DavinciJ15 – Bitcoin's NEXT Move!! Still $16'000!? Donald TRUMP!!

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DavinciJ15 – Bitcoin’s NEXT Transfer!! Still $16’000!? TRUMP!!
At this time we won’t solely discuss in regards to the Bitcoin Worth and its NEXT Transfer! We may also discuss whether or not $16’000 remains to be in Place! Donald Trump will play a job in that! So ensure you watch the entire Episode by way of!

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DavinciJ15 – Bitcoin’s NEXT Transfer!! Still $16’000!? TRUMP!!

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    0:33 How Davinci feels
    2:06 Donald Trump Implication on Prices
    4:29 The 10 Second Video you MUST see!
    9:08 Bitcoin SHORT and MID TERM TA!!
    17:35 Davinci Short Term Leverage Trade❗️
    23:03 Pandoras Wallet?

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  2. And as ALWAYS, guys, ……… bye bye!

  3. Obama also mentioned Bitcoin once when he said it’s a Swiss bank account in your pocket…. glad to see you get better Davinci ???????? thanks for your insight

  4. Im afraid for Davinci's foot progress, at 100% im just hoping there isn't a 61.8% retracement. knock on wood!

  5. Good effort Davinci to work on your leg … all the best ahead to keep fit

  6. What about 6800 resistance…. there is no TA in crypto.

  7. A big THANK YOU for calling out the numbers. It was obvious that Davinci is trying hard to change old habits, lol. It's a huge help. This was an excellent video – so much great news – not that the news itself is so great, but that your perspective and bringing us your thoughts is great. It really put things in perspective by showing us GWB "everything is all right." Yeah, right! Thank you guys.

  8. It's always a pleasure to see Satoshi and Moonboy together

  9. Davinci, get at me if u want to lose weight. I can help.

  10. What are the tools used to setup the trades (reference isntje example shared and discussed in this stream)?

    Also, can the ledger hw be used with these trading platforms ?

    I registered with bybit

    Will Pandora Client Wallet allow trading or do I need to access Bybit already ; so one checked off my todo item.

    I want to apply the old lady strategy and trade reasonably; hence take some % of profit back.

    That said, I don't knownwith certainty all the end to end and middle pieces required to setup trees with stop-loss…

    Does anyone here happen to know the answer? Thanks in advance!

  11. Something potentially huge is going to happen, bitcoin is going up or down. Don't get rekt.

  12. You guys are a great partnership. It’s always a pleasure to listen.

  13. Trump does not care about Bitcoin other than what he made off of it when he possibly bought it at .009 in 2009 ..He is just playing a jokers game with a stab at the fed about Fed Reserve Notes rotten paper

  14. Trump doesn't like Mexicans, but there will always be Mexicans
    Trump doesn't like Bitcoin, but there will always be Bitcoin

  15. Pause at 11:58 did Chris get a black eye??

  16. Trump is gonna have some market makers go out and suppress price LMAO you guys are my favorite parody channel

  17. Good on you Davinci! Yes u r overweight, and acknowledging it is a great step! We want you to live long and prosper. So as an X fatty and recovered smoker, I congratulate you on giving up smokes and looking forward to seeing a slimmer day by day you. Thanks for what you do.

  18. Trump is not the first president to mention Bitcoin. Long ago, Obama said it's like having a swiss bank account in your pocket.

  19. SEARCH THIS Breaking News Trump Tweets ' I am Satoshi Nakamoto'

  20. Actually if you listen carefully to Powell when he talked about bitcoin you can see that he was saying it was as bad as gold not as good as gold. So he actually did diss bitcoin.

  21. Good stuff guys but I call bs on booking a trip to watch banks collapse. You’d be swimming in money if you predicted that

  22. trump pump fiat dump,sup MMC team

  23. Chris, Davinchi, thank you! It’s a pleasure to watch your videos!

  24. A whole week with no vids??? YIKES!!

  25. The problem with bybit is that stop losses and trailing stops don't get triggered always!

  26. Davinci looks like Star Trek officer today. 🙂

  27. Also strange that Trump one day says the dollar should be devalued and the next day reassures us that dollar is king and strong.

  28. Hey Chris, just left this comment also on The Moon Channel, just wanna share that a friend called me to get help becuase her old mother got scammed by some scammers who conned her to buy bitcoins then send them to a fake trading portal AKA stolen. Sad story, but the relevance is that this kind of event reminds me of 2017, i think it's an inherent sign that new people are entering. Scammers ready = retail almost ready. Not sure if you agree, but hope it helps!

  29. How can I contact DavinciJ15, I am a big fan.

  30. Facebook only needs a national anthem and a football team now ?

  31. There are older articles with Trump mentioning he was neutral with btc and cryptocurrency…reverse psychology is king!

  32. Good video. Could you please also look at Claymore Token.

  33. What about Bakkt launch in July?

  34. Davinci's laugh is gold

  35. Thank you Chris to show us how stop loss and take profit works!

    I will registr on that site with your referral link!;)

    I also always really love the Davincij15’s long term predictions!!:)

  36. Buy and hold Apollo, U Network and Evimeria

  37. Wow 30 minutes video for a very risky and leveraged trade. Thank you

  38. Smashed the likes for Davincis leg

  39. MIke Tyson & Arnold Schwarzenegger= you guys are LEDENDS!

  40. this altcoins U Network, Apollo, Evimeria and SignarureChain are definitely some of the hiden gems

  41. Another tell is that President Trump is trying to get the Fed to lower rates. Trump can see something is wrong. Trump isn't a bailout the bank type. I think he will let them fail.

  42. Great call guys! lol. There is not one so called TA guy on youtube who knows a damn thing about price. Nobody does!!! Just buy a little every week and don't look back.

  43. Sorry to say but devinchi is not that much pro in
    As much krown is so kindly invite him

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