Is the Bitcoin BUBBLE only fueled by Tether…?

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  1. @Sunny, please school these guys on banking, they don't seem to understand how gateways work or why they are used.
    Explain SWIFT, that one is easier to understand i guess. And how that is different from bilateral.

  2. I think is going down to 9000

  3. Good Tether alternative??

  4. Print 200 million tether an pamp eet!

  5. so you are calling it a bubble now??

  6. There is a chart that has analysed money flow to bitcoin. Tether is about 30% of the volume. The court case also showed their reserves which proves they are partly backed

  7. Tether my friend, is the biggest scam in crypto. It is a Damocles sword that will bring us the biggest crypto winter in history. The only question is, when…

  8. Love you Sunny – thanks for all your work and time – you're a good Man!! XoXo

  9. Insont agree sunny tether release more fake token like XRP last monthe bit coin went to all time hig XRP release 1 billion or million XRP same chit right so yeah let the ignorant people buy tether then bitcoin bwahaha thats a stupid statement i can buy bitcoin in fiat/in cash why buy tether then bitcoin? If i can buy using my fiat? You something else sunny

  10. I love U Network, Banca, Stellar and Evimeria

  11. Tether fud is doa finally

  12. This is top…i agree

  13. Okay so first you are telling that the funding rate on bitmex is the ratio short VS longs… Huge bullshit, and now you are telling that institution are going into crypto through Tether. Man this is full poopoo respect yourself and the newbies please.

  14. missed the dip AGAIN! -.-

  15. Sunny, doesnt Tether have to be backed by fiat , dollars, to buy on an exchange though. who is backing it. bankers? it looks like tether is just a dollar in digital form. still its "value" would go up and down just as the fiat does, right ?

  16. Tethers printing caused this suckers rally

  17. Tether… Too big too fail. There aren't any big investors sending millions of real USD to Tether. But it's OK. It works so far.

  18. You are 99% correct except for one small detail: Retail investors in Asia are the ones buying Tether since it is the easiest way for them to get to BTC. U.S. institutions buy OTC. I don't know about foreign institutions, but I would assume also OTC. I was also very glad to learn that Tether was legit and not fractional reserve lending or holding onto BTC, which would be risky. Great video.

  19. Correlation does not imply causation. Just as elementary stats says.

  20. I think the price will be lower in 30 days

  21. carl the moon is bearish right now and your bullish

  22. If usdt is the reason for bullishness, sell the pumps.. and wait for the shit bomb to explode.
    I dont trust the people envolved, period….

  23. Tether not being used to pump Bitcoins price? LOL This fucken idiot is delusional.

  24. Can someone inform me why tether can just print extra? How does it work?
    Are they adding USD fiat to their vaults or is the Tether just appearing out of the blue?

  25. When you buy tether you don't risk your money and you can pin point the exact moment you want in. It makes a lot of sense.

  26. Are you fucking kidding me? And how the fuck do you know these huge institutions are using USDT to buy BTC. I call bullshit, idc if someone else thinks or says. Fuck them and fuck this fake tether fucking bullshit.

  27. Big money buy OTC. No smart money is gonna use tether (who is in trouble with the law) to buy on exchanges. Besides there are other stablecoins more reliable than tether. But this is my own personal opinion…lol…

  28. No doubt there’s massive manipulation going on with USDT… Ask yourself why they haven’t released an audit?

  29. Your lack of business knowledge shows that you don’t understand what may be going on.

  30. Its when people trade out of btc or a alt to take profits they use tether to lock in gains =tether gets cryptos = fiat

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