A Manifesto For Immediate Accelerated Transition

by John Henry Clippinger Ph.D.

With unfettered human development, we are able to count on the extinction of not less than 60% of right this moment’s species and a largely uninhabitable planet throughout the subsequent fifty years. Our time to curtail these developments is lower than 20 years! Nature has given us an ultimatum. It’s not a future drawback; it’s a right away crucial. But denial and paralysis persist.

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However they don’t seem to be an choice. The transition can’t be achieved within the ordinary method. No supra-multi-national company, no UN or any nation-state can prescribe nor impose a world answer; no Amazon, Google, Alibaba, Tesla, or mega-corp or assortment of identical can innovate our technique to a viable future. No all-powerful state – China nor the US  or coalition of identical can meet the deadline.

Regardless of the answer, it can not entail the growth of state or world governmental powers; nor the imposition of taxes, top-down laws, entitlements, nor traditional “free market” options. These cures, whether or not democratically enacted or dictatorially imposed won’t work at scale and are themselves, contributors to environmental degradation and financial inequity.


A few of the most important and fast adjustments in Western society occurred by means of a sequence of pure micro-changes within the construction of social and financial networks. No king nor conqueror made these adjustments; no grand plan nor prescient ruler engineered these adjustments. Fairly a sequence of largely unintended and gradual “nudges” in social and financial networks broke the rigidity of conventional relationships and opened up hitherto prohibited roles and behaviors. The Italian Renaissance “emerged” out of remoted social and financial teams having to reinvent themselves with a view to adapt to the deprivations of steady warfare and the Black Plague. Out of those requirements sprung fashionable finance, public artwork and the humanist custom.

Equally, the Scottish Enlightenment “emerged” out of the breakdown of inflexible social and non secular constructions leading to simply 75 years Scotland being the monetary heart of Europe. It was additionally the time for Adam Smith’s discovery of the ability “invisible hand” for the micro-regulation of human incentives and fashionable economics. With the free circulate of capital mixed with the mechanics and science of the Industrial Revolution, wealth and energy had been developed and concentrated as by no means earlier than. By advantage of it’s logic and materials acquire, It reworked the planet in 200 years, ushering in an entire new geological epoch, The Anthropocene.


Market mechanism similar to worth and currencies have confirmed to be a extremely efficient and “headless” means to drive innovation and social transformation. Nevertheless, unitary pricing mechanisms and market clearing mechanisms alone don’t at all times mirror “externalities” and consequently end in “market failures” and “bubbles”.

Worth alone doesn’t mirror the multidimensionality of individuals’s values and preferences. Some items and providers would not have equal social standing with regard to 1 one other regardless that they might have a comparable worth; a $500 scarf is just not corresponding to $500 of toddler diet.   Items and providers have mutual social and financial dependencies relying on scale, kind and the person, therefore, they don’t seem to be wholly fungible with respect to 1 one other by means of a easy market worth. Fairly the complete constancy of their worth – desire –  can solely be captured by a multidimensional desire house.  The analogy is to a digital communications channel for a video that will need to have ample ‘bits” to signify purple, inexperienced, blue and grey scales and movement to seize a picture in its full constancy. The mechanism is equal to early daguerreotype images.

If policymakers or communities need to affect and keep entry to sure sorts of products or providers – similar to housing, healthcare, mobility, training, then it is sensible to challenge currencies or tokens which might be related simply with that asset class.

Digital tokens present a extremely versatile and decentralized means to incentivize investments in numerous sorts of property similar to housing, vitality or well being. By means of “sensible contracts” the availability and fungibility of tokens may be adjusted algorithmically to align the provide and convertibility of these property to realize desired social outcomes – similar to sustainability, resilience, affordability and accessibility.

The opposite benefit of a multi-token method is that it’s extremely scalable, distributed and doubtlessly self-deploying, self-optimizing and self-healing. Like 5G applied sciences, which when deployed at scale will embody a number of billions of units the issuance and governance of tokens should be trusted and optimized at scale.  It is vitally doubtless within the close to future there will likely be a fusion of infrastructure applied sciences like 5G with the structure of next-generation monetary, cultural and social establishments. Therefore, technical architectural and possession selections could have huge financial and social implications as a world so formed by know-how, structure is coverage.


Digital embodiments would be the medium by which future socio-economic establishments will evolve to satisfy the challenges for enormous change. The velocity of organic and bodily evolution is bounded by the fertility cycle of a technology of a species. For people, that is each 30 years. Digital evolution is just restricted by computational energy. Genetic algorithms can “health choose” tens of millions of generations in seconds at nearly no price or threat.

