You Have No Idea How High Bitcoin Can Climb. I’m Bullish! + Starbucks & Ebay Crypto Adoption News

Right here is the most recent crypto market evaluation! Bitcoin hitting new 2019 highs! Starbuck accepting crypto by way of Gemini App! Ebay introducing crypto to it’s 180 million customers! A lot information and evaluation to share! ?

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How the BTC bear market of 2018 compares to the earlier bear markets

Pomp Tweet: Bitcoin has had its largest quantity of all-time two days in a row

Misir Tweet: Bitcoin dominance is at 60%.

Bitcoin Whale Strikes 48,000 BTC To Two Separate Wallets

Forbes: Starbucks, Nordstrom And Entire Meals Now Settle for Bitcoin. Simply Don’t Ask Them.

Flexa Launches App The place Buyers Can Spend Crypto at 15 Main US Retailers

ZEC CEO TWEET: I obtain 2000 ZEC per 30 days.

Bitcoin Miners Are At present Incomes 8x Extra in Charges Than All Different Cryptocurrencies Mixed

Reddit: All exchanges ought to implement a friendly-reminder popup after they click on something with the phrase “bitcoin”. This can keep away from confusion for newcomers.

eBay to Settle for Crypto? New York Adverts Trace at Big Mainstream Breakthrough

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  1. Thanks for the great videos along the years. Most of us here knew these days were coming and even better days yet to come. But you guys work have kept us informed and so kept the fud away.

  2. was waiting on 5000 too, then 6000, then 7000.
    i bought some now, and if it pulls back I'll buy even more. won't make much difference in the future i hope 🙂

    thanks for the vídeos btw

  3. Hold hold hold bitcoin. 1000000000

  4. I use Binance to buy XRP. Just got an Ellipal wallet and will be withdrawing my XRP to Ellipal. I'll also be removing all my coins from various exchanges to the wallet. Good vid today as usual.

  5. I Agree with you more than most never will. I think it's OK to buy more chips and coins, I have bought more bitcoins due to the sudden rise and for a future that could moon or completely dive and cost you the holding always fall that's mainly why I stopped holding. I lost more than 2/4 of my BTC and way more than half the value of my $5000 XRP. I was devastated and I was desperately seeking options to regain my loss when I stumbled upon Jayden Boyle on a YouTube comment. Considering the odds, I contacted him through the mail, and the result was life-changing. He gave me a basic understanding of the benefit of trading on exploration, especially in a speculative market. He then provided me with his daily signals and trading patterns, and within a month, I was able to do almost 80% on my BTCs, from 2 BTC I made more up to 6 BTC. Mr. Jayden never asked me to give you access to my account, if you have any questions, you can reach it in * ((jaydenboyle6@gmail. com)) * and gain reliable profit with your little experience in cryptography.

  6. Bitcoin Crosses $8200, Peter Mccormack Predicts 33k By July, CME Bitcoin Futures Reaches 33.7k ATH

  7. Hey, thanks for the video! Do you still hold elastos?

  8. Here's the best deal of all. You sign up to EFin and you get 1000 free coins to stake and get a free income every month from 62% of the profits generated by this cool new privacy DEX exchange coming out. If you want more, become a partner. It is not a scam, since you don't pay for anything. Please use my link to check it out and sign up, thanks!

  9. I've tried to tip you bat, but says it's unable too, try later, WTF am I doing wrong? ANYONE have that same prob?

  10. which stable coin do you recommend? (i know there is a big NO on USDT)… do u recommend usdc? tnx

  11. Call the Low on the pull back in June. I say 5770. What say you?

  12. This rally is absolutely nuts and can't be sustainable wtf is going on but hey I'm happy got btc in the 3 to 4k level

  13. Sign up and receive $250 usd in crypto, Lemme know if you have any questions 🙂 @t

  14. May God bless you with abundance.

  15. I’m late to the Bitcoin game, but I own a Litecoin and other Cryptocurrency’s. I hope it, or the others I own pull through ??

  16. Im gonna hold onto my 0.1 btc which is my life's savings 🙂 Cheers.

  17. You were so wrong about the 6k pullback (:

  18. DogeBox.IO Best Dogecoin Cloud Miner bro

  19. Great time to invest in altcoins. Morpheus Network, Wish, AXPR, Hacken, Essentia are hidden gems. 100x-1000x during this bull run!

  20. Bitcoin reached the ceiling, Ripple is going up cuz people are buying XRP with BTC, it's a sign that Bitcoin is going to have a huge correction

  21. I am going to sell guys, in my opinion is 8k dip…after binance unlock we will maybe see corection 🙂 I bought at 4k…sooooo much fomo to real bull run ! …I am in BTC group about half year but everytime when all scream MOOOON, i expect dump.

  22. Bitcoin went up way too fast and i'm waiting for a pullback also so I can buy more. I need to take out a loan…

  23. Will we ever see a $4500 BTC again? I hope!

  24. I was dead wrong on us pulling back from 6k but honestly this run seems totally unsustainable short term. I'm pretty certain there will eventually be an EPIC pullback sooner than later, hopefully not going back under 6k.

    In some ways i'm hoping this slows down a bit, as the harder we run up without consolidating and building support once we dump we will likely be in free fall back towards 6k or slightly lower.

    Or maybe alts will run hard once people flip profits from BTC.

    Times like these are what makes times like the crypto winter of '18 worth it for those of us who refused to sell the bottom in a panic.

    Keep up the good work.

  25. When my cryptocurrency portfolio moons. I want to be chauffeur driven in my Rolls Royce Phantom eating my grey poupon.

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  27. here is a recording of bitfinex planing to pump bitcoin on april 27th.. nothing is organic it will dump hard.

  28. I came across the best hack by texting +1(209)684 9221 he help me earn 30,000 to myself I am grateful

  29. IMHO it will fall when profit takers become active then rise again maybe over a cou[ple of weeks!!

  30. Make a video on Tomochain. Very cheap GEM.

  31. Hi, I am new to this channel, I would like to buy Bitcoin and I would like to know what is the safest way to buy. Is it safe on websites or it's better with ledger. I wanna buy and hold, long term investment, thank u very much!!

  32. It's going to crash very soon, this is just silly now, this is not the bull run to ATH they just want you to think it is …. humans will always be so stupid and naive whilst the rich whales get richer by using your small brain lol ……

  33. Is it too late to join the boat? Never bought btc before.

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