Bitcoin won’t have bottomed until 3K flat level, says Genesis Trading’s Moro

Michael Moro of Genesis Buying and selling and Genesis Capital joins ‘Squawk Field’ to debate the worth drop in bitcoin.

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  1. I don’t trust a man who hardly blinks

  2. Host doesn’t even know the difference between btc and bch literal douch!

  3. Theyre' lying about Bitcoin so they can buy it all.

  4. Bitcoin = freedom. Don’t listen this people. They are the ones who charge you overdrafts fees and take your hard earned money, banks = theives

  5. These guys are hilarious ?

  6. i hope nobody is here watching for actual advice, but just to affirm their belief in how wrong they are about crypto

  7. i'm loading up on BNB. it's an actual token that does something, so as long as people are trading cryptocurrencies i don't see why it wouldn't go up in value. thoughts?

  8. The host probably watches CNBC for crypto news


  10. If some experts predict the death of bitcoin, maybe it is worth investing in new currencies? I have been watching XFC recently, especially the FTO. Many people are now looking for stable and transparent projects and their coins. I also, that's why I became interested in the FTO. They are new, at the beginning of the road, but BTC used to be one too in the past.

  11. Idiot male host. He is so clueless to the Crypto world. he should be covering Traffic.

  12. Tremendous ignorance of this guy in white is mindboggling. He doesn't realise the difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. But still he talks like he's an expert.

  13. this guy looks like he eats cereal without milk

  14. dec 7, 2018 fri BTC 3680 getting ready to risk on and looking forward to 2019 redemption

  15. it could be past 3k, and if it does it will be christmas for all of us. bitcoin buy away!

  16. NONSENSE! The price of bitcoin is not justified. If markets get real, bitcoin is going way down. Has anyone seen the code? Who says a more efficient block chain can't be easily scripted and replace bitcoin and make bitcoin obsolete. Many talented people out there that can flood the market and compete. I will stick with precious metals that can't be keyed into existence and will never go to zero like block chain and fiat money.
    Most people that exactly believe so highly in cryptos are the inexperienced 30 and under. The rest are scammers.

  17. Buy when it drops to 2500 – 3000 see it as happy hour in a restaurant..

  18. I got $30,000 from expeditetools,com through their hacked transfers.

  19. Time to sell BTC it will go down to -0.01

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  21. start making huge money with one click
    @t @t

  22. Lol, all these people that don't know crypto, it's so sad.

  23. He said big bitcoin farmers are prepared to take a loss. Since then Gigawatt have applied for bankruptcy, China is shutting down bitcoin farms, and lots of others are going out of business too. Bitcoin is finished.

  24. Boy oh boy looks like we are 2 bad days from testing it. Nobody wants in. We are at 3,185 right now

  25. Look at this little Jew poppy tried to defend federal reserve money but the coin will put this Fuckers out if business for good.

  26. Good lord, crypto is damn near a cult

  27. Hey make up boy, shut up and let him talk.

  28. Hold on to your crypto. A big bull market is about to start in a few days

  29. Bitcoin is SCAM, which worth $0.

  30. Cryptocurrency without government endorsement is a SCAM… keep away from them…

  31. Bitcoin does not make sense. It's supposed to be a currency but it's too volatile to serve as one. So ultimately Bitcoin is no good for the one thing its long term future is being bet upon. No Bitcoin 'experts ' never answer this. The emperor has no clothes.

  32. Nobody wants to risk being left holding the bag. They want the other guy to be left holding the bag. Aren’t enough fools now to take others out.

  33. BTC Bottom around that $3100 with a reversal starting around the October 2019 range Thank me later.

    ???? ????