Bitcoin Price BEARISH on the Weekly & New Satoshi Rumors…

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  1. Put a buy order for 3k now and don't touch it until next year or until it triggers

  2. @3:04 omg. You had me laughing there. Wasn't expecting that.

  3. 3:05 I love that part 🤣🤣 you are so righ. I bought around € 7500 (euro). In line with a higher low theory. Call me fool later

  4. @ 3.25 for sure @Sunny Decree Actions speak louder than words…words come easy…a lit of people have a lot to say but are not willing to back it up with action!

  5. How do you feel about EOS value in terms of BTC, it took a serious hit after the Voice announcement.

  6. Did you ever cover HEX yet, I heard you mention it last month

  7. When nobody cared about crypto, bitcoin was actually used as a currency.

  8. A lot of scammers popping up to steal bitcoins, be careful sheeple.

  9. Nobody is going to use BTC ever as a form of currency as long as there is speculation that the price will keep going up and a huge drawdowns in price. BTC would need to stabilize consistently for it to ever be used as a currency. I just don't see it. I can see an altcoin like LTC be used as a form of currency.

  10. Bitcoin Devs don’t seem to want it to be a “means of exchange”, & the way it’s looking it be any time soon. That’s what Litecoin is for.. No one wants to spend their BTC, but I spend LTC all the time, & simply replace it.. #PayWithLitecoin

  11. We just hit back $7750. Good call overall

  12. So bitcoin is all about profits in fiat??? the guy after and the guy after and the guy after?? Hybrid p…i

  13. bitcoins going down. going down to china town!

  14. you are fully aware about what will happen after a parabolic up move sunny!

  15. are you really a permabull all of a sudden?

  16. Good informative Video, The fact is even with the price of Bitcoin,Investments and profits are still being made daily, The best thing to do at this moment is to invest what we hold in our wallet. As a new bee watched videos on here to improve my trade and came across pro trader Josephine Raymond in the comment section of one of these videos. She helped me make 14Btc investing just 3Btc in one week. You can reach her on to know more about her winning strategies.

  17. bitcoins going down going down to china town.

  18. Ur insight and knowledge is very apprieciated ..u speak well explaining complicated stuff into understandable language…on a quick note ..this.might be a stupid question ..but here ot goes ..on a upswing or downswing in bitcoin many coins have to be sold off or purchased to make say a 100 dollar drop of lift in the fluctuating value ? Or a 200 dollar or 300 dollar swing either way?

  19. Maybe the real value of Bitcoin continues to be the valued that people paid at the bottom. That is why bitcoin will go at least to the 4k level.

  20. Bitcoin just broke the bullish pattern. It looks like 9k was the peak for now

  21. 3000 try me, this is a 🌋 ready to blow 💪

  22. @sunny decree : could you please explain the "Cross" Margin @ Bitmex? I understand this as a "all in" …. am i right? i tested it one time and thanks God it played very well for me, but i don´t understand this laverage…… thanks a lot

  23. I HAVE THE BALLS TO CATCH THOSE FALLING KNIVES SUNNY. Being in this market for two years has given me balls of steel.

  24. ärgere mich etwas, habe auf long gesetzt und komme einfach nicht aus dieser Position raus.. bis am Schluss fressen die Gebühren noch den Einsatz auf.. nun habe nur einen kleinen Hebel eingesetzt.

  25. Doji means uncertainty, not price reversal. We may have already reached the end of the correction.

  26. As a professional trader, I don't understand the reaction from most people in the Crypto Community There was a major resistance zone around 6400 and Bitcoin broke through that zone. What happens is that resistance zone now becomes support. You could see the price slowing down around the $8,600 mark and going downwards. A day before this big drop the whales put all the orders in the Bitcoin Shorts and then today sold and re-bought near the support zone! This is all basic trading and ta. If you work out the basic math from here bitcoin will now reach the top of the weekly 2018 triangle pattern around 10500 – 11000 area. I am increasing my bitcoin daily waiting for the full swing or full effect of the bull run by trading a certain percentage of my bitcoin and holding the profit. That’s common sense if the price sky rockets I win big but if a correction occurs I still win. I use the signal services provided by the best out there Gérard Barrientos (gerardbarrientos6672@gmailcom or on WhatsApp +447427159640). I have used the services of other providers but none comes close Gérard. His signals are always accurate and easy to use and understand. I urge all of you looking to make a breakthrough in bitcoin to contact him today.