Why Bitcoin JUMPED!

Why Bitcoin JUMPED

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– Disclaimer: I’m not a monetary adviser and this isn’t monetary recommendation.

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  1. 1st Song – All The Way Up https://youtu.be/y2ak_oBeC-I

    2nd Song – Neon Indian https://youtu.be/tbw–_PX30o

    3rd Song – Rock Angel https://youtu.be/pHg_KzCx9QM

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  2. where are the 1k hyperwave fuck boys?

  3. lambo time again? haha

  4. Thank God you're back ??????

  5. Congrats on 10 million views!

  6. Congrats on 10 million views!

  7. Hi, everyone have you ever tried trading with us

  8. When the SEC need us to dump for BTC ETF approval so institutions can enter safely, we will show them how hard we can dump.
    They will like us.

  9. How come you always put on some killer music, bob your head, and then run out of view of the camera like you don't want anyone to see you dance? Get yo groove on man! This green has been a long time coming. Feels good.

  10. Great video thanks Cam! What are your thoughts on the E.U. Passing Article 13? It could essentially be the death knoll for youtubers like yourself :,-(

  11. heyyyy bro i think you should take a look at NLC and get some players to the platform as its doing good rn , ( i'm not talking about shilling price ) just show people what NLC has , many will be interested in Poker and Crypto to Crypto bets i'm sure. They lack people and you can bring some, We need them desperately specially with the WSOP right now. thank you for your content brooo keep going

  12. Hahahahaha you are a legend. And so is this channel. You should have mil+ subs. Awesome

  13. Hey man, please become a verified Brave publisher, if it suits you. I keep getting this message on Brave "This creator has not yet signed up to receive contributions from Brave users. Any tips you send will remain in your wallet until they verify. ". I have sent you almost 90 BAT so far.. but they .. haven't reached you. Keep up the good work! Love <3

  14. I loved your Nice remix ! :'D

  15. Great video. How come you never talk about Vechain. I feel like it’s a really solid project

  16. Your videos are a joy to watch!!! Very very cool!

  17. What do you think about dagcoin?

  18. I'm just here trading US OIL watching bitcoin do it's funny business

  19. Bitcoin back and all the crypto roaches come scurrying back. 😉

  20. Interesting backgrounds. I think news is reporting the jump is because of a $100 million dollar bitcoin order placed across multiple exchanges. Yes/No??

  21. B coin a joke-inflated fake profits-must b regulated…go to pot stocks… skies the limit

  22. Wrong…the OTC markets that the whales have been using has dried up. Big money cant get backdoor prices on large volume buys. They have buyers that are required to fill their orders and the only way now is through the exchanges. Brexit….kabuki theatre…go back to sleep dude.You make me laugh. Hit the gym too…your heart will thank me later.

  23. this is the bitcoin of crypto channels

  24. What do you think about David Chaum's platform?

  25. "Lots of coins are doing this….NANO….so many examples…."

  26. God how I love Borat’s dance. Combine that with crypto – I nearly ejaculated EOS everywhere.

  27. Thanks again for your clips, I do want you to succeed

  28. Coz ur mom? ur mom so fat, that when she jumps in it went 15%!

  29. the price jumped cuz i bought some :DDD

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