This scale and tempo of evolutionary change is completely new to planetary ecosystems. It represents an entirely new sphere for reimagining and implementing new societies and economies at scale. This isn’t a future occasion or functionality. It’s wholly sensible now to make use of machine studying to acknowledge, register and orient bodily property based mostly upon their three dimension attributes. The significance of this for constructing digital facsimiles or “twins” of bodily areas and constructions can’t be overemphasized.

It’s possible to mannequin the precise physics of constructions and pure settings, then it’s potential to have “floor reality” for assertions and claims about areas, constructions and behaviors. Utilizing the identical methods, it’s potential to signify the “social and financial” physics of human constructs: buildings, areas, organizations, markets and establishments. On this world of excessive decision “simulacras” ( dwelling simulations) of the bodily and the person made it’s potential to “have constructed” be similar to “as designed”.

There are a number of open platforms born of the gaming and digital actuality worlds crossing over into the worlds of enterprise, cities and on a regular basis life. By giving each “asset” and “person” an id, rights, authorities, wallets, and roles, it’s potential to animate a digital world in a way that intently mimics a bodily world. Automobiles behave as vehicles based mostly upon their kind issue and bodily attributes in addition to by the behaviors of their drivers and the foundations of the street.

It is a “New Eden Second” with all of the potential and portent that time period implies.


The hole between espoused rights and precise, enforced rights is a problem to all constitutional democracies. Usually, the straightforward assertion by governments of democratic rights, similar to freedom of expression, an impartial judiciary, voting and elections is ample to qualify them as democracies no matter precise practices. Likewise, an emphasis on political rights on the expense of social and financial rights is likely one of the acknowledged failings of American Democracy and the rising standing of populist and authoritarian regimes.

The prospect that social and financial rights could possibly be encoded into governance algorithms after which enacted and enforced implicitly could appear farfetched, however the automation of the management of machine and system conduct is prevalent observe in aviation, vitality, munitions, transportation and more and more, in lots of areas of “sensible” cities. What is named “sensible”, is in lots of instances using sensors and machine studying to adapt behaviors, processes to protect sure outcomes or states. These states could possibly be logistic flows, flight patterns, transportation flows or doses of drugs or nourishment for a affected person.

Rights are in impact “sensible” contracts between completely different events – asset types-and authorities – which might be expressed and enforced computationally and saved on Decentralized Ledger Know-how (DLT). A good and difficult instance is housing.  The essential financial proper of entry to housing or meals may be expressed as an entry token to these property at a selected worth – time limit and at a selected location – for a selected goal. Likewise, the political proper of meeting, free speech or voting may be equally expressed functionally as entry tokens to specific courses of property or providers beneath particular situations. Such entry tokens, subsequently, make very concrete the scope or limitations of these rights and supply a tamper-proof ledger to document the extent they’re correctly exercised. Therefore, such token and sensible contract applied sciences can scale back the hole between the espousal of human rights and civil liberties and their precise implementation.


One of many perpetual challenges to a legit efficient political group is figuring out who’s the “sovereign” entity.  Is it the emperor of “Mandate of Heaven” of the Zhou Dynasty? Is it the Leviathan of Thomas Hobbes? “We the Individuals” of Thomas Jefferson? The Proletariat of the Staff State of Karl Marx? The heroic particular person of Ayn Rand? Sovereignty entails the train of energy and authority to implement a boundary to guard the freedoms and rights of the sovereigns. It requires a “physique” and the perpetual problem has been who or what needs to be that physique.

The sensible institutional problem has been whether or not this position is healthier exercised by an autonomous autocrat,  a consultant deliberative physique Congress, a direct democracy, a Coop, an oligarchy, “free”people, or some mixture of the above or wholly different means? The legitimacy of any of those approaches needs to be topic to the straightforward take a look at – Do they shield and improve freedoms and fundamental human rights?

In some respects, good mechanics trump good intentions. Adam Smith’s discovery of the invisible hand and the ability of micro-incentives (costs) to drive and arrange human behaviors to higher outcomes for all was an epochal first step in understanding the potential for self-ordering mechanics of human conduct. Charles Darwin’s idea of pure choice owes its origins to Adam Smiths unique insights and goes additional in growing a normal idea of evolution leading to evolutionary sport idea and economics.  This discovery has been as a lot a descriptive science in addition to a normative on in that it may be used to naively proscribe “Social Darwinism”  to extra just lately, evolutionary sport idea and Evolutionary Secure Methods (ESS) as a testable situation for viable financial insurance policies.

