The Only Issue With Bitcoin 's Price…

The Only Issue With Bitcoin ‘s Worth…


Disclaimer: I’m not a monetary adviser and this isn’t monetary recommendation.

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  1. You're very informative, with a humorous twist. Best of success to you and your subscribers!!!

  2. i`v got 200 xrp i got for 0.13$ in 2017 worth it if we get that $500 only got 3.7 x at the mo. banks will just make a coin that does the same thing they will not give control of money to a 3rd party like ripple labs.

  3. No. I sold recently 20-30% as I bought at below 4k. Now my remainder is close to free. There are many like me. We are securing profits and the rest is gravy. Its not because we are not aware of the future value being huge… but to recoup the expense. So that basically the remainder 80-70% cost absolutely nothing. I begged borrowed and begged again to buy as much as I could at 3-4k. Now is the time to pay the ferryman. There are many like me who picked the botom that will retake JUST the OUTLAY.

  4. I love watching your videos cause it feels like they are from the future. The moon has happened and there is only travel and calm ?

  5. Maybe the altcoin season is already upon us – bitcoin is hunting them and eating them up!

  6. You always make me chuckle every video. I look forward to the next one.

  7. mate a 150% profit deal me out and ill wait to buy back at 9000 or so not gambling just a long term investor from $4000 till now what do you want

  8. I do and you should know the answer

  9. Best of luck with the new set up. Love the channel, hope it continues during the ups and downs…. unlike some poker playing american we may have seen 😉

  10. DRROOOPPPPPP!!!……… Smooth and steady up is the best way..

  11. Missed a couple daily's while smashing work. Got to have an enjoyable good news or bad news first decision to make with this one and the one from "tomorrow"
    Went Bad News First….

  12. AND, then a 3K correction in an hour.

  13. Six months ago I started trading cryptocurrencies, I studied and learned about analysis, how to read the charts, follow the news, etc. I started only with $120 because I didn’t want to lose money learning.

    In one month, I turned my U$120 in U$4800. When I did that I thought I had discovered my gold mine.

    In less than one week, I lost the U$4800 and U$1,000 more that I invested after that trying to earn the money back. until I got to know of Mr. Sanjay, my current broker for the past 2 months, his strategies are always reliable, never losing a trade.

  14. BTC dipped. $50 billion jumped out just like that. Judging by the past results, the top will be around 35-40k before the bottom drops out of the market and the whales' cash out leaving everybody dreaming about Lambos and partying like a Kennedy. This time isn't going to be different. Make sure to cash in some profits.

  15. I love how all your videos ALWAYS correspond with other youtubers concepts and theories VERY shortly there after they release theirs.. Sheeesh. Listen James. Listen Joe. Tell your moon boy friends to call Madame on her psychic hotline and ask her to rub her crystal ball

  16. neon genesis evangelion intro, amazing

  17. Except you are forced to hold 20 of those XRP in your wallet and can't sell them…

  18. Vibravid is a decentralized online sharing platform built on the TRON blockchain. With Vibravid you will get 95% revenue.. soo good.. selling product and many more

  19. just keep going Cameron. You're one of the most consistent cryptubers! Thanx

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