Explaining Why We May Get A $4,000 Bitcoin…

This market buying and selling evaluation applies to varied exchanges, together with Bitmex and Binance. Tackling questions like if Bitcoin can attain 20ok once more and if we will likely be seeing a crypto forex market restoration this 12 months. Issues just like the lightning community have supplied large enhancements for BTC and whereas it’s true that others like Roger Ver with Bitcoin Money (bcash) might disagree, I do see these blockchain expertise improvements to be very bullish basic indicators for the area.

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  1. The negative comments make me think you are right…

  2. the deapth charts looks more like 5000 is more of a support. There needs to be serius dump of BTC on spot market for such a drop

  3. You do not know anything, loser….. Just making clickbaits because you need money from viewers because you suck at trading

  4. Not a lot of people could predict more then once , but good thing I know someone who predicted BTC right more than 30 times so far, his latest prediction is in the next 3 weeks the btc price will do one of this 2 things 1) 15% retrace to $7220 then go to $13,800 or 2) btc will go 62% up straight to $13,800 and will correct 48% to $7220 . guys just save this massage and see how it plays , if he gets this correct this will be his 31 times, this is not advice for you to trade just sharing with you all because I have been amazed with his last 30 predictions

  5. History Repeats itself! 100000 here we come.

  6. Don't give hopium to the sideliners, they missed the boat already.

  7. just hold your money till the cows come home….to buy BTC!!….LOL

  8. really nice ! crazy FOMO coming ..

  9. Are you using a mouse to make those drawings? If so, you're a beast with it. If not, can you let us know what you use?

  10. I would have expected 6k as the support, it was the area last year of support before it collapsed. Possibly we go to 9.5k here and then fall back.

  11. Dont u think its rising wedge on a monthly chart?

  12. You should give up TA you are by far the worst

  13. Your an embarrassment … please stop you never ever get it right .. faaaack of

  14. It your dicj first ang i will believe in you

  15. you have no idea what you talking

  16. agree btc $4000 xrp go to$3

  17. No way is this going to 4K again xD think 6.4 K much more likely

  18. Please guys don't trade bitcoin like this guy does.

  19. Although I finished buying during the bottom range, I wouldn't mind have a huge dump to get more crypto. I don't think we'll be so lucky to be honest. The power of the halvening alone will rally us to ATH in the next year.

  20. Still think you're wrong. Retracement target for me still is in the 6-7k range

  21. Anything can happen in crypto. Looking forward to the flipple so I don't have to hear about antiquated bitcoin.

  22. the 4 week chart is interesting

  23. It doesn't help that bitcoin is slower than a bank wire and the fees are much higher.

  24. maybe possible maybe not,market was different we will see

  25. What a bs bla bla. Stop your fud

  26. A fair few people on this comment thread must be eating their words today hey!

  27. Come trade on Primexbt with leverage and show us your skills with building stats so we can copy-trade you

  28. anything is possible but there are two major support levels which were not outlined in this video. the 50 weekly and 100 weekly moving averages. we have closed above both with ease. have a look at each bull market and see the significance of these two moving averages once we have closed above.

  29. Man I hope, from a buyers standpoint, drops to 4k.

  30. What happened to the 10 Forflies Indicator tutorials??? They have just been removed from YouTube so those who bought the indicator no longer have access to them!

  31. Nice video… I invested with Frank Ngu and for the past few months i have been able to make over 400k…thanks to him.

  32. Bitcoin will go down to 40 k

  33. The finger snapping sounds like you are trying to hypnotize your audience