Lil Nas X – Old Town Road (Bitcoin Version)

Lil Bubble – All Time Lows.
Old Town Road – the crypto model.

None of that is monetary or funding recommendation. All content material is created for comedic leisure functions solely.

Solely the most effective of the most effective ship suggestions!

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  1. Найкраще що я бачив)

  2. Grammy award material

  3. Can you do a song about cardano

  4. Mmm no no no – absolutely amazing hahah

  5. Sick man !! ??my new summerhit in the car hahah

  6. redpandamining brought me here

  7. lololol, you killed it man?

  8. I from Moscow, this is the Best clip for crypto?

  9. Ac dc … its a long way to the top if you want to buy crypto….do it!

  10. My favorite part of alts is when you buy and then an hour later its down 30%

  11. this just made my day so much better but you forgot stellar lol. it really needs the support fore real :/// but good job this was a banger the cryptocurrency world needed

  12. I really love it. I hodl my alts 🙂

  13. Excellent j adore ???? je l écoute en repeat et je rediffuse. C est juste énorme bravo

  14. This is awesome! this is what we need some crypto parody

  15. I would show this to my friends, but no one would understand lol

  16. This shit is ????☄️☄️☄️

  17. I'm still holding to ada,xrp,and vet. ??

  18. This is fucking amazing ? buy at all time high and they never go back!!

  19. Можно перевод пожалуйста

  20. Man you did fantastic, this is hilarious, nice lyrical work too, shit isnt easy lol

  21. Who the hell hit the dislike???
    This shyt funny as hell… And so true for most… ??

  22. Fucking hilarious lol still got soooo many shit coins, I ain't never selling one day they could be worth more then I paid lmao

  23. Immaculate timing..litecoin just broke its 7 month up trend & looks to be heading down big..

  24. Enorme , dans la pkaylist direct
    "I gonne buy till i can't more " exactly !! ??

  25. Love the song
    Just lost 43% of my portfolio on XRP. Fuck it -_-

  26. This is the best thing on YouTube right now lmao

  27. Who else is riding their alts to the all time low

  28. Those bags look heavy, man.

  29. Real piece of music ladies and gentlemen, great text.

    Like it