BIG DUMP – Whale dumps bitcoin to $6200 on Bitstamp

BIG DUMP – Whale dumps bitcoin to $6200 on Bitstamp

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  2. Stop losses being triggered? Longs being liquidated? Not so mysterious to me.

  3. Yesterday they laughed at me for saying there will be a correction, if we bounce up from this then we are officially in the bull market.

  4. This video is cringe

  5. Since when are 15-20% drops anything new in BTC? I am surprised that you are surprised 🙂 That is to be expected, especially after this parabolic price movement. Why ask for reasons at all? This space is as nuts as it has always been. Watching crypto prices is more exciting than Game of Thrones these days, haha.

  6. When Mainstream instituitions are trying buy into bitcoin for their Wallstreet exchanges there is ABSOLUTELY an incentive for a "mystery" whale to dump!

  7. You can trade through SQ cash app and turn it right into cash on the card

  8. im buying btc no matter what..these whales made their profit but it will get harder and harder to change the price since mass adoption is coming faster go buy your yacht and grey poupon..we poor folk aint going anywhere.

  9. These are the stolen Btc that is why they prefer to cash out…

  10. stupid to dump on fresh money, but just a hik up

  11. 2019/20 Łitecoin and Bitcoin mining reward halving hype on the horizon..🌬…🧞‍♂️

    ‘The biggest supply shock in the history of financial markets

  12. I guess people missed the memo. There's a thing called "stop-loss". Anyone? Original sell order was 3K BTC and rest was normal trading action. Shouting manipulation on big drops is just hilarious.

  13. It was a combination of 4 thangs…. high, mad wife, chubby finger, and a dirty a pair of 👓!

  14. Nobody is dumb enough to trade like this. Even Whales know that this is a bad trading strategy. It has to be a mistake, fat finger error can make up say 1 trade in every thousand.

  15. Could it be the those coins that were stolen?

  16. Looks like healthy correction considering how much bitcoin gone up in the past week

  17. The fact that such a dump by a single whale is still possible is a reminder that the crypto market is still very young, and that those who are buying now are still the "early adopters".
    If significant dump is still possible, that also demonstrates that significant pump (i.e. 100x at least) is still very much possible in the current market cycle.
    Once the crypto market has truly matured, and sees significant real adoption and demand, the liquidity would be way higher, and volatility becomes insignificantly small, and the price exponentially higher.

  18. this wasn't only a big dump, this was a big loss of confidence in bitcoin.

  19. A lucky few got some good buys in for sure.

  20. Hooray! Got my order at 6700! Alas, the one at 6000 didn't go, but I got close.
    C'mon boyz — just drop another 1000+ for a few hours! Nobody will remember the discomfort in 2024.

  21. Never sell on Panic Situations! Buy the Dip! YES ist was a Panic Mistake.

  22. Dump because it a runs out of suckers!!!!! Let go to $1000!!!!

  23. The Whale was waiting for the high price to sell, so he could get out. He didn't want to lose so much money 8k was the right time

  24. Best site for buying/trading coins is Binance, you don't need to submit documents to trade up to 2BTC so can buy instantly. It is the safest place to buy crypto by far and sees the most volume of any exchange in the world. If you sign up using this link you can also get 50% off trading fees :

  25. It must be the Bitcoin which has been hacked from Binance.

  26. LOL, you start with fat finger, change to manipulation, then think it was stop-loss cascade, next you say that it was a natural retrace, then whale destroying shorts, spoofing … guess you will never know. 😃

  27. Cant it be the btc that was cashed out, came from the hack of binance?

  28. sold at 8300. wooooooooooo see ys when the daily RSI is on the floor:). 4800. wooooo

  29. You seem like a very intelligent guy. I think you may want to re-examine your speculations. "fat Finger" and "mistake" ideas are not really plausible. Take a look at the BTC futures. Dial in. Compare to the cash market. Timing, volume, etc. It's pretty clear.

  30. Someone sells a bunch of stock at market price and stock traders claim the stock market is manipulated…..

    If THEIR actions caused YOU to freely and willingly give up YOUR bitcoins…. Then YOU got manipulated.

  31. Somebody saw a double peak in BTC and got the jitters.

  32. latest news – MATIC; WILL be dumped by 50 % take profit guys

  33. People really don't get how puny the crypto market is compared to other financial markets. Anyone with a few $million can move the price of BTC or any crypto at will. The higher the daily volume, the lower the chance of this happening. When crypto markets have the trading volume of the stock market, then it would take MUCH bigger whales to move the prices.

  34. I dont know why they would want to continue to hold the price down. It started shortly after we bought through major resistance on the 15th. this is the same seller that's been pushing down since then. I mean is this the dumbass who bought us all the way up to 20k? It might be, they seem pretty butthurt.

  35. “Whales” lol they’re called institutions.


  37. Hey Boxmining I think you should do a review on $MESG. It's the most undervalued project on the market hands down IMO.

  38. Obviously shorted it with leverage Then dumped. Lost a hundred thousand made a hundred million

  39. i hope u are satoshi nakamoto dear box mining <3

  40. There is a reason, what if he had a high levraged short on another exchange. He would have made an absolute fortune.

    Once he made that huge amount of money, you can load up on cheaper bitcoin

  41. The sudden Uptrend of Bitcoin’s Price is Mind Blowing 😁, I remember clearly how foolish it seemed when some of us bought at $3,500 when anticipation was for below $2,000. Now is another chance because, price will keep skyrocketing so the ideal thing to do is to accumulate by buying some more bitcoins and trading to triple that stock before the full blast of the bull waves kicks in. If you aren’t sure how to go about this, you can ask for assistance from a professional. I personally trade using Rupica Puri’s assistance and the result is unbelievable. My holdings have quad-tripled to over 12BTC in just 2 months. I am doing another 3BTC before the weekend hoping I won’t be late and my projections with that using Rupica’s system is mind blowing. For all newbies, intermediate and more experienced traders with low profit turn out, I’d suggest you seek his assistance through his mail address <> Telegram- + 1-865-229-8500

  42. thanks sir aeternity is best coin it has great future

  43. Bitcoin behavior now is very typical to its occurrence in 2015 and this sends a strong signal to traders and investors alike. Now the fight to hold the $8,600 resistance is a very important one in that once its broken which is soon enough, the next test region for bitcoin will be $10,000 and after that, it will be a full blast of the bulls. if you are not already an investor I would advise you get in now because in a short time buying a whole bitcoin would be out of the reach of many and my advice is increase your portfolio now as much as possible so you would take full advantage of the bull run when it kicks in. I don’t just hodl and wait I am currently increasing my portfolio everyday waiting for the full swing of the bill run here is what I trade I day trade and hodl my profit. Am not an expert trader but a smart trader because I use the services of the best professional signal providers and I highly recommend Gérard Barrientos (gerardbarrientos6672@gmailcom or on WhatsApp +447427159640) because he is the best out there. His signals are always accurate and easy to understand and implement in your own trade. Contact him if have any crypto inquiries or want to become a better investor.