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  1. TMI my family and friends are starting to listen, I am so happy!

  2. So with that stat, does that mean only 3 million people have OVER .1 BTC !!!??

  3. Ha, taotao is slang for a condom in Chinese

  4. Will you do a live session when BTC hits 10 k and give me a shoutout for the idea :)??


  6. I hear Justin Sun and Justin Moon are the same person. That is why you never see them together.

  7. I love your Polly Anna attitude but dam

  8. Hi! Why is your language setting in German?? 🙂

  9. Protect your funny bone at all times!

  10. Don't trust anything that comes out of China.

  11. Justin Moon?

    I can't wait for Justin Mercury and Justin Mars to show up.

  12. EOS, top spot?! Jeez, China is really dumb when it comes to cryptos.

  13. "Understand where this is all going and let's move on" -TMI tagline

  14. Why litecoin isnt there, why ether isnt there, why Bla bla blehhah isnt there 😀

  15. Bitcoin will never go below its recent low? . wash cycle and rinse by the whales . No matter what btc does . Poor will be poor rich will be richer . 🙄

  16. Is it worth putting about £100 in Bitcoin
    I can’t afford much more’ but if I just hodled would it be worth it
    I have loads of XRP my main coin

  17. If banks don't use bitcoin, then the post office doesn't use email.

  18. Its more like a "not so funny bone" when you hit it isn't it 😒

  19. I've pretty much stopped watching other YouTube channels for crypto news