Bitcoin Technical Evaluation & Bitcoin Information As we speak: The Bitcoin value is falling, and why is BTC taking place? And Justin Sun from Tron wins a charity lunch with Warren Buffet. Additionally, I will use technical evaluation on the Bitcoin value to make a Bitcoin value prediction. Watch the video to be taught extra!

1:11 Bitcoin Evaluation
18:02 Sun & Buffet

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  1. Bybit Leverage Trading: Deposit 0.1 BTC & Receive $60 FREE!
    โ–บ Bybit:
    1:11 Bitcoin Analysis
    18:02 Sun & Buffet

    Support Me Via Affiliate Links

    Bybit Leverage Trading: Deposit 0.1 BTC & Receive $60 FREE!
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  2. I'm into crypto to get away from elites. So plz shove Sun and Buffett up your ***.

  3. What happens when all the bitcoin has been bought?

  4. as a 76 year old bitcoin max it offends me that you put all of us old guys in the same boat.

  5. If I wanted to talk about crypto currency with an old guy who is completely clueless about technology and still carries around a flip phone, I'd just have lunch with my grandpa and pocket the $5M.

  6. Read news that a whale moved a ton of BTC. Good chance that caused the drop instead of a market correction.

  7. some whale sold 25,000 BTC….it is an event that TA can't account for and small fry bullish traders can't defend against

  8. the ribbon was broken due to 25,000 BTC being sold off

  9. Buffet knows what he is doing he isnโ€™t billionaire because reasons, but things always will change.

  10. flash fake news :
    tron boss invites industrie leader Carl the moon guy to dine with Warren buffet

  11. I am thrilled to hear about this lunch with WB! Justin def should bring AA & fingers crossed also John Tapcott who is WB generation but an internet innovator and crypto maximalist.

  12. Lunch on Buffet at McDonalds.

  13. justin sun? i dont know if hey-hey-hey guy would be a better choice

  14. the gap loves getting filled then he draws dick and balls on the charts lol

  15. Carl on andres antanopolis "I just like to listen to him when he speaks"

  16. In a way Warren Buffett is about Bitcoin being rat poison; 2008 among other engineered economical catastrophes demonstrate that our global economy is infested. Bitcoin is good news for the rest of us.

  17. I would call your bitmex video "getting started on bitmex" the limit orders and stop losses and using the chart to append your orders would be CRAZY useful information when getting started I dont think I would of lost as much my first time in if I would of known about those things

  18. You might have missed this, can't find it anymore, but apparently the dinner is in jeopardy because Sun promoted it with a photo of Buffett. Buffett's terms apparently included that the winner must not use Buffetts photos for promotion.

  19. Just like Bo Polny predicted

  20. Gap doesn't be have to be filled

  21. Come trade on Primexbt Carl, you will find a lot of options there – crypto/stock indices/forex/commodities, all traded with leverage

  22. I love you calling out old people for not getting the internet. Almost spit my coffee ๐Ÿ‘ด

  23. Bought the dip last night… maybe should've waited a bit longer.

  24. Bitcoin Recent Price Manipulation:
    Hey @CryptoHayes seems like a whale exploited your weak @ index again selling massively on Coinbase, just like the Bitstamp situation a few weeks ago, will you be addressing this issue?

  25. Buffet is a welfare queen. His dispute with crypto is that he can't be bailed out by the government he is owned by. He is correct in saying that crypto is a fraud because 95 pct is wash trading and tether counterfeit. Same as the stock market. Except he is an insider there.

  26. Best TA on youtube for sure

  27. Don't be afraid to this sell off … we are going to the moon and 10k is imminent now ๐ŸŒ™

  28. I like your videos but less of the old people dont understand crap. I am old and I understand blockchain, Bitcoin and the Internet – please don't alienate older people.

  29. Talking Rubbish again !

  30. $6500 incoming over next few weeks.

  31. Where are the ema ribbons at please mr moon ? ๐Ÿ˜

  32. Just saw the end of the video haha thank you mr moon

  33. can you imagine if Justin Sun gets Warren buffet on board crypto community?..or in TRX ? :)) jesus…that shitcoin will explode to the moon( 0.1% chances tho )

  34. great call on Andreas Antonopolis. He is the Bitcoin guru, fo sure… Thanks for your videos, very much appreciated. Thank you!

  35. Hey Carl, you always mention that the gaps on the futures chart almost always get filled, can you explain in one of your videos why this is the case.

  36. That gap shit is utter nonsense according to Sunny Decree……I agree with him unless someone can tell me why they are able to influence the price of bitcoin in any way. I won't hold my breath. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  37. 55 people(thethumbsdown) don't want others to learn how to read the charts.

  38. I feel sorry for the rich and wealthy as well those people who don't have Bitcion. House of cards crashing

  39. Iโ€™m coming always back ๐Ÿคฉ

  40. Good video when is the new one online?

  41. So may 2015 we broke above the ribbon but then below.. wonder if the same will happen now..hmmm

  42. The bounce is always exciting. Especially the first one after a bare market. But I totally agree with you analysis.

  43. donate if you can

    address 1C3SiC5Tw3woa8PC7fB3t44ThwcfMdbiSA