Bitcoin Resistance Ahead – BTC Analysis

Bitcoin Resistance Ahead – BTC Analysis to trace potential resistance for bitcoin worth.

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Crypto Capital Enterprise is large on monitoring bitcoin and litecoin market particularly. The final premise of technical evaluation movies on Crypto Capital Enterprise is that though Bitcoin worth and Litecoin worth transfer very in a really risky means, there’s a lot alternative in being ready for upside and draw back. We additionally cowl Bitcoin information on this channel because it comes out.

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  1. Bottom range @ 00:50
    200 EMA Over-extension @ 2:50
    EMA flow of BTC @ 4:35
    Daily zoomed in @ 5:55
    4 hour chart short term target @ 9:40

  2. Fyi, watching this on my phone today and its really hard to see the 50 / ema on the phone. Maybe make them a little bolder / brighter for the videos. Thanks

  3. your wedge makes no sense your just drawing imaginary lines

  4. I’m still hoping for lower though ?$2K BTC, $15 LTC is once in a lifetime.

  5. This feels like a shakeout. I see downside movement incoming. Yes, it can go up, but the probability of it going down is greater. We've got 6 days to find out!

  6. Bitcoin just shot up almost 600$ with 18-24 hours?

  7. Can anyone here tell me why the U.N (agenda 21) were at the Litecoin summit?? Nobody from the Litecoin family have answered me yet….including you Dan.

  8. haha, in previous video you said you sell some LTC for BTC, and LTC kicked your ass for that.

  9. Santa Claus rally!??Could Tom Lee’s end of year prediction still come true?

  10. Bitcoin is going to $1200. This temporary run is a bs short squeeze.

  11. This still smells like a short squeeze to me with a violent downward coming to get longs (shorts v longs). I’m setting my stop loss and taking profit, if I miss out that’s fine. I will buy in the next consolidated movement.

  12. Invest in ESH.. When your sniffed up and having a sesh get some esh you won't regret. Esh coin. Live for today allow tomorrow

  13. Please stop using Bitfinex charts, prices are in USDT not USD…

  14. I really enjoy watching your daily videos. Thanks for your contribution to the crypto community!

  15. I want lower lows. I ain’t done accumulating. Let it take a dump…..flu like diarrhea dump.

  16. Okay, we are through 3600… what next ?

  17. Nice job Dan! Still loving your bear market coverage!

  18. Maybe time for a dead cat bounce? We are in a bear market… waste of time to even analyze charts till we find the bottom.

  19. BTC software is able to retrieve the private key of a btc wallet. This allows you to empty btc wallet from another

  20. Resistance my ass, utter effing crapology. You know diddly so stfu.

  21. CCV Dan is the man! I really enjoy watching your TAs & your videos. Thanks for your contribution to the crypto community!

  22. I dont even mind that I missed the recent pump lol. I knew I shouldnt have been trading, should have just held. But Im not upset. What's upsetting is the crazy volatility. At any moment, it can just tank 20% or more…. please… can we just trade sideways for about a year or two so I can DCA…. but at this point. I have no confidence in it. You kick a dog for 12 months, dont be surprised that Im not even wanting to buy anymore….. They are ruining crypto's chances of being useful and trusted… too much manipulation man. It will be a long time…. who the f&*% would buy an asset that regularly tanks 90% or more… with the possibility that it will even go lower LOL. Hope is past being BLEAK