BITCOIN IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE! 2020 Could Create The Perfect Storm for Bitcoin's Price

Why 2020 Could Create The Perfect Storm for Bitcoin’s Price

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Full Video: Chamath Palihapitiya Interview (Social+Capital Partnership) | Disrupt NY 2013

Why 2020 Could Create The Perfect Storm for Bitcoin’s Price

Bitcoin Is (In all probability) Right here to Keep

Novogratz Says Cryptos Are Secure, Expects Bitcoin to Rally In Q1 2019

Reside Bitcoin Price Historical past Chart

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  1. Amazing video with literally a wealth of information. Thank you so much for putting out quality content like this every day.

  2. come on, this is at least 4 years old video

  3. Altcoin Daily, You are doing a great job. I am so grateful. Only one suggestion a bit off the topic. Talk about scams, warn the newcomers because there are those who make it a job to scam people. It creates fear to those that want to join the game. i advise and warn people to avoid Tradebase24 ,its a scam scam scam!!!!!!. I failed to get my funds from them even when i did try to withdraw several times into my hardware wallet. They claim to be connected to coinbase. Their website is What sucks is that they have https website which is a main magnet to get people's trust. Thank you guys but try to do a video dedicated to scamming.

  4. will only btc grow or this is 4 all crypto market.i mesn vt ll happen to nano ,neo, ada,xro,xlm,icx,wan a nd all other major cryptos

  5. Great content like always!! Love this channel. You should also watch my Video. I have been building a Bitcoin Time Machine to predict Bitcoins next movements. It is really working. I call it the Bitcoin Doleroan like in the movie "Back to the Future". It help me to predict todays Bitcoin break out. I think you will get van very good idea of what we can expect of Bitcoin in the next hours. I´m making a very importan prediction. Thanks to Altcoin Daily for giving my video a nice comment and thumbs up!!! You are making an amazing job!!!

  6. @1:53 This speech is given by Chamath Pal…. you couldn't pronounce his full name? hahahahahahahaha

  7. I loved that speech in the beginning

  8. LIBRA is a terrible thing for Crypto.

  9. Chamath is a great entrepreneur. I have met him few years ago in a conference in san francisco. Bitcoin is going to 100K before you know it.
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  10. It's the same old game play. The whales sucked everyone into buying on the up Now they will crash it & make BIG profits on behalf of all the suckers! BTC to 9k!!

  11. Soo many people are going to miss out on the future of money and it's a damn shame.

  12. I invested $50 today and I look forward to making it $100

  13. They are ready to sell a lot

  14. Buy high, sell low. That's the /biz/ way.

  15. Great video but where did the notion that bitcoin won’t be taxed come from?

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  17. I believe people who make these videos are trying to covince themselves. The truth is that BTC is completely overbought and likely to correct, possibly hard. There are a lot of regulatory hurdles involved with BTC, development is slow and the price is heavily manipulated. There is no doubt that it is revolutionary, but nothing is certain right now. It needs to be used to be useful and altcoins need to die before it's smart to invest.

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  19. bitcoin is cool and all, but im more invested into altcoins

  20. He is so cute…I want to put him in my pocket

  21. Can I get into the Cryptocurrency business without knowing how to code? Im not trying to make a killing but just contribute. I have a background in finance and hate the ignorance this industry has to central banks

  22. I just bought some Altcoin Daily coin (ACD) on Binance! =)

  23. I would like to see this dude's bank account now

  24. Is This an old video reposted?

  25. That is great, but I think it would be very usefull for the crypto community to push #DigiByte. Because Bitcoin network will get clogged again when price will be running up, DigiByte can easily handle all the transactions, has much lower fees and is completely decentralized…

  26. This is delusional thinking if you were in the market in late 2017. When the market peaked it was so slow and so expensive to make a transaction at $20,000 bitcoin was almost non-functionable. Till something upgrades bitcoin like lightning network all this hype is all in vain.

  27. Explode in what terms ?? In Dollars terms ??? I though bitcoin wasn't pegged to the dollar standard ???. So what if bitcoin hits a million. You haven't made shit until you sell

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    Try this now, download the application "Pi Network Lite" and put the code " BarberOwn " when you'll register ! Don't forget the code " BarberOwn". See you soon!

  29. Dude's speaking nonsense about gold, so I'm not inclined to believe him about other topics.
    I still think cryptos are going to continue to explode, though.

  30. Libra isn't a crypto, it's just videogame gold. Using the correct word is important, in this case. Libra is a digital currency, and has none of the qualities that make a currency a crypto.

  31. I heard that guy was assassinated by the Indian government…

  32. dogecoin! dogecoin! dogecoin!

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  34. So I didnt miss the boat if I'm buying into bitcoin now? And I only have around 12,000 to invest in it

  35. my lnvestment in bIockchain mlnlng saved my ass last year, i am not falling for this over hyped prediction this year. there will be no storm… FACT

  36. bitcoin is electric money . you can't touch them. only can see in internet. best way buy gold. you can see them. touch them.

  37. Bitcoin should have collapsed a long time ago. Inconvenient to use.

  38. November – December BTC must rise at least 50% in price . I believe that 18 000 $ is in the range up to 18th December 2019

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