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Bitcoin’s SECOND Golden Cross NOBODY is Watching Shows THIS!!!
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  2. Golden crosses have also led to a crash in the past.
    Be careful.
    Don't bet the farm on it.
    There will be a huge dump in August.

  3. If you're interested in a high ROI you should take a look at Apollo Currency. It will launch the first real Sharding in the Cryptomarket.

  4. when do we reach this golden cross?

  5. If BTC does go down to $8500 what will this do to most altcoins? ?

  6. Make sure you do this….make sure you do that….make sure Bitcoin 100x from here…and make sure you like this comment…

  7. If you did miss the gains of the big bull run of 2017 now it`s time to accumulate just buy and hold for one year U Network, Apollo, Evimeria and SignatureChain don`t miss it out

  8. Your paid agreement with davnichi ended?

  9. I think bitcoin and the entire market will be bullish in July and August especially with the hype around security tokens and Dusk Network

  10. Bybit scamming
    Just giving 50$ on depositing 0.20 btc

  11. How does NOIA provide bandwidth and connections between nodes? Looks like another over the top solution utilising capacity on existing networks.

  12. We still have a while before the wild ride up. I hope to see close to 20k BTC this year, but I'm really looking forward to next year. I can wait.

  13. Chris, can you increase your volume a little? I have my volume at the max but still have to listen super carefully.

  14. our favorite price is on its way :)) cheap cheap!

  15. Can we invest in Noia shares?

  16. Great video. Extremely bullish on NOIA, not only because the project is amazing, but so are the tokenomics. Feels good to make money supporting GOOD projects.

  17. Has anyone else bought into $PLG (Pledgecamp)? Performing great and holding strong after it's Binance DEX listing a couple of weeks ago.

  18. I prefer EOS over noia easily, I can vote on eos governance changes, I can stake and earn on eos right now and it's more decentralized with dpos, there is way more incentive to participate even as a stand-by node, if there is bad governance with one of the block producers we can kick them out simply. DLT is an very old model pre-bitcoin era even from roman times essentially and prone to the byzantine generals problem, it is inherently weak as a consensus model. DLT ledgers can be fudged and manipulated in a top-down governance model and romans were known for their egregious scandals. Proof of work gets consensus better than DLT with more bottom-up governance but miners can consolidate power together and collude to make changes they want like 2nd layer and gimp 1st layer. Dapps made on ETH and* EOS will be what powers the next generational leap in how we use the internet. Noia has more red flags then a 6 flags theme park.

  19. this altcoins U Network, Apollo, Evimeria and SignarureChain are definitely some of the hiden gems

  20. I really like that little broke back mountain moment you and Ivan were having. It really caught my eyeballs.

  21. I live in Australia and can use my Ten X crypto card to buy goods and services with BTC, ETH and LTC, anywhere Visa is accepted.
    Ive already purchased groceries from the supermarket and coffees, paid for with ETH.

  22. hello i didnt get my 0.02 bonus

  23. Love 3 day chart works perfect we are still fine guys keep buyin keep hodl

  24. Hi, what indicators you using for this video? thank's

  25. steve from crypto crew university mentioned this weeks ago to be fair

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  27. Everybody says we will visit 8k5 area before second bullrun. Funny thing is that they use different techniques yet arrive at the same conclusion. Interesting