Bitcoin Collapse Explained | Cointelegraph

Alex Tapscott, Anthony Pompliano and Tone Vays clarify the crypto market crash.

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Anthony Pompliano is a founding father of Morgan Creek Digital Belongings
Alex Tapscott is a co-founder at Blockchain Analysis Institute
Tone Vays is a blockchain/Bitcoin analyst & derivatives dealer

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Bitcoin Collapse Explained | Cointelegraph

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  1. 0:47 What caused the market crash?
    3:44 Will Bitcoin’s price continue to fall?
    5:50 When will Bitcoin’s price bottom?
    8:11 What could cause the market to go up again?
    11:00 What is your advice to hodlers?
    12:59 Is Bitcoin mining still profitable?

  2. Tapscott is annoying. We hodl because we want change, and trading is very risky. Tone is classic. Other guy seems smart.

  3. I can see this guy knows he's stuff with extreme wealth made on the markets…. crypto is a ponzi and always has been

  4. I'm mining hoodoo and otis. Ground floor opportunity! Elevator ride to the stars! See ya there!


  6. Bitcoin has no intrinsic value, backed by nothing, no government backing, purely speculative. Prices will not recover and the price will become sub $1 and never recover. All of these ‘experts’ are begging you not to sell so that they can sell theirs first.

  7. There is a single cause…forks and new coins…seeing it rise nobody wants btc at 20 k…we are all trying to step on at 10 cents so we can sell at 20k…all the BTC support evaporated into ether and other coin start ups. That's why it fell. Wait for under a buck, then by 100k of BTC. The bottom is going to be very very low.

  8. $15,000 by year end ??? There’s less than 2 weeks left in 2018. Bwahahahahaha….so many sheep’s….

  9. Government will eventually outlaw crypto. Reportedly they do like the blockchain technology and it's likely they'll establish a government owned/controlled "transparent" cyber alternative.

  10. Heres my 2 cents. A lot of people say bitcoin regularly crashes 90%. They believe its a regular cycle….but is that really so? Sure it happened multiple times but is it a cycle on clockwork and is it regular? The sun goes through cycles and there are perfectly good scientific reasons behind that. But whats the reasoning behind the bitcoin 90% crash cycle? There is none.

    Bitcoin has crashed by a mt gox hack. It tanked when China banned it. Now it crashed because the bubble burst from too much speculative buying. Also many other times however none of these are correlated events and definitely not on some sort of cycle. You can look at a chart and draw a line but its more coincidence than correlation. It has absolutely NO predictive element on when the next country might ban it or next big exchange hack causing it to drop. Most people are grasping at straws here.

    Now im not claiming to be a "bitcoin expert". Im just telling people to be weary of what they listen to. Sometimes what you hear makes perfect sense but isn't true at all.

  11. Fools of the biggest scam ever . What a bunch of idiots.

  12. You guys need to get KBC its backed by gold its going to be a very stable coin it has a working product and has over 500000 affiliates

  13. If a terrorist use Bitcoin to buy/sell something for the destruction of something, YOU KNOW IT"S TIME TO SELL IT QUICKLY.

  14. I think sometime in the future we will be hearing about how someone put a billion dollars (The Green Ones) in their pocket with the biggest scam in history Bitcoin. If Bitcoin goes down to pennies, is there someone you can go to to sell what you have? Are you able to get out if you need to? All that green money is gonna go in someones pocket.

  15. Why cant these so called experts just say.. "i dont know." Because that is the truth. No one knows shit.

  16. I love that these experts are talking the language of stocks and commodities for something that has no intrinsic value. It is an investment in air which will only attract the get rich quick fools. 8:32 what a financial moron, when governments reduce money supply, the value of the currency goes up.

  17. Cryptocurrency without government endorsement is a SCAM… keep away from them…

  18. Of course these digital currencies were going to crash they are not backed on anything, nor the federal reserve or gold like they used to back in the day. The whole thing is a con and be careful do rampers. If it is too good to be true you know the rest.

  19. Bitcoin is a fool's errand. And there will be a lot of people that will lose money dealing in it. Sorry, but I'm not putting my REAL money into an investment vehicle that doesn't exist in the real world. But hey….everybody's got a hobby right? I'll stick to my Money Market accounts and my annuities.

  20. mining bitcoin with Mr mike is the best , he keeps making weekly profits

  21. I'll never buy btc or crypto ever again