bull run.

  16. Quit interrupting & what is with your one eye?

  17. whats wrong with this duded right eye?

  18. Kevin Oleary doesn't care about Bitcoin :D, he'll regret that.

  19. At 7:00 of this video…. XRP is your solution Mr Wonderful !!!

  20. These interviewers are dopes, someone just transferred half a billion Bitcoin for just $200 bucks, try doing that with a bank, could you imagine what you have to go through, banks should transfer instantly, but they don’t.

  21. people when cnbc prefer libra before bitcoin, my advice is BUY BITCOIN , cnbc idiots

  22. they chilling LIBRA hard … because they don't have to use the word bitcoin so much ..

    stay away from that shit

  23. its almost back up where it was in June

  24. dont be a dumbass and diversity at least 1% of your saving towards btc. crypto and block chain is the future and will smash the thieves in control of our financial system. #cryptodaddys

  25. Kevin? has never heard of Stellar, XRP, etc I would guess. Now the bit about not wanting to use Bitcoin for fear of being allied with drug dealers. Lol I can't believe mainstream tv still endorses this shit in 2019.

  26. Good for you Rep. Patrick McHenry! hands up to you! The host is however always cutting in..damn let the man speak!

  27. VISA & MasterCard left Libra… Ripples xRapid system will take over

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