10 Million Dollar Bitcoin End Game

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  1. No refunds when you send BTC

  2. The word total gdp is 80 trillion. If all coins are mined and worth 10 million each that equals 210 trillion. In my opinion the only way bitcoin will work is if it reaches the 4 to 5 million dollar mark. At that point it could completely replace banks.

  3. Did the US debt go down by 1 trillion. At the time of writing this comment. Debt is approx 22,633,277,000,000.

  4. every major company now has a blockchain division, and you can certainly bet are invested in the top cryptocurrencies in some regard. I don't know what paradigm shift needs to happen but if cryptos are adopted by businesses, corporations, it's inevitable.

  5. Bitcoin on June 27th topped out 2019 and this video came out June 29th. ? ????

  6. Great video, thank you <3

  7. Besides being persistent and always keeping faith in the blockchain technology, one major factor to making life changing gains from crypto is understanding the trends and working closely with it. Following the circle, the asset is headed for $13,000 and eventually $16,000 before the full blast of the bullish move and i am not taking chances by accumulating as much as i can while being guided by the professional aid (daily trade signals) of Desmond Sydney . Having bought just 2 btc at $8,200 and held a little i started trading using his signals and have grown my portfolio to over 10btc. A competent guide by all ramifications is all it takes to be a profitable trader and Wriggle is one of such competent hands that has made an impact in the crypto spaces. He can be contacted on telegram and whatsapp faster at (( +44 7723506502 )), for any crypto related assistance.

  8. I think it's hilarious the real criminals (banks) call crypto bad…well more ironic than anything.

  9. Its gonna be 100 m $ per bitcoin. Not joke. I know something about it.

  10. To say that Bitcoin is un-censurable is nonsense. Although I do hold ONE as a hedge, it is not going to devastate me if things go south and it fades into oblivion because I bought it at around $1,000. Those who "bet the farm" on anything usually end up regretting it. If governments, (corrupt as they are) want to kill Bitcoin, all they need to do is cutoff Internet Access and Electricity to the Bitcoin Miners. Think that can't happen? Just look at some of the dictatorships around the world, eg China. People have no clue how dangerous those that actually control the world can be!

  11. i just confirm $11,000 from expendablemoneysolution,com so cool guess am going to do another transfer with them

  12. My non spendable 10btc issue was fixed by hacker Miguel DM +18633362567

  13. Buy bitcoin it is still not too late ??

  14. What is the name of the jazzy tune at the very end???

  15. What happens when Miners STOP bitcoin mining, because there are no more?

  16. Don't fall for shitcoins just go and invest in some promising projects like Telecoin

  17. I think the horses wanted the cars.

  18. Iv a nice business growing if anyone is interest

  19. BITCCOIN is a scam — you can't protect your private keys from hackers. Gold is a wise investment —central banks around the world are hoarding gold not cryptocurrencies.

  20. Great video. Buy and hodl BTC. $10M per bitcoin based on today’s money. Seeing that CBs are printing money at hyper speed, next weeks money has inflated much more compared to today. I think we’ll see $10M faster than predicted.

  21. Guy, Have you heard about a newly launched super wallet ubuntuwallet. com check it out

  22. Whenever I have doubts if I should Hodl or not or buy more. I always come back to this then start looking down the back of my couch to buy a bit more.

  23. Just buy a few SAT each pay day… 100$ will be maybe 100 000$ value in less than 20 years!

    But what will be the value of 100 000 USD at this moment?
    I don't take the risk and i buy a few more each 2 weeks.

  24. am feeling good with expendablemoneysolution,com i just got my third 2.8btc

  25. Do you think bitcoin is in danger because of the start of IOU and IRS trying to tax cryptocurrency?

  26. No cryptocurrency existing today will be the currency of the future. Cryptocurrencies will NEVER do away with the banking system. Instead, banks will ultimately create their own digital currencies and the possesion of other cryptocurrencies will most likely be made illegal. Bitcoin will not remain the THE digital currency, since it is already inferior to some newer altcoins, and because the first of anything is never the ultimate industry leader. And, who is going to maintain Bitcoin's ledger once there is no more Bitcoin to mine and the incentive to do that work is removed?
    The rags to riches event has already occurred with cryptocurrency. It was a fluke, a modern day tulip phenomenon, and there will not be another one like it. Bitcoin is never going to reach the levels that some have speculated. Its fate is to return close to its original value and then quietly slip off into obscurity.

  27. In 50 years you will visit a bank in a museum.

  28. A $10 Million Bitcoin is only going to be of any real value to you if you can purchase real assets with it, such as real estate or precious metals. Otherwise, being a crypto millionaire isn't going to be the blessing you think it would be, because you will have a hard time cashing out. The crypto market isn't like a casino where you can cash-in your chips. With cryptocurrency you can only sell what someone else is willing to buy. It's a market, after all. So who do you think is going to give you $10 Mil for your Bitcoin? LOL, what if you had 1000 Bitcoin? Do you really think you would then be able to get $10 Billion for it? You'd be lucky to sell any amount at all. Even if you found a seller dumb enough to accept Bitcoin at such an inflated price for the purchase of a house, you would also have to pay capital gains tax on that amount. If you bought a house for $1Million, would you also have the cash to pay capital gains tax on $1Million? Because of the high price of Bitcoin you wouldn't be able to sell enough extra Bitcoin to cover the tax. Nobody wants to buy it at that point, because everyone will want to sell. Being a Bitcoin millionaire doesn't mean anything if you can't convert that to being a Dollar millionaire. Cryptocurrency is not likely going to replace traditional currency in our lifetime. If it ever does, it won't be any currency existing today.

  29. I'm 19 i've decided to set a side a little each month to build my way up to 1/5th bitcoin. I think while i have a roof over my head it is important to take this risk. I have done my own research outside off this video and can only conclude that i will have the opportunity to retire at 30 (very long term view). If not then i have 45 years to get over, but a life time off regret if it does take off and i missed it. The technology and keeping up with news cycles very much interests me. But ultimately I like the idea off being able to buy a house and pay my parents mortgage, then getting out off my office job and doing something more fulfilling.

  30. I called 1-5m per BTC in 2010…

  31. to reach mass adaptation bitcoin needs to overcome some of its faults. the crypto with the most potential to replace fiat money, governments and banks is Cardano!

  32. Great video. Can someone tell me about all the negativity I am hearing about Coinbase? People are saying on Reddit that their accounts are being disabled and there is no tech support or customer service to call? I literally just invested in bitcoin a few hours ago for the first time in my life. I seen bitcoin come out at the very beginning, kicking myself now. Can someone please reassure me that one day my Coinbase account is not going to randomly get disabled? Also, the "waiting list" for the videos to earn while you learn is strange as I can not participate even though I am fully verified and my country is on the list. Please Token Vision, can you spread some light on this? Your voice and intellect sounds very trusting and I am trying to get more people into bitcoin but they need reassurance too before they accept my referral. If people are talking like this, it is going to slow the processes down overall is it not? Thanks and again, superb documentary and YouTube is seriously censoring the view numbers. A video this good should at least have a million views. +1 Sub

    You literally word everything better than every other informative bitcoin video!!

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