How China and Facebook's 'Libra' are driving up Bitcoin's price

Bitcoin was on the rise Thursday morning after a sell-off in a single day. It hit a price of practically $14,000 on Wednesday. The cryptocurrency jumped practically 200% because the starting of April. Michael Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital, joins “Squawk Field” to debate what may be behind the surge.

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  1. All the Banksters trolls spewing there hate because they wont get there cut and control. Anything to do with Fiat is control and inflation

  2. BTC IS a currency. In fact, it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular currencies in the world! Idiots. Also, the government might not like capital flight into BTC but there isn’t a goddamn thing they can do about it. If you think there is then you need to understand the protocol

  3. You can't have a fixed supply? I totally disagree with that!

  4. as the world adopts to crypto these reporters reporting on it on cnbc and yahoo etc need to be better informed and have more education on crypto and blockchain

  5. Novagratz is caught between being part of JWO and having 1 foot out the door. The guy seems like a smart guy I wish he would get off the fence. Regardless, the best strategy for crypto is buy and never sell until you are truly financially free, you can get on a plane and gtfo whatever country is trying to shut it down.

  6. If I have a $5 bill and you give me 5-1$ bills for it, then its worth $5. If someone gives me 6-$1 bills for it, then its worth $6. Just like gold. It's worth X because you will pay X. It's shiny, it's pretty and even useful, but do we really need gold? Dollars can be manipulated too, just to benefit a select few, though.
    Bitcoin is not safe, it's profitable. Be careful with your money. I own Bitcoin.

  7. And by the way I am sick of hearing bitcoin is used for illegal purposes. Cash is used every day for illegal purposes.

  8. Only 800 people from coinbase reported their profit!!guess what??!!! Rest of 100000000 people will go to jail for not paying tax!!?? Fuck you guys stop scaring Americans!!!

  9. Libra will eat bitcoin lunch….

  10. Please fire joe. He interrupts the guest again and again just to stutter and waste time for the next 10 seconds

  11. Unless u are going to jail

  12. Who's going to buy this Libra shit? Muppets. let them. It is NOT a cryptocurrency. In no way shape or form. It's Zuckbucks … for muppets.

  13. Libra: Great for bitcoin. Bad for the world.

  14. Novagratz is a gambler who got lucky. Then he lost most of his (and his investors) funds going into ICX



  17. US technology is being stolen by Israel (operation Talpiot) and shared with Russia and China. Bye Bye silicon valley…….. it's ok…. Americans only care about entertainment and whatever distracts them from reality. For proof of the technology being stolen, see Brendon Oconnell's work. Especially watch videos 1-6 and then his recent stuff.

  18. BITCOIN is the ANTI-Government coin!!!!!!!! 😃Your reign is OVER, CORPORATE HACKS!!!!!

  19. It literally has nothing to do with Libra, it's close to retarded to even suggest that.

  20. Libra nonsense, fux Facebook globalist pos

  21. Blockchain should be the real topic eyeyeye we all know this

  22. Different from other kinds of coins,…..If you know what Libra Coin really is and if you or we buy and help Libra coin be popular, it means Zukerdorg alone will be the owner of Central Bank in the world = One world. Much Worse than what Roothchild family did. Worse than one government in the world. Do NOT let one man (whoever that is) control the world. That is WRONG. Dangerous. Crazy.

  23. Is anyone else frustrated with these talking heads — stepping all over Novogratz? They won't let him finish his sentences— Geeez Anyway — Just wait until comes out — then they will shit!

  24. Do not ever buy any Libra. It is not a true blockchain technology . Do not let these rich people make money off of you. Stick to real block chain coins

  25. No one said they believe in Crypto Currencies… They believe in block chain technology and using it for total control big difference…

  26. “Governments like to have control over their own money.” Tell the Federal Reserve that

  27. You should have talked about Voice

  28. Libra is not a cryptocurrency. It will never be a cryptocurrency.

  29. Mike was right again !

  30. Dude let the guy answer your questions. It’s not all about you skinny annoying guy

  31. As always no clue what there talking about

  32. Bitcoin Bitcoin Bitcoin!

  33. Facebook will have just one vote and will own just 99.99% of libra's revenues and the whole concept relies on facebook success