BITCOIN BREAKING TO $13,382!!! | PARABOLIC!! | $9K Broken By The BTC Price!

Bitcoin Technical Evaluation & Bitcoin Information Right now: The Bitcoin worth goes parabolic! Why is the BTC worth going up? Is the Bitcoin worth goal $13ok? Additionally, I will use technical evaluation on the Bitcoin worth to make a Bitcoin worth prediction. Watch the video to see extra about my Bitcoin evaluation right this moment!

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  2. thank you for these awesome videos.

  3. 37u8VMH6QKkU2oQRFGELor5dPx4AKAmPtA any little bit helps I appreciate you all. God bless

  4. hey just wanna let you know I look forward to your daily TA, I really appreciate it, so concise and informative, Thank you all the way from Hawaii, USA!

  5. Great TA. Better than another guy I really like!

  6. There was actually one ☝️ youtuber that did. But I'm not going to say who it was!

  7. a shirt with collar and jumper really?

  8. Thank you Carl. Keep up the great videos. Your TA is a huge in helping me learn charting and trade ?

  9. It's so funny when Carl smirks and kinda smiles when he refers to a prediction he made that came true.

  10. love ya daily videos, thanks for your hard work ! <3 good analysis

  11. We haven’t broken 9600 this video should be called that instead

  12. My God I love your videos. You usually are in point so I want to sell at 12k then wait for the dust to settle to 10k

  13. I love this theory Carl! I have been thinking the exact same thing for weeks. 3 Channels.. each wider than the previous one.. each with a larger break out than the previous one! I can't wait to see if there is a 4th channel! I have a feeling a blow off top will be coming this time.. then retest the current levels.

  14. DCA all day baby! Appreciate your insights though I don’t really use them except to buy a little more each little dip.

  15. on the money! or should i say ON the Bitcoin!

  16. nice analysis Carl although if I may add I believe in the weekly EMA ribbon its important to note that price of touches/retest it in the course of the Bull run of 2017 which in this case will also be true for 2019 2020.

  17. This pump happened much faster than expected. No? Lots of fuel for the dump with binance, tether, regulators, WW3 false flag attack, Fiat fiasco, you name it. Time to bump up the leverage button and buckle up for a roller coaster ride

  18. Bitcoin mining with George jorkins trading is the best so far with his unique strategy

  19. it looks like the cycle is speeding up and I think the bull market may only last 2 years or a 1.5 year.

  20. The new pump and dump, i got in at $7000, I will be selling @ $10k.

  21. Great technical analysis, and very well dressed.

  22. Ready for the start of the epic correction!!!! Woot!!!!

  23. Dafuq is he talking about? It never went near 13K

  24. I am assuming if BTC smashes through 9.4 k and hits 11 of more and sells off, that will smack these Alts and shitcoins to even greater drops ?

  25. What a load of bullshit.

  26. hey carl i just wanted to bring to your attention that the current price of alts seems to be at the current break even point. meaning the average miner at 10 cent electric cost is just breaking even when you include the costs of exiting to fiat. this seems to be the real resistance. that being said i am feeling a major correction is on the books. my guess it would be a 6500-7k kind of move. This in no way means i am bearish long term. but the short term i would be very careful because the bitcoin dom is getting out of hand. if miners dump alts for btc it could rock the whole markets.

  27. thank you, you help a lot of people by your video god bless you.

  28. Go BTC, go! ! Linkkoin exchange gives extra $5 in crypto for one purchase at least $100 USD.

  29. No major retracements until $19700 BTC. We just getting small 10%-15%. Buy the dip and stop trying to short, because you going to get rekt. The dips are so short lived it makes no sense to try short every jump up BTC makes. A bull Market is easy stuff. All you do is hold and buy the dips. Nothing else to it.

  30. 8:30 bo polny predicted it accurately?

  31. Could you please say "actually" a few hundred times more.

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