DavinciJ was one of many standard silver and gold bulls on You Tube again in 2010 and 2011. After which he found Bitcoin. He researched it, purchased it and prompt others do the identical when it was nonetheless below a Greenback, however treasured few listened. Now Davinci is a multi millionaire, however he is nonetheless a silver and gold bug and he predicts that sooner or later silver shall be value greater than gold.

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  1. Just goes to show that if an idiot gets super lucky…they are still just an idiot…that has stupid money.

  2. Health is the most valuable in life

  3. Unbelievable! You guys are idiots!

  4. Yeah I can confirm that da Vinci was one of the first on board Bitcoin like 2010 oh, we often spoke in the chat room on Paltalk most of us didn't listen we laughed at Bitcoin oh, we're not laughing now but in the greater scheme of things Bitcoin has just as many third-party accounts are liabilities and the currency system, one need only take down the exchanges and it's game over, one needs one massive solar flare and it's game over, one needs to see governments around the world saying no more Bitcoin and it's game over Bitcoin gone Bitcoin is used because it's redeemable for cash but once it's not it's not oh, you can't hold it in your hand can't toss it in the air watch it hit the ground put a Nick in the ground oh, but you go ahead and throw around your microchip that contains your your wealth and see what happens, you forget your password and see what happens, you have a house fire see what happens oh, you have a car accident and I had injury see what happens, the point is that all this chitter-chatter that there is no liability with Bitcoin is a load of crap oh, you can bury gold and silver out of sight there you go a worse where is the third party counter liability gamma the Heavenly God's throwing giant stones of the earth sure massive Super Bowl knose going off sure. There are some events at least one event that is happening now many Ice Age of mining gold and silver by who knows how many times and multiples of present-day costs it will be like mining a distant planet that is so harsh you couldn't even imagine or even the technology of 20 years from now, your ass is going to become a very harsh place to live in some regions and generally for everyone soar ability to produce food at this rate what does already diminishing little window of opportunity to put a seed in the ground and wait for it fully mature for Harvest is already an eye-opening reality just imagine prolonged Winters in the Northern Hemisphere and an increase floods and droughts and adverse weather in the southern hemisphere what populations continue to rise, we don't grow our own food so we have no idea what's involved but we're going to get a clue fairly soon good luck everybody


  6. Everybody is talking dollar collapse..ok..If the dollar collaps to 90% then silver will be at 156 dollar…SO WHAT
    In Euroos its still the same price…….

  7. I don't believe that socialism works either, but I do believe in a responsible government. I would rather have my tax dollars spent on free education and healthcare rather than constant conflicts around the world. When it comes to military spending, the voices are not as loud as when we are discussing free healthcare. There is more attack on free healthcare than military spending, and yet we spend more on our military than all the other developed countries combined!

  8. Silver is going to explode. I don't believe the dollar needs to collapse in order for silver to achieve it's actual value. The fact is , no matter what currency is king, silver is the most valuable element on earth.

  9. This clown is, "PRO ABORTION", but with dribbling rationalizations.

  10. Satanic Pedo == Right-wing neocons masquerading as progressives (i.e. the Clintons)?

    Holy Pedo == Catholics and Priests?

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  12. Is this the same guy that used to build and sell battery harnesses on Endless Sphere?

  13. Why no link to the little old lady style howto videos?

  14. Every one can make report and predict but ….tell the insane for thing not insane to believe you

  15. Your predictions will come true when you will see hair on your head

  16. a kilo of silver only costs you 452€. I would wait with buying because when the price goes higher for the same money you'll have to carry home less. Thats why I bought gold. I can still spend a lot of money but have to carry home just less kilos

  17. another thing: gold might be manipulated, hold in check etc., I believe that also. But think about it. Now we can buy close to the price it costs to mine gold. That is positive I would think.

  18. This video popped in my recommended. My god they are still pumping silver. How long can you guys wait?
    I have made a lot of money from gold and silver. Shorting it in the futures market. Am long now though.
    One day these people will be in retirement homes saying, "Physical will be worth a lot one day".

  19. Yes, since God made all men; He even made those who deficate on the streets in SFO! Men manufacture all sorts of things, both good and bad. Gold and silver are not examples of items made by man.

  20. Yep and crypto will tank cuz it can be hacked

  21. Who is the head of the Crimex? who is it that signs off on this fraud?

  22. Challenge for him : Change your Bitcoins in silver !!!

  23. This dude seems legit. I shall trust him completely.

  24. Where are the old lady style videos? I can't find them.

  25. Lmao only way silver will pass gold is if gold drops to $10

  26. I really hope silver stays low for a good long time. The low silver price is hampering production, which means rhodium is scarce – since it's a byproduct of silver production. But the demand for rhodium is driven more by the world economy than anything else, because it's mostly an industrial metal, while the supply is driven by silver production. Rhodium to the moon!

  27. Worst report ever. No facts what so ever. We do know silver will sky rocket. Still no facts.

  28. i. watched a documentary on. brexit and. the ones that are voting. for it. are. makeing themselves millions of brexit. investing. in gold.