AMAZING Bitcoin Indicator That NEVER Failed Predicts $350‘000!!!

AMAZING Bitcoin Indicator That NEVER Failed Predicts EXACT HIGH!!!

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AMAZING Bitcoin Indicator That NEVER Failed Predicts EXACT HIGH!!!

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  1. Bybit get FREE $60 Bonus for 0.2 Bitcoin deposit

    Bitmex Safe 10% in Trading Fees

    Golden Ratio Multiplier – Philip Swift

  2. PI.. say it like Pie.. lol not pee

  3. We're still in a bear market

  4. I love your voice. You could give somebody awful news and it would be ok. BTC could go to zero and be destroyed forever and your voice would make it all ok.

  5. Is it possible to add these indicators to the Binance Trading View version? If so, how? Can't find it.

  6. What about raven protocol?

  7. This is very interesting. When will the calculations video be made? Would this also apply to Altcoins?

  8. what is the softeare that we could apply 350EMA?

  9. Thanx man for this very informative video awesome content and this indicator is great, "Maths never lies".

  10. Arent you a clever boy !! ) great information ! thank you

  11. Fastenating, rewatching. Many thanks.

  12. Amazing and very interesting!
    Thanks a lot!!

  13. 350k around what date ?

  14. sorry guys dont mind if i ask a question im new to bitcoin- is it possible to buy bitcoin and sell when it earn a few hundred bucks then buy another one?

  15. You are the shill master

  16. Aion very profitable! Strong!

  17. After 15 minutes of Fibonacci and the golden ratio he says the price will be $350,000 but doesn't say when. Tomorrow, next week or ten years from now. I just wasted 15 minutes.

  18. It's not "pee". It's "p-eye".

  19. i'm on the xvg of selling my xrp for EnJ, Pot, nCash!

  20. Where on TradingView is this indicator please Chris? I cannot find it @mmcrypto

  21. 200K seems the average prediction – 200 is also obviously an obvious diving line.

  22. So the promised content from the title is not in the video in the end but maybe will be published in another video?!

  23. Great vid as always!! BTC is cruising' ?…I would like to see a 30-40% pullback in BTC so I can buy more, but not sure if/when that will happen …So just enjoying the BTC I do hold and will buy if/when we get that pull back…I don't always agree with you but always watch your vids and agree with u about 80.333% of the time (but not on the Apollo is a scam video..? I heavily researched it and I believe they are waaaay ahead of most top 25 coins as far as advancements in Crypto..Sharding coming this month with Apollo..and as u know, ETH still hasn't introduced Shading…APL not a S#%^ coin IMO ?)…but anyways, Been watching you everyday for last 2-3 years ! Even won one of your BTC giveaways in 2017!! Grateful to u for that ? I am almost a BTC maximalist (75% of port)…but like and hold a small bag of a few alts (APL, LTC, ETH, XRP, ADA, ZIL, VET) Thanks again for all you do Richard! His ways of teaching are so unique. It’s been a few week since we got in contact, I can boast of a handful of 8 BTC. Richard the whole Crypto/Bitcoin community even when Crypto was in the Abyss (crazy bad 2018 Bear Market ?)…??? I still made it out through him.If you wish to learn and trade you can get in touch via Whatsapp/telegram: +1904-380801 for any question related to crypto

  24. and again only quality stuff from you chris! i just want to point out, the way the orange line changes so fast up, reminds me the 2013 move 60$ to 1100$, which had almost no pullbacks! and i am pretty convinced this is the case now, bitcoin will continue to rise and rise until the halving

  25. hey Chris, thx for your video.Could you please share: Which software did you use in your video, the one with the colors for all those lines?

  26. I had discovered as well amazing correlationship between Fibonacci #s and major top price and conjectured that the next top will be around either 82k or 340k. I am not so happy that someone release this, because when a large number of people knows that pattern, the pattern will be broken. I also have discovered the affect of Fibonacci numbers in the timing. (so tempted to spell it out) When the timing indicator is not green when we are near 82k, I would anticipate that we will pass through it. If the timing indicator is green when we are near 340k, I would anticipate that we are very near the top. Please don't spread your insight…when it's too good! Philip Swift…very smart in discovering these…not so smart in mass-spreading his finding. If everyone knows top will be 350k, some will sell at 340k, 330k, 320k…so the pattering will not be fulfilled.

  27. i believe! but the way you explain is impossible to understand. Please don't put the man who laughs all through the vid, he too is therefore impossible to take seriously. if a lawyer wanted me to sign a contract and laughed all through the explanation…it would be hard to sign it..he makes a joke out of it. hahahahaha, i don't get it…350x 3 divided by A-B not forgetting the 111 day me what?

  28. Pumpadumpa mania! Everything that's wrong with crypto…

  29. What year do you think this'll happen? Rough estimate….next year? or 2021?

  30. Thx a lot for this AMAZING info this channel is one of the best there is!
    Btw Pi is pronounced Pai 🙂

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  32. Man these videos are gold even better bitcoin madness!!! Thanks keep up the Parabolic work

  33. great TA just found your channel. Subscribed.

  34. Thanks man! Cool video.

  35. Get into tha choppah hahahaha

  36. This is great value, thanks MMCrypto <3

  37. Findind the top is clear – how do I find the bottom with this indicator?

  38. So did we already hit that indicator and now the bull is over? At what price is that indicator right now?

  39. От Богатейшего Ди ))

  40. Were actually floating on the daily 233 sma

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