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  1. So, any of these blockchain companies have a chance to survive or do well???

  2. it will get replaced. not efficient, waste power, contribute to global warming. during the nuclear war, all servers and power grid will be wipe out. now tell me how to trade bitcoin when we are back to the stone age. i rather invest the money on a land and grow my own food, make my own power from solar, rain water system, waste recycling.

  3. My thing is why would I buy and take a chance into crypto currency when it does not have any backing at all…and the last time I checked a federal reserve note was worth a
    .05 in 2013 and it’s obviously worth in the negative now…and people are doing what they can to invest into this…from a dollar that never existed but only created and established in 1913 people have lost whatever mind they have…

  4. Best investment in the world at the moment, it's going to make alot of billionaires when it's all said and done

  5. Buying Bitcoin is like buying air

  6. I believe this is the ripoff of the decade.

  7. Block chain will live, but not Bitcoin

    It will stay alive until you who have it today spend all money to keep it alive and then the dream will end.

    There is a win in this, someone got this technology as a result of other people spending money mining.

    The fact that you yell proves you are losing money and re trying to cut your losses a bit.

  8. dude stfu and go away.. read the comments. no one loves you and your millions

  9. Hey everybody is dipshit….

  10. when bitcoin millionaires brag about money… you know what they are bragging in?? dollars dollars dollars .

  11. He is desperate. Bitcoin is going to 0. Remember this comment , is pure science !

  12. So he has to pump it up….

  13. Parrot? I guess I missed the part where you shared anything new

  14. Bitcoin is a scam , it's manipulation game.

  15. Hi friends! I need help. I found myself in a very difficult situation, I lost all the money, I can not pay the bills, my family was evicted from the house, I have no money for food! Please help me and my family if there is an opportunity to transfer a little money if there is no opportunity that make a repost of my message!

  16. You are an Alex Jones nut job lol

  17. This guy reminds me of the ship stewards trying to convince the passengers of the Titanic that everything is under control.

  18. If any of your watchers have half a brain left, they would try to cash out a couple dollars while they can. Bitcoin is, and always will be a Pump and Dump Scheme. If you missed the spike, you’re already too late. It has NO Value. Smarten up wired dummy.

  19. My question is why the hell did he decide to make this video while driving on the road ???

  20. Has anybody on this chat been scammed by Robert Patrick?

  21. and as always(almost), he’s wrong.
    Guys, unsubscribe this idiot and he’s gang! All he tell you is a lie, all he cares about it’s he’s own pocket.

  22. I’d bet money this guy has no idea how a block chain works. He reminds me of MLM salesmen

  23. Thank you! I'm hoping to see 1500ish I sure wish I heard about BTC years ago. Congratulations brother

  24. Hi can you help me with butcoin

  25. stop listening to these people they have they arent worried about you lol I wouldn't listen to this guy if he paid me to listen lmfao everyone thinks they KNOW but have no idea

  26. hes going to loss everything lol see the thing about hype it fades and fades I call them my short sells lol you get in get out its funny how everyone used to market these damn coins and now nothing lol all you hear is bitcoin dropped again another yearly low lol bitcoin is nothing but pump and dumps

  27. I hate the way he talks his mouth is moving like a giraffe

  28. Yeah…I'm gonna take financial advice from a mindless, indoctrinated dipshit who believes in convoluted fairytales about imaginary beings…NOT!!!


  29. bitcoin is going to zero dude lol, never invest in something you don't understand!

  30. so these people still make videos just to make us hate bitcoin so they invest secretly and enjoy the rocketing alone.
    don't get fooled by these sluggards, digital currency has to face ups and downs before it can be valuable. THINK!!!
    NB; BITCOIN is never going to crash.

  31. the comments are super entertainment on youtube on this channel lmfao.

  32. mad man?✌️ if that going to 1200, miners will stop mine btc, than price with again up ?