Bitcoin FLASH CRASH – Critical Signal Found

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  1. Guys drops like this is a blessing common. This is when you accumulate. Eyez on the prize baby. We are here long term, 5-10 years. You will never see 3k bitcoin ever again, not even 4 or 5

  2. Gap on CME Futures was perfectly closed ! And off course some of these guys wanted to short it down..

  3. For Gods sake, would people do more positive things, instead of being show stoppers, disgusting !

  4. Ugh… thing I hate about Coinbase… takes for freaking ever for funds to clear. Still waiting for my last deposit to show up. Sitting on pins and needles. I'd have been VERY happy to score at $6800.

  5. Needs action… We the people should get together and file a low suite against Bitfinex …..To short or Long a currency, it should be Forbidden . Is a CRIMINAL ACT …..The big banks and bad risch people have been using this advanget to dristroi countries currencies , and take over and buy back for pennies . It is a delebery bad action of distruction and to in risch them self ´s …..It has to stop, in order to give a free natural grow of the currencies.. digital currency or not…is a delebery bad umoral action of distrution.

  6. I am kind of hoping that this downturn lasts a couple of days at least. I just got into crypto at the beginning of the month and didn't have time to accumulate. I threw 1k into btc and a few hundred into various alts. It will take another couple of days for my next 2k deposit to clear. I am hoping that the whale got the ball rolling on the pullback. BTC seemed to be struggling around the 8k mark so I sold at $7990 in the hope of buying back in on the dip. MACD is looking like it may be moving into a true downtrend and I am struggling to not buy back in too soon. I hope to have half a coin before 10k. It is a long shot, but if I can hit the dip just right, it may be possible.

  7. I figured it out at last. Don't buy on the 15th of the Month. This is when i get paid and i buy on that day. Then you can bet your bottom Dollar,, 3 days later the Market will fall!! Pisses me off!!! Buy on the 18th/20th!

  8. I'm gonna watch it for a week and see

  9. i bloody missed it and its back up. no buying he dip for me

  10. A correction was needed, Bitcoin can’t go up € 1000 every day.

  11. u are an idiot take my comment and very noob in this game

  12. Claim equal oh shit reset button. Bet it won’t be claimed when they boom or bust the marker.

  13. Thank you George. Yes the alts held nicely: that was the first thing I noticed. I'm glad to get this out of the way.

  14. @ Coding a Futures Crypto Exchange Live Challenge (Digitex Futures)

  15. @ Coding a Futures Crypto Exchange Live Challenge (Digitex Futures)

  16. Find in youtube this @ Coding a Futures Crypto Exchange Live Challenge (Digitex Futures)

  17. Find in youtube this @ Coding a Futures Crypto Exchange Live Challenge (Digitex Futures)

  18. Find in youtube this @ Coding a Futures Crypto Exchange Live Challenge (Digitex Futures)

  19. If you buy BTC anywhere between $6500 and 8k you are doing very well.

  20. None of these drops will matter leading up to the btc reward halving.. the difference between $5500-8400 is peanuts ? once btc hits 100k per coin and it’s made public there are actually less than 7 million btc in circulation (Allegedly) … day traders can have their fun now but look at the fundamentals long term… my advice is have 5 or more btc to hold for 10 years or more and have separate swing trading funds

  21. Big H&S forming, check on montly chart.
    Gonna hit good this weekend/start of next week.

  22. 2019/20 Łitecoin and Bitcoin mining reward halving hype on the horizon..?…??‍♀️

    ‘The biggest supply shock in the history of financial markets

  23. Bitcoin been hacked and 15 investors account money been stole

  24. This is normal people , it always happens after a bigg pump , look back in history of the chart , it happens over and over again

  25. It’s going back to 5000

  26. To many kids who just takes profits and feeds off the ones who invest'. Glad I can help buy a lambo for someone!!

  27. The ride goes up and down, that's what makes it fun. Never invest more than you can lose and never invest whilst pumping, instead, buy when they're afraid… and I'm salivating at this dip.

  28. Which way is the market going now?


  30. Looking forward to the crash. Let's fill our bags!

  31. Got suckered into playing for a bounce… LOL. Im so weak and emotional trader… losing all his money.

  32. Binance hack..stolen BTC dump ?. scammers do not keep assets for long

  33. We will NEVER go back to a system of gold currency, digital currencies are the future…and i'm betting on bitcoin.