Watch Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary challenge the bull case for Bitcoin

Anthony Pompliano, founder and associate at Morgan Creek Digital Belongings, joins “Squawk Field” together with Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary to debate the newest surge in cryptocurrencies amid a market sell-off.

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  1. Kevin bought bitcoin back in 2013, he said so on a canadian news channel and he talked about all its benefits. Now he talks about how much of a scam it is? That makes no sense he is manipulating the public

  2. Kevin is a Liar big time, he is Garbage!!! He was on a Canada TV show years ago talking about he’s taking a position in bitcoin.. and how valuable it is. He is taking on this position because this is what he is being paid to do. Kevin ain’t shit but a liar

  3. Kevin FUCKED YOU ALL! HAHA HE BOUGHT THE BOTTOM! 10X smarter than most in the comment section!

  4. What the heck!?! Kevin knew all about Bitcoin back in 2013 and praised it!!

  5. O'Leary is an idiot, he had nice things to say of BTC in 2013. He is a shill for the establishment, a total scumbag.

  6. Kevin O'Leary LIES > Look up // "The Rich Want You to Stay Poor – Kevin O'Leary Lies About Bitcoin" \ for the TRUTH!!

  7. Another trash interviewer that has no actual grasp with the topic at hand. Props to Pomp for staying calm. You wasted his time with your dumb questions.

  8. Kevin O’Leary what a fin scumbag .

  9. Kevin is just a money hungry monster. Kevin put $100 and BTC dropped and now worth$30. I put $1000 into the stock market and i am down $700.He is full of crap.Kevin has been accumulating cryoto currency for over 3 years. He even did a commercial for APOLLO currency.

  10. Kevin O'Leary THERE IS A VIDEO OF YOU in 2013 EXPLAINING PERFECTLY WHAT BITCOIN IS and you also claimed that you had 2% of your portfolio invested. Why is he playing dumb?! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

  11. guys he is straight up bsing you (kevin that is) just go back and see his interview in 2013…he bought it…and he shorted the futures market when it was at 20k….bakkt is going to open their futures trading sept 23rd??? what would you do when the news is naysaying and people are bashing?? what would you do if you wanted to "sell" a new asset as a business owner????

    🙂 Happy trading.

  12. Kevin is a FRAUD!!! in 2013 he was talking bullish about Bitcoin…..look into it!

  13. my friends at the central bank and IRS can't touch you = Crypto crap. real classy, O'leary

  14. First they laugh at you…Second guy from the left comes across like a condescending smug ass hole.

  15. I don’t need to fully understand bitcoin
    I just need to buy it , since all the young people who don’t understand business are buying it.
    Just like bradley said in limitless
    “The market goes up because of the mass sentiments”

  16. If Kevin O'Leary opposes something – it must be good!

  17. My issue with investing in bitcoin is how do you mitigate risk?? At least with the US dollar, it'll always have worth in the US because everything is based in dollars. So if a can of coke cost 2.00, but my dollar value drops, so does the value of that can. apples to apples. Not too mention that statistically speaking, if the US suffered a major depression, the world would too. so your all screwed. if bitcoin died tomorrow, nobody would care, so there isn't intrinsic value… its based on nothing more than speculation of the technology its based on.

  18. "Non correlated" is code for "actually just goes up and down with manipulation".

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  20. Hahaha How retarted is that guy, they halve the amount of BTC that can be mined every 4 years so it's a bullshit scam??? They double the amount of USD that's printed out of tin air every 4 years which increases inflation and makes everyone living in the USA poorer by the year and that's healthy??? Are you seriously saying that the USD is healthy and the BTC is bullshit??? Omg you're either all knowingly spreading misbelieve in the hopes to keep the USD around for a few more decades or you're simply believing your own crap that much that you will end up losing every penny. I fucking love how idiots can believe this biasad horse shit, you may as well put a 5 year old kid on screen with his fingers in his nose and he will appear more intelligent than this guy.

  21. What part of the statement, "best performing asset class in the last decade" did Mr. Wonderful not understand???

  22. I love how people don’t understand Crypto! Makes me feel like I am an early adopter!

  23. Kevin O’Leary I suggest you should stop teaching 20th century financials!

  24. O’Leary is such a fookin Dinosaur he think the Fiat dollar is real! It’s garbage!

  25. It's very hard to convince a non bitcoin believer especially the older ones. Then once you do your research and learn some basic economics you see how trash fiat really is.

  26. Bald fat liar. He does own Bitcoin!

  27. Btc is a ponzi skeem you can make good fiat money in it. Last people to get in will loose big.

  28. That old guy doesn't want to see daylight anymore in a few years.

  29. Mr garbage is wonderful. You're as you say are "dead to me" POS! you may have lost a few dollars in bitcoin but im sure you'll lose your ass in your boating incident!

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