Bitcoin Dump Explained – $1B USDT To the Rescue

What is going on on with Bitcoin? What about altcoins? Tune in and discover out the newest Bitcoin information and the newest crypto information from immediately!

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  1. I'm for the growth of crypto. But its obvious this bitcoin rise is pure manipulation and that it is a fake bull market . When btc rises and alts follows; then we are in a bull market just like in the past ones. A lot of emotional people will get rekkt.

  2. Tether will be the end of Bitcoin.

  3. Need to buy more XRP in a few days, please drive prices lower so I can buy below $.30;-)))

  4. I saw XRP down 21% at one point, but who the ?/:;’b cares???? Did you invest more than you can afford to lose? Why? If not, relax and buy more. 10 years from now. How did you do?

  5. Study technology curves!!!!

  6. 8260 views and only 706 likes…..come on guys support George and smash the likes

  7. RSR has been steady during the BTC dips and I actually had some opportunity to increase my holdings trading between the two (RSR/BTC), only a small amount, but still a gain.

  8. Investing and trading on the new coins which has potential value to rise in no time in the future increases your chances of earning big gains and become rich with bitcoin. I mine my coins on a system that increases my gains daily as the coin rise in crypto market. The platform uses a currency prediction mining tool to bypass all risk and also, the software has the ability to switch to next the coin if the value of the particular coin you invested/traded on goes low. Ripple, Ethereum, Hextracoin, altcoin, Siacoin, dashcoin and Dogecoin are currently high in value on the platform I invested my coins and has given me $10,000 gains/profit and have made my first withdrawal from the 2k i invested in two weeks. I advise you take advantage of these new coins and earn good profits on the rise. I can guide you to make good gains with my little experience from crypto market. Contact me for more info.Telegram or WhatsApp number: +1 (559) 295- 2596 (rose96771@ gmail. com)

  9. I love you George!!! I'm drunk… Sorry…

  10. Margin trading is not available on Binance for US citizens.

  11. I just love how blunt you get in this video in particular by calling a spade a spade and it also takes a lot of maturity to give so much credence to Kirby and the few others who where able to read deep into the chart and give accurate analysis which is still persistent today in the markets.

  12. Yep. This is the last time retail will be able to buy at relatively cheap prices.

  13. Hi George, thanks for the quality content, always enjoy the unbiased take on the market. I'm with you with BTC and holding majority this as a SoV but I'm also invested in Decred (2:1 ratio) as it's the next best SoV (and some would argue a better store) and that's why it's competed well with BTC in the last 7 days. I think BTC & DCR will be top performers as Murad Mahudov has stated and both projects have the best dev teams in the space. Altcoins will get slaughtered until BTC tops!

  14. Alt coin season coming soon to an exchange near you

  15. Wow $1B! Can’t wait to see this play out.

  16. you sound bored. maybe you should invest in forex where wide swings can be leveraged.

  17. Tether needs to go away……..I can't believe this is still allowed to manipulate the market. We need proper corrections, not corrections shortened by tether.

  18. Trading is complicated and high risk for an ignorant person. The difficulty was finding a strategy that always gives me winnings and I urge all you investors to do same instead of just holding so as to take full advantage of this Bull run, it’s the best time to get in if you are not already in the crypto sphere. The system I finally settled with after trying out so many is that of Gérard Barrientos, which has been of tremendous assistance to me since I started using his signals in my trade. His signals are so accurate it provides an easy means to grow a portfolio with little investment after the initial buy. And you can do exactly same by reaching out to him through gerardbarrientos6672@gmailcom. He is mostly available to assist and answer all your crypto related inquiries.

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