This Man calls the Future of Bitcoin since 2011 like an Oracle!

✘ Observe me:

✘ Exchanges I am utilizing:
► Coinbase
► Binance
► Bitmex
► Deribit

✘ My Chart Instrument:
► TradingView

✘ My Wallets:
► Ledger
► Trezor

I am accessible for consulting at the fee of zero.1 BTC per hour. Please contact me on fb for more information.

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  1. Get to the poimt ffs your so annoying

  2. Best Video I Ve ever watched…damn

  3. ohhhh its in the comments nm i found it

  4. 5:29 "no onne was talking about a bubble" Dude, EVERYONE was calling it a bubble!

  5. Planning to buy 0.050 btc in early 2019. Any thoughts or advice? Im pretty new to this. Channel recommendations maybe

  6. okay! Phase one done. But now we must go to phase 2. Ah, yes grasshoppers. at the mining level. there is this one little niggle of a difficulty. Electricity is a bit expensive. or is it? let us introduce Our Gas lol I must dare you pioneers to ask me to show you a way to power your mines that require absolutely no power Company to provide the power. Let me help you see the way. Our currency has found a way now let us finnish the revolution…

  7. You need to adjust the volume levels bruh his voice was too quiet yours was too loud

  8. sweet lambro at the end, wtc?

  9. yeah but say i buy 10 bitcoin and the price goes to $200,000 how the hell do sell em quickly? those trading sites are run buy small companies they cant fork out millions of dollars in one second. until i can walk into a bank and exchange them for cash theyre useless

  10. Now what? It is what the answer has been for thousands of years. PRECIOUS METALS.

  11. relax your mouth so your accent is not as pronounced!

  12. 4:37 are they speakers with fans behind him?

  13. You should do an interview with him. I’m sure we would all be interested in watching that video…!

  14. You should do an interview with him. I’m sure we would all be interested in watching that video.

  15. You should do an interview with him. I’m sure we would all be interested in watching that video…!

  16. This guy is the reason I bought 1000 bitcoin in 2011.

  17. I couldn't but imagine the extremity of which bitcoin investment has gone, despite how Sandy the net is with a lot of mining imposters,bitcoin investment is the hope of investment globally, I only invested 0.6btc and I was amazed at the returns you won't believe I got 2.4btc in 7days
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  18. a broken clock is right twice a day.

  19. I have a question if anyone can answer….

    Do you really need a crypto wallet on your PC? If BTC skyrockets, you are just going to cash out into dollars ASAP. ?

  20. I'm available for consulting at the rate of 0.1 BTC per hour. Please contact me on facebook for more info.
    What? LOL who do you think you are?

  21. What is Davincji portofolie??? Wich coins hé prefer??