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  1. you sure make it sound good.

  2. So in the future Bitcoin could be recognised as status of wealth; like an expensive car, house posh watch, gold, etc.. But can also be easily transferred.

  3. Is Bitcoin and blockchain the best way to hold and transfer money across Space? So for astronauts / space station workers / initial colonisers it would the easiest way to pay and receive money? They would hold their wallet with the on the computer they have with them.

  4. Thanks to "Sam Skipping Leg day" I am able to become part of the 1%. Btw Thanks to TMI for all the great vids! Still watch them every morning here and abroad!

  5. well at the current prices i think most of the people cant even afford a full bitcoin, thats why go for telecoin, you can buy like a thousand of them at the same price, with more benefits and security..

  6. And so there are 21million BTC. The worlds population is 8 odd billion. So when the vast majority realise they have nothing, they will create their own unit of tradeable currency (not btc).

  7. Well said get one my friend because I will be

  8. Who else is using the jacobsinvestment77gmailcom hodling and investing strategy.

  9. Not gonna happen my friend

  10. I'd very much like it to go to 1m but let's take a step back and be more realistic here, there are what? a couple of thousands crypto coins out there? People invested in crypto right now are just a few million at best. The tech is solid and in the future we will use crypto, but the people (all of thoses billion people) will decide what crypto they will use, and they have a lot to choose from.

  11. I own 21 million bitcoin and im 12.

  12. I have about $200 “invested” into bitcoin at the moment ?

  13. Is it good to store BTC on ledger nano s for long term or is there any other wallets that are better.

  14. My dream is to own 2 bitcoins someday. I have now 0,35 btc so far. I think in ten years 1btc will be worth more than 2 million dollar. So many people will regret that they didnt take some back in the day and I dont wanna be amongst those.

  15. Very interesting/ Intriguing 🙂 if possible would love to hear your perspective about the next threshold or the roof-top / Highs. WHERE WE COULD END UP 200K OR 300K and drop back to 10k or 20k and time-frame. Coz I respect your judgement. I would not take it is a financial advice but your valuable perceptive towards upcoming highs and lows is appreciated and makes me curious. Thanks in advance 🙂

  16. NO NO that NYSE predicts btc is a world wide currency… no it already was.

  17. I have 2 BitCoins and I don't care if it crashes or goes insanely high, I will just hold them till 2030. Sellout set at 2030 :D. Doesn't matter if it gives me millions or nothing 😛

  18. am feeling good with hacker miguel i just got my third 2.8btc DM +18633362567

  19. Am now a bitcoins millionaire thanks to hackermiguel +18633362567

  20. Some people are still poor because they refused to invest while other were investing ,inbox me and i will teach you the right means to invest and earn reasonable profit

  21. I own .00609625 bitcoin as of now buying 10 dollars worth everyday

  22. i want 10 bitcoins :))

  23. If the BTC hits the value of a GDP of USA- The US will go to war against all humans and bomb every server on this planet. End of story… Im still investing though

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