$100'000 Bitcoin in 2019 possible?

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  1. I came for Dan Pena :-))))

  2. …..truce lol halving in bound

  3. btc go to ZERO 🙂 But 6 ZERO After 1 . 2021

  4. hi cooles video hat 10 mal so viel clicks 😀

  5. WHEN IT COMES OUT……..ZERO!!! my new fav crypto thing

  6. Lots of optimists here. Still manipulated digital garbage with no tangible value. Can’t even buy a $1 McChicken with it. I’m still amazed that nobody learned their lesson here in December 17’

  7. "Lets be honest with ourselves.."
    Worldwide liquidity and a need for safer stable holdings…

    Come on dude stop ignoring the world market.
    Also, you dont seem to understand, normal people see 1btc as a solid asset.. itll get to a certain level and folks dont see it as 'buyable'

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  9. disagree on bitcoin being medium of exchange to reach 1 million dollars. its more a Store of Value

  10. I own two bitcoins. If it does hit $100k or more. Should I sell or just keep holding my coins till it hits a million? I'm new to this. Do I sell and then buy once it drops really low in another bear market?

  11. 2013 run up was the Willy Bot


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  13. @Sunny Decree What’s your opinion on this Youtuber https://youtu.be/khXQg7eEbD8


  15. sunny I am living in asia and I chased you since very long time ago. good work as usually!

  16. If the vast majority of people don’t mind enormous fees then maybe 🤷‍♂️

  17. It’s not possible to bitcoin to reach 100,000 only because when it go to high new high this term then the bears will come in.

  18. I want a Bitcoin light signboard too!! 😋

  19. Market not bull not bear.. Just sideways…

  20. channel to 100 k btc to 100k = läuft 😉

  21. I can't remember CNBC Fast Money talking about Bitcoin back in 2013, at least i didn't hear of any (though i was into cryptospace already back then). But, things like "Amazon is going to accept Bitcoin soon" was already a thing 2013 Price predictions at that time were basically the same. Bitcoin rallyed to 1000$ and people called for 10.000$ shortly after. Well, it corrected hard to 200$ and media coverage did kick in very late the next bull run, again. This time, they're early and people might get back in early (again).

  22. But it's go down down down bro… 🙁

  23. wouldn't it be funny if BTC hits 100k in like 1 month?