What is feasible now – as by no means before- is the capability to design, construct, deploy, take a look at and evolve a “simulacra” of a sovereign governing physique that comes with members as particular person and as mutual sovereigns. On this method, one can transfer from the “naturalist”  metaphors of Prince Peter Kropotkin’s, Mutual Assist: A Issue of Evolution to the deployment of a “physique politic” that really embodies the best mechanisms to understand fundamental human rights. The legitimacy of this method resides within the verifiable illustration of the “physique politic” of its members and its capability to enact these mechanisms that understand the rights and freedoms of its members. In a considerably easy analogy, one can consider this as a flight simulator that precisely displays the behaviors of a selected aircraft, similar to a Boeing 787 to mirror the precise social and financial conduct of a neighborhood in a district or area. At one time previously, it was thought flight simulators won’t ever absolutely mimic the conduct of a aircraft; now they’re required coaching for all pilots. The identical is perhaps mentioned for ‘governance simulators”.

It’s noteworthy that there’s no universally legitimate embodied politic, as every will range by the composition of their members and their definition and prioritization of rights and freedoms. But by advantage of their shared design and structure, they’d share frequent ideas and will have some type of “interoperable” sovereignty to permit for types of cooperation and alternate for mutual benefit.

The fusion of the bodily with the digital, and the capability to anchor the representations and governance of human actions to verifiable “twins” of each the bodily world and the socially constructed world represents a genuinely new house for city and social design. By means of using “augmented”  actions spanning the bodily and the digital, it’s also potential for sovereign members to truly take part in that new design in a manner that materially realizes and advances their fundamental human rights and desires.


There’s the trope in Libertarian circles that the “finest authorities is the one which governs least”. There’s the implicit notion “laissez-faire” method to markets and governance, basically, will allow the “pure” and inherently simply forces of self-governance to emerge. This inherently conservative, even originalist, notion that the pure or unique state is the very best state, and that any makes an attempt to direct social and financial outcomes to advance fundamental human rights is an “overreach” of presidency. There’s an inherent mistrust of the state to behave in its personal self-interest beneath the guise of public curiosity. This concern is actually warranted however its treatment of minimalism and originalism is misplaced. Governments should form and direct public behaviors merely to keep off invaders, advance collective financial pursuits construct infrastructures, and plan for and anticipate challenges similar to local weather change. That is more and more the case and good governance, a excessive functioning civil service is correlated with financial and social prosperity. The originalist invocation of Founder Father’s 18th century constitutional intent as a prescription for a 21st society is romantic Swan Music, a denial of the exigencies and realities of the second.

Designing decentralized mechanisms similar to tokens to realize publicly agreed to outcomes, whereas emergent is just not “laissez-faire” within the traditional “free market” sense.  Evolutionary mechanism design approaches utilizing tokens is like “area of interest building” the place designed preliminary situations and incentive mechanisms present for a “health situation” that selects for outcomes that advance particular rights and freedoms. One can consider these rights as attributes of a species which might be robustly adaptive to situations of its area of interest in phrases or predation, sources, and cooperation. By establishing the parameters of a distinct segment, one is deciding on for sure particular person and group behaviors that advance the targets of the “physique politic”.


With the programmability of tokens each for people and asset courses, there may be an unprecedented alternative to discover how property rights may be designed to realize the targets of affordability entry and sustainability

Tokens have a number of manifestations: entry sources, permissions, privateness, retailer of worth, models of account, models of alternate, derivatives, sensible contracts, rewards, titles, and verification of claims. They’re particularly efficient for expressing advanced sorts of property rights. As Elinor Ostrom famous in her Nobel Prize acceptance speech, there many sorts of property rights apart from the exclusivity of possession. The Frequent Regulation notion of  “property” pursuits may be manifested collectively, contingently, or beneath a wide range of rights holder situations. The flexibility to signify the rights of “actual” (issues) property in addition to different asset courses – mobility, vitality, wellness, broadband, meals, and mannequin their mutuality supplies new mechanisms for implementing social and financial rights.

The important thing notion is that entry to completely different asset courses similar to housing, vitality, mobility is decided by price – precise and market or demand based mostly. It is usually true that the market or demand worth of an asset class is topic to its relationship to different asset courses – similar to mobility, public areas, facilities, faculties, hospitals. Therefore the worth of housing is just not a sole perform of its price however its relational price and worth to different property similar to entry to transportation, faculties, and facilities. There’s mutual worth creation and degradation amongst these asset courses based mostly upon their entry to 1 one other. Therefore, there are dynamic ranges of price amongst property that may be adjusted by influencing their provide and demand. For instance by growing the price of one asset price relative to a different, for instance, transportation, relative to housing, and recognizing sure elasticity of demand, one could make housing extra inexpensive whereas retaining the affordability of transportation.

