Tom Lee cuts bitcoin year-end target to $15,000

Tom Lee of Fundstrat World Advisors joins ‘Squawk Field’ to focus on the bitcoin fallout and the place he sees it going subsequent.

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  1. Why would people care to mined when it is heading 3k and cost 7k to mine, digital currency, well china is going digital payments using wechat pay and alipay and used by 90% of the people instead of cash.

  2. Jp morgans pays them millions for these people but i know things better than them. 15k ? ? fire this guy…

  3. Tom's body language leaves me with little to no confidence that BTC will ever come back – more less 3x by year's end.

  4. Bitcoin is a swear word to most people now thanks to all the scams. Unless the whales buy up big , its only going down.

  5. This is cringe worthy, he talks in riddles…..lamb to the slaughter…He must be into self flagellation to put himself through this on TV…

  6. 3:28 "Why the hell you keep spewing nonsense TL?"

  7. He must be short…. telling normies to go long so they get liquidated adding more fuel to the imminent dump to $1500. Long positions are going to get squeezed out, tons of margin-calls will be added this month.
    He is playing art of war, you normies don't get it. He is making $$$ out of your stupidity, lauging all the way to the bank. Bet he's been short the entire year.

  8. This dog is desperate to sell its bitcoins

  9. Maybe he should cut it to 1500

  10. Its a fat kid telling you that santa is going to show up any second now… how embarrassing.

  11. Now what Bobby Lee said bitcoin will go below $2500 this year and Tom lee said $15000 both were bull players, who should we believe now, also Charlie Lee the inventer of litecoin said litecoin will go up soon and now it's down from peak of $400 to now $24 lol down over 94%

  12. Tom Lee gets fired when end-year target is not reached 🙂

  13. this guy owns bitcoin and is just trying to get people to buy into it so the price goes up

  14. 15k lol I guess he meant 1500

  15. This guy is the biggest joke. Why do any people listen to this clown?

  16. As I said earlier this year: The Bitcoin will fall and I was right so far. I think Tom Lee totally misjudged the "nature" of Bitcoin in the context. Actually, it's very easy to say what's going to happen. Also I trade EUR / USD and so on but something as simple, easy to assess as the bitcoin I have never experienced (If you understand its nature) Earlier this year I said it will fall to the 2500 mark by the end of this year and that he did too. I know that it will fall below the 300 mark in December, but I think at 2.5000 we will be at the end of January at the beginning of February. To see this, you need no tools. Understand the bitcoin and you laugh at all the forecasts. Everything you need to help Forex with help to "calculate" the probability, you can forget about Bitcoin. Maybe I explain to Tom Lee what has to happen to his Bitcoin and why he has been doing this since early 2018 until today.

    Please do not imitate me now or trade / act. Everyone is responsible for their own! So denne …. See you at a booth of 1000 Bitcoin 🙂
    Maybe I'll tell you how to think about Bitcoin. Few people only. let's see. 🙂

  17. when you're THAT wrong, go big and double down

  18. He means by end of year 2019, it was a missunderstanding

  19. I think they put an extra "0" in error

  20. Tom Lee is troll! He is dumb AF. Don't take him seriously.

  21. He meant to say $1,500 by end of year !

    Very possible if the stock market dumps

    Then buy in big !

  22. This is borderline Sarah Palin level.

  23. Pffffffttttt……………. $3500

  24. Tom Lee from FundStrapped.

  25. long time ago people thought this guy was wise

  26. Encryption has a weak spot decryption.

  27. Wow who would be dump enough to give him money to invest, sure there are winner and losers but by losing 85%, we'll even I can be a specialist strategist.

  28. BTC was selling just under $4,000, at the end of the year!!

  29. Arka sokaklar izliyodum amk bura nasi geldim

  30. The current trend of HODling currency for life from a financial point of view is a wrong strategy for profiting. There is a major difference between stocks which can be based on professional advice held and currencies (cryptocurrency) and this is because most of them are hypes and highly speculative. I myself have made over $80,000 in the last 2 months day trading my BTC which I am sure would be a fantasy if I where HODling. I used a trading system developed by Mr. Jame Long and with his trade pattern and signals, I am aiming for greater highs. If you have any inquiries, you can reach him on **(jameslong241 @ Gmail. com)

  31. Where is $10,000 tom? oh thats right your an idiot just like all the hodl mouthpieces out there.