Why I'm Scared – Bitcoin 's Dirty Secret

Why I am Scared – Bitcoin’s Dirty Secret

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– Disclaimer: I’m not a monetary adviser and this isn’t monetary recommendation.

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  1. This video is blocked in Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands. For those affected, please check out this video on free speech platform 3speak: https://steemit.com/@crypto-daily

  2. Noooooooo!!! not the dog………………LOL

  3. Well, did it work or is the dog still possesed??? LOL

  4. Tether pump. Nothing new. Tether fraud will cause btc to crash to $500.

  5. Back when ethan was actually funny

  6. Applause !!!!! GREAT VIDEO in every aspect

  7. Text 15623677365 the hacker for me 1.116btc in two days

  8. @cryptodaily finally someone saying that bitcoin's real issue
    ฤž1, is a crypto that doesn't loses value over time, and is fixing both the fiat and bitcoin issue

    but here's what's gonna happen. Bitcoin will stay a store of value unless it's stablisezes creating huge imbalance
    or facebook coin is gonna take over the world as a currency because it covers already 1/3 of the population worldwide

    both of those outcome aren't good.

    SO again… as a wolrwide currency
    ฤž1 is better than bitcoin and libra
    but people want something they already know (facebook)
    or easy money (bitcoin)



  11. I'm ready to see you revisit Open gangnam style in that special seventies cop outfit you got working.

  12. Great video! Super entertaining!

  13. It's just a market cycle. Money flows in and hits BTC first. BTC dominance goes crazy. Once BTC gains are realized alt coins are pumped by that same money. A massive ATH for everything is achieved before another massive crash. Next ATH will probably be 6 figure BTC.

  14. Why have I not watched this channel before. Instant Sub and like after that intro. Nice work.

  15. BNB maid 10x. LTC maid 6x. From December 2018 till now. Which is more that BTC

  16. Comparing the $9k mark in Nov 2017 to the $9k mark in June 2019 isn't really apples to apples. $9k in 2017 was further up the growth curve than where it is now so there were a lot more first time adopters at that point in time.

  17. how do you feel about monacoin? they are labeling it japan's litecoin… do you think this is a bit far fetched? I dropped quiet a bit of money into it at the end of april after that first big rush. since then im up nearly 2x my original investment, yet it seem's greed holds my hand from selling lol. do you think this coin has any chance to go any higher then the 2-$3 usd range?

  18. Something must be a SoV first before it can be a MoE. Why? People must want to hold it first, otherwise why would merchants accept or even demand it? LN is improving from day to day and even today I had no problems using it so far. Scaling a decentralized system is not easy and everyone should be patient and grateful that being SoV (speculative asset) is just enough for now.

  19. What's the site that you used to see the year price change ?

  20. Cool ๐Ÿ˜Ž cheers from Portugal ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡น

  21. Lightning is here now and usable. Liquid side chain is here now and usable. I'm not sure why you keep ignoring it. Anyway keep convincing your noobs to fill up their heavy bags of sh*tcoins

  22. 2:18 RIP Sky King. A man who didnt want to go to the moon… just wanted to do a barrel roll, and go nose down and call it a night.

  23. Simples……………. GRESHAM'S LAW. You do not need a means of exchange. We already have that with fiat currency which aint going away soon.