One other consideration in growing and adjusting asset worth is the deflationary impact of Moore’s Regulation upon the cost-performance of technology-based property, which in lots of instances are a lot of the asset courses. These exponential reductions in price generate “surpluses” after each main innovation cycle of three to five years.  Below affordability governance, these surpluses may be retained and distributed to make different asset courses extra accessible. The purpose being is that there generally is a baseline threshold of cost-performance – similar to in vitality and broadband – that renders further efficiency ancillary (e.g.bandwidth velocity) whereby the financial savings may be handed on to different asset courses similar to housing, meals, and well being. The social purpose of affordability is to realize a stability of fundamental items and providers that’s resilient to financial fluctuations and which conserves ample buying energy to make sure a dignified and sustainable high quality of life. Below conventional market situations, these surpluses could be used to supply excessive margin merchandise priced for a luxurious purchaser for added however non-essential options. This the place advertising constructed  “need” supersedes shopper “want”.


The governance method advocated right here was derived from the Worldwide Financial Fund coverage to make use of Particular Drawing Rights (SDRS) to cut back forex imbalanced between debtor and creditor nations. It was derived from John Maynard and Fritz Schumacher’s notion of the Bancor proposed in Bretton Woods Financial Convention of 1944 and put into observe in 1969 and continues to the current.

As an alternative of attempting to take care of the stability and reserves of various nationwide currencies, the purpose of a Mutual Drawing Proper (MDR)  is to stability the token reserves of various asset courses with a view to obtain a mutualized asset worth consequence – on this case, affordability, for a delegated group. This group could possibly be outlined as members of a Mutual group who had an revenue as measured by the ratio of their revenue to the Common Median Revenue (AMI) for that location. The extent they had been above or beneath the AMI, all related asset courses could be listed by their AMI affordability. The purpose of the MDR just like the SDR is to offer a unit of account that displays the relative affect of that asset upon the specified affordability consequence.  The purpose is to create a basket of property weighted in accordance with their relative affect to realize AMI affordability. The preliminary “holdings” of asset token would mirror its fiat market worth, and the “allocations” would mirror the token dietary supplements/deficits wanted to stability the worth of that asset in accordance with the affordability index. The position of the governance mechanism is to change the availability and conversion ratios of various asset token varieties to make sure secure affordability and entry. Different standards, is also launched similar to carbon discount and seize in addition to resilience and liquidity. These token dynamics might modelled and examined earlier than implementing them in observe after which adjusting the fashions over time.

On condition that enhancements in various kinds of asset courses can improve the worth of others, similar to cheap and ubiquitous transportation, proximity to good faculties and facilities can improve actual property and housing values, the adjustment of MDRs will also be used to incentive general worth appreciation and develop into the idea for brand spanking new sorts of data-driven funding devices.


One of many primary targets of the Mutual Group (MO)  and the MDRs is to draw and retain outdoors capital by having the Mutual group develop into the bulk proprietor of the property throughout the neighborhood. By build up its personal asset-backed reserves the MO can challenge its personal credit score and construct its personal “capital stack” designed to satisfy the targets of its members. By build up asset-backed reserves of numerous asset varieties the MO can scale back threat and enhance leverage for the underwriting and financing of initiatives. The purpose is to create a pretty assortment of funding devices that would supply predictably and market aggressive charges of return whereas additionally present safety and a hedge towards fiat currencies and publicity to the dangers of local weather change. In its extra developed kind MOs and affiliated MOs would supply their very own sort of round economies that weren’t solely comparatively self-contained and liquid but additionally carbon detrimental.

There are different methods by which debt obligations could possibly be paid off. One of many powers of the MO is to create new jobs which may be paid for by the issuance of latest tokens which have liquidity within the community. If the brand new jobs, similar to residence care, choosing up trash, and native artwork, create the worth they are often instantly compensated. Since this atmosphere would have Augmented Actuality (AR) overlays it’s wholly sensible to watch and compensate work. Consider this as Pokemon Go along with a powerful authentication and safety layer.

Different key consideration is to maintain the price of operations and capital low so that every one types of prices are minimized and the financial savings handed on to the members of the MO. This has been the coverage of Vanguard Mutual Funds for the final 50 years. Vanguard is itself a Mutual Group with $6.5 trillion beneath administration. Whereas it’s owned by its members it’s run by a administration group that’s certain by a strict set of working procedures. These administration firms could possibly be internally spawned by the MO or employed on a price foundation very like an accounting or auditing agency.


There isn’t a time to attend. A Radical Transformation within the world economic system and society is demanded. Nature is giving us her ultimatum every day. She is going to solely get extra shrill. No Inexperienced Deal nor any world Supra-Company will rescue us. We have to play by completely different guidelines

Tech issues and must be on the coronary heart of any answer. The suitable tech on the proper time, consistently evolving and innovating The fusion of the bodily and the digital mixed with machine studying, IOT, 5G, and crypto-tokens and new incentive, safety and governance mechanisms provide a promising design house that may scale and execute in the time-frame wanted.  The goal is ourselves and the best way we see and arrange ourselves. The brand new Tech is about how you can direct and management ourselves. We’re the issue and a brand new variant of us, individually and collectively, should be the answer.

We simply have to let go and construct the New Eden.

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