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Bitcoin “Rainbow” Value Chart

Tweet: In BTC’s 10yr commerce historical past…Bull season is now 99%.

Tweet: What’s the chance we r really in that will 2014 pump space of earlier bear mkt as seen on this chart.

TD Ameritrade Exec: Tens of 1000’s of Our Purchasers Are Enthusiastic about Crypto

Joe Lubin, Jimmy Music Strike $500Ok Crypto Guess on Ethereum’s Future

Facebook Hires Two of Coinbase’s Former Compliance Managers

Woo Bull Charts

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  1. Austin+Aaron+Altcoin daily(AAA) U guys are the best and I recommended ur channel to my friends

  2. I'm with you and hope for a pullback too but so many people are hoping for a pullback so its very unlikely that we will drop much lower than 6 or 6.5k
    What do you think about this thought? I see pretty strong support in general now!

  3. Sometimes I upset when you guys late uploading new videos.. ?

  4. XVG and XLM popping off. ????

  5. Bitcoin, the blockchain only works for money! Only newbie don’t know any better.

  6. did you buy yet? or still waiting for pull back?

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  16. Bitcoin already did dip, down to 7600. It’s not going any lower. 10K soon!

  17. Which other altcoins in the coming years you said???????

  18. Ethereum is wanting to compete with Chuck-E-Cheese tokens.

    Bitcoin is going to compete with 20th century finance and all global fiT currencies

  19. This is going to be a huge cup and handle…then blastoff to new highs ?

  20. Yeah that's what I said at 3250 😉

  21. Facebook will be dead before their coins come out. Facebook should invest in building Insta-coin lol

  22. I always like the video before you even ask me to 🙂

  23. I think bitcoin will have its space and DApps too! They have really great DApp on Ethereum called CENT , a new era social media and steem ( which everyone overlooks ) has amazing DApps like steem Hunt that is partnering with big money to bring a whole new dimension to new product reviews. Steem is something worth looking into in regards to DApps , just check state of the DApps website. The DApp seem is moving waaaay beyond gambling and becoming something to really keep an eye on.

  24. Nearly 26k viewrs waw. btc bull run is surely at our feets

  25. New to chanel but not to crypto and technical analysis. I,m 44. I see back to top of 16-20k this summer and then year or so of sideways. Then should wait for wider adoption and probably moon

  26. For a dude like me who is 30, having a 9-5 job, a relationship and a lot of hobbies your channel is pure gold. All the info what I need daily in a short video. Keep up the good work.

  27. Great insight brother. So good to be in crypto after the long winter

  28. Is it possible to use Volume and Historical Volatility on coinbase please?

  29. Just tipped you 5 BAT from the brave browser. Crypto is epic. Thanks for all the content

  30. The Chartguys vid yesterday was suggesting we start to get out of the bear mentality for awhile, although it's hard after such a brutal year ('18, for traders not going short) where you would lose money almost immediately after buying into almost any pump.

    I confess i'm still extremely skeptical that BTC won't tank back to the 6k region and sideways trade for months but it's possible it won't. There are a ton of big lower wicks on a lot of these coins, showing that at least for now the bulls are buying up dips.

    Personally i'm still 50/50 on whether the bear is back hibernating or not. Either way I'm not selling till I've made enough money to make the brutal bear market worth it. I'm thinking it'll be still a few years out, but i'm ultra cautious and like to err on the side of extreme caution.

  31. So from my little research I found out that you can write smart contracts with BTC. And even then, can’t that be implemented? Is that possible? What would happen to ETH in that case?

  32. The growth potential for ETH will be emminse for a while yet, with an all time high of appx. $1500 usd. At least 60% of all the new money in my portfolio is going to ETH, you can't go wrong.

  33. Would this weekend be the best time to buy? Waiting to see if it will go down a bit b4 buying.

  34. Matic network bullrun

  35. This is how YouTube experts work; bull run has started and 2 weeks later Tubers be like “ the bull run is here” lol nahhhhh really ? All pretenders .

  36. Im 61 yrs old and have been in BTC since it was $750

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