BITCOIN BREAKOUT!!! TODAY, TOMORROW??! | Volume RAPIDLY Declining!! | Facebook Coin 2019

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Bitcoin Technical Evaluation & Bitcoin Information Immediately: Bitcoin breakout right now or tomorrow? Facebook coin to launch later in 2019. Additionally, I will use technical evaluation on the Bitcoin value to make a Bitcoin value prediction. Watch the video to be taught extra!

zero:57 Bitcoin Evaluation
5:54 BTC Vs. Alts
6:30 Facebook
11:22 Vays Vs. Ver

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  1. BitMEX:
    0:57 Bitcoin Analysis
    5:54 BTC Vs. Alts
    6:30 Facebook
    11:22 Vays Vs. Ver

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  2. Bitcoin is bitcoin all the rest are alt coins

  3. If Winklevoss bros do business with that Fascist, censorship happy, Selling peoples data scumbag Zukerberg, they will LOSE ALL CREDIBILITY! I would stay the hell away from the Gemini Exchange and ANYTHING Winklevoss….

  4. Awesome vid!! I know you don’t bother with Altcoins but please can you share your thoughts about Monero? Thx

  5. According to the TD Sequential Indicator on the 4h Chart we are likely to break to the downside
    May 24 we formed a Green 9 Followed By a red 2 closing below the red 1 which is an Indicator for falling prices

  6. I love Facebook coin, introduce the dummies to a poop coin, they'll eventually throw some 401k money into bitcoin through fidelity. So many people have their 401k's in fidelity.

  7. I also have some ADEX. Facebook coin could bring some attention to my poop coin. Pump it, Fuckerberg!

  8. The question at the 8000$ level, will the whales pump or dump.
    I believe that they are all long, and only allow small corrections.
    I think we are going to go higher soon to another consolidation above 10,000.
    Imagine the perfectly balanced bull run chart, and that is what they are giving us.

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  10. HTF could it be seen as a positive for BTC if a poxy $5 transaction takes 10 fcuking hours to clear?

  11. Everyone can have the correct analysis when going parabolic. Despite this consolidation, the trend still fits into this. So imo one more huge leg up, everyone thinks blue sky breakout, no resistance!! Then a huge blow off top.

  12. Bcash is trash. It set back my and your profits as well as put off mass adoption. A horrid diversion and impediment.

  13. Thank you for your video I will be supporting by using your affiliate links

  14. People will fall for FB coin. It's sad but a fact. People will think that they are into "crypto" 😀 Most people are THAT stupid. Single moms and grandmothers will be sending the globalist coin back and forth believing that they are tech savy. I'm not joking.

  15. one day i want to meet you!!

  16. Wait! Patience is the name of the game! Hopes for up but waiting!

  17. Only 10 hours for a BTC transaction?… WWWWOOOOOOWWWW!

  18. Global coin sounds like a doomsday

  19. Damm you rock look at the breakout right now !!

  20. Make it a 2 video day. I know you’re awake! Go live!

  21. Literally right when I clicked on your video, my blockfolio alert said Bitcoin Hit $8500

  22. Looks like we are breaking up right now. Time will tell if its a fake out.

  23. Hi Carl do you think the eu elections had influenced the bitcoin to break out ?
    regards Kai

  24. Holy crap, he was right about the break out happening any moment!

  25. Wow great call man.. up 8% as I'm writing this

  26. Breaking up now. Hold on folks here we go!!

  27. Nailed that one didnt you Carl!

  28. Carl is the best. Taught me so much. He da mannnn

  29. The move has happened Carl!! And its to the upside ? keep up the good work dude. Greetings from the UK!

  30. if fb coin is backed by usd, what makes it different than cash?

  31. Lite coin sure is doing well

  32. you look like Hogan Gidley from the trump administration lol

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