Top technician says ride bitcoin roller coaster to another breakout

Is it time for another crypto rally? With CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Quick Cash merchants, Tim Seymour, Mark Tepper, Carter Price and Dan Nathan.

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  1. ???? Great Call. Can't wait to dump it on your bumholes @ $7k ????

  2. Regardless of what the topic is, it's nice to see bitcoin constantly on tv channels. More and more.

  3. All Time High $20,089.00 USD (Dec 17, 2017)

  4. Bitcoin is all speculation, this is irresponsible to get more speculators.

  5. Oh that chart is super chartable. It's charting all the way to chartsville.

  6. Whenever CNBC tells me that we are going up I immediately begin to want to sell and to do the OPPOSITE of what they say. (and justifiably so.) Because they LIE THEIR ASSES OFF FOR THEIR ELITE MASTERS. But this time… the long bull run that is coming just might be something that the elite want to truthfully pump up, and honestly represent through the media, because they want the masses to fully accept the collective delusion known as Bitcoin. They want us all to accept it as the new "money" in place of the failing fiat dollar, and then they can take control again and go back to business as usual as the runners/rulers/owners of Bitcoin (yea I know that most people think that the elite cannot control Bitcoin. All I can say to that is this… It must suck to be stupid.) . So in closing… we 'might' just 'might' be ok with this call from the evil death star of the main stream media that we are going to trend-line upwards and upwards on a steady trajectory for the next couple of years. (most of us already know that BTC is headed for ATH's that dwarf where we have been in the past.) Btw— listening to these anchor people discuss BTC makes it obvious that they know less than nothing about it. Either that, or they are just paid liars and shills. Both options are bad.

  7. Doesn’t know shit about Bitcoin. Get Bo Polny in here.

  8. It does not matter when you buy. Time is key and it will make you rich if you have some bitcoin

  9. they want to get rid of their btc. that is why they spread fomo news BELOW, I REPEAT!!! BELOW!!! ALL TIME HIGH!
    Wake up!

    just a bear rally.

  10. Shit, usually I can poke holes in CNBC’s take on crypto, but this is spot on.

  11. I am Satoshi! Going down slightly below 8000 for now. Then back up to14-16 thausand.

  12. It's chartable. Definition: I'd 'chart' it…it'll get chart'd.

  13. Great 'technical analysis' ahahahahaha

  14. Again with the dishonest/misleading y-axes. Why keep pretending to draw linear extrapolations on a semi-log plot? I guess since they have a disclaimer it's okay to lie to people…

  15. If we chart the charts of all the bitcoin charts up to this date, we can see the charts show charting charts is very charty. Also, I just shart'd my pants, interestingly enough, the pattern of my shit sharts looks very similar to the bitcoin chart. Therefore, charts are smart

  16. Kids : You never do what CNBC tells you. Shit gonna hit the fan soon

  17. Cnbc is the worst business news channel that ever existed … anchors are all bufoons..

  18. 20k ..20k ..will it happen? What a stupid assinine question !

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