If You’re Considering Leaving Bitcoin, Watch This Video.

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The 2018 Bitcoin bear market has been tough. Nobody denies that. If you are excited about giving up on Bitcoin, watch to the tip.

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*I’m not a monetary adviser, this isn’t monetary recommendation. I strongly encourage all to do their very own analysis earlier than doing something with their cash. All investments/trades/buys/sells and many others. must be made at your individual threat with your individual capital.*

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  1. HODL HODL HODL! WITH JEB AT THE WATER COOLER! JEB and his band of crypto monkeys ! CRYPTO JEB! MooN BoI

  2. OK heres my story i was scared how to do this but had some time on my hands in 2011 so im a gambler and i bought some BTC i think it was $.23 and let it set when i checked it one day it was worth $300.00 i got excited and sold for profit and just kept 10 i sold 8 at 17,000 i still have 2 from that group since then i been buying more at $6000 on down its a great buying time wish i hadn't been greedy at $300 i started out with 2000 what dummy i was kicking myself in the ass every day lesson learned he's right

  3. I am worried because in ten years time, I will be 110years old, not considering the odds against me but I would not be able to remember my password then ?

  4. This is currently a bear market, all day long, buying out now is not a bad move, blindly HODLing for fear of missing out is a bad move which will lose you about 10/20% per month.

  5. Can you please talk a little bit faster?

  6. Amazing analysis please hold all alt coins : go Canyacoin CAN

  7. You're foolish to sell now! Buy baby buy!!

  8. You don't need,then I need 1 Bitcoin.This is my wallet adress:32Asw4TS88xqrMQ6VBmcPvNw75m7tj7vB8,please,pretty please send me 1 BTC.???

  9. buy at $400-$500… HODL for 2 years thank me later

  10. Bitcoin is going 3000 and then 2400. So don't rush.

  11. I just bought 2 bitcoins yesterday, I also agree it Will reach 6-7 figures in the future it’s a huge possibility you can see the future based on the past , love the attitude man, keep up the good work!

  12. I didn't invest on that crappy pyramid scheme, suck for you guys who fell for bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. Laughing myself to the bank with my money still intact.

  13. Wtf i came back after 6 months and it went Down 3000$ !!!!!

  14. I love you man… you did a great video

  15. About 11 months ago I met an old childhood friend at a Convention in the US ?? surprising He’s a Big time Bitcoin Trader , He doesn’t do with anything minimum 2BTC. I have really benefited from it. For about 4years now, I have invested with so many companies but most disappoint and create websites just to scam people.

  16. What is that famous disclaimer that most have heard or came across? oh yeah "past performance does not necessarily predict future results".

  17. this is how the rich gets richer, and the poor gets poorer

  18. You sound like Dave Chappelle acting a white News Anchorman

  19. I don’t see bitcoin having that run again, basically what’s happened is this generation of investors got washed out from bitcoin and very few people want to touch it at this point.
    If you did buy at its peak, yeah I’d defiantly say hold now, you’re already down 80%- will the extra 20% really hurt if it went down further?

  20. If you sold low, make sure you re-buy even lower.

  21. buy high sell low… soooo easy

  22. Only one percent even own 1 btc or more

  23. I made 30k first 6 months I got in early?I am holding till 2025. Also watched it go down.. who cares if it goes to a buck. If your holding you will retire well

  24. I bought LTC at 70, 50, 48, and now it's at 30. Planning to get more!

  25. Dont hold, seeeeellll, This guy will screw you. Stop listening to youtubers. 10 years of bullrun, followed by 10 years of bear market. Makes more sense

  26. Most cryptos will go to zero and stay there. A few will make absolutely amazing returns.

  27. I selling paulcoin. You want to buy some. Johncoins are nice also. I sell you one paulcoin for 100$ each. It cheap

  28. Yes wait until the moon gets on other side it goes to 0$ you will hit the moon!

  29. Cryptos are down because they have no value. Cryptos and blockchain are 2 separate things. This is not like stocks, they come back because they have value. Expecting it to come back is like paying 4k for my Adidas shoe. I think its very very irresponsible of this guy talking about that xrp yada yada will be successful because if the projects would succeed. Wake up: if you own xrp you do not own part of the Ripple company like you would in a stock.

  30. I bought one in 2014 at $641, the price fell to 2XX. It felt crappy. I never considered selling. My only regret was not buying more when the price was low. The key was to not invest more than I could afford to lose.

  31. I enter btc world at 20k and now panic sell 4k 🙂

  32. I watched my 100 btc go from $30 to $2. This will pass it always does, research digitex futures…

  33. I short to fatten my bags. TA shows were going down

  34. Many sell now to buy cheap later!

  35. All that pain comes from the fact people can't see past USD whilst looking at crypto.

    Bitcoin is not USD.