Will Bitcoin Hit $3,000 This Week? Technical Analysis

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Has the waterfall drop on the Bitcoin chart ended? If Bitcoin drops additional what targets must you be watching? Is a $three,000 Bitcoin a chance within the close to future? Mark will take us by the mid-week BTC chart with some TA.

Mark is an lively dealer and shares his technical evaluation of the charts. He isn’t knowledgeable advisor however shares his information to be able to have a basis to do your personal analysis and make knowledgeable choices in your investments. At all times do your personal analysis and by no means make investments greater than you possibly can afford to lose.
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  1. Bitcoin itself has become a fiat currency. It’s over.

  2. I think after the Bart Head pattern we will now go to the Homer Hair pattern soon.

  3. Some moon boys think bitcoin Has a 100 percent change to reach again 20k in 10 years..
    No, if price would be higher.
    If 4200 dont hold then 4200 will be ressistance for months.

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  5. Next week the bulls are back , thanksgiving is over and now its on to the moon

  6. It will pick up after the Mexican New Year ???

  7. Talking too close to the mic. Sounds too bass’y

  8. I would look for direct correlation to the US stock market. Some interesting patterns may appear in Jan as that month has been a blood bath for stocks.

  9. Stochatstics, RSI's, adn Moving averages… did Alt Buzz start trading yesterday? This channel is about as informative as CNBC and just as entertaining.

  10. As a full time equities and futures trader who has also traded cryptos since early 2015 I can say that tech analysis does not correlate in crypto markets. I stopped watching these altcoin buzz videos a long time ago because "jeff" was always pushing bullshit tech analysis videos that made no sense (using john macafee tweets and random moving averages as signals to buy or sell) and it looks like nothing's changed lol.

  11. Ayyy Mark V.. BTC hit my target at 4100. I ended my short. I absolutely think BTC will hit 3.5k around Christmas

  12. I can’t wait to buy a large pizza with 10,0000 btc again

  13. 1.3k is the target, and after that it will slowly bleed till 100$. Since BTC without lightning network is worthless

  14. DUDE how do you get those moving average future dots?

  15. I hope it hits 3,000. Have a lot more cash I want to put into this. 3000 would be a sweet little number

  16. it will all be worth it if Mcafee actually eats his D

  17. Why are previous support & resistance levels applicable? People & events change all the time… surely a dynamic marketplace!?

  18. I will be surprise if it don't hit $3600 before the end of the month.

  19. If we can focus on binary trading then there would be no worries

  20. I hope it crash below $3000. being mining for a while now under Mr CROW who has helped make me a couple thousands of $ and i will buy a couple more BTC . crow has one of the best i have seen. Been earning 0.4BTC every 11.5 hours straight to my wallet, reach crow if interested at cryptocrow800@gmail .com

  21. Bitcoin will rise sooner than we expect
    I have been making more BTC just by investing with MRs Josephine
    in 2 week my small 2BTC got me 15BTC with her good trading strategies
    you can contact her on jraymond64479@gmail.com

  22. Clickbait title and the andere is “anything can happen”. Niet question: where is Jef??

  23. I cured my Hiccups by opening my Blockfolio.

  24. This guy sounds just like jeff goldblum

  25. We have broken out of a symetrical triangle to the downside on the 1h chart. The target price is the difference from the breakout point to the lenght of the widest side of the triangle ie. 3900$. So expect 3900 tomorrow or on sunday

  26. During that time a trader could make a good living buying the lots and selling the highs of that range, I discovered a comment of someone giving accolades to Jacob Lowery and also thanking him for helping him increase his Portfolio from having *4BTC to *12.5 BTC in three months, so I contacted him, Behold I have made *3Btc in 6 weeks with his working strategies, if you have lost so much or wanna get more information contact him through jacoblowerytradinginc@gmail.com or whatsapp messenger +1 929 224 3708

  27. don't think a trader can be so honest as Jacob Lowery

  28. Haven’t watched altcoin buzz since last years end of year bull run, nostalgia haha

  29. Bitcoin is more corrupted than fiat currency unfortunately

  30. honestly I keep re-investing as I earn profit weekly from my expert trader

  31. Well, you probably thought I was nutts couple months back, but I called this market right at $3-5000, you have not answered me, with any my recent texts to you, so I figured you must be to busy!

  32. Chats are worthless for kryptos period….

  33. The cryptocurrency market has slowed over the past few months, however others believe that this will change very shortly. While the current reality may suggest some gloom, it’s worth remembering that the heights achieved last year came amidst similar corrections along the way.

  34. i think they wont let the price go so deep. they already have settled BAKKT and other insitutional players…if they drop the price to hell bottom they will scare people to death! they keep baiting the fish by balancing the price between desperation and hope (aka $4000).

    I expect a small rise soon on holidays maybe reasching again $5000 and then a dip again in January