Bitcoin To Collapse Before Take Off? 6 Experts Share Their Opinion

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  1. Hey I know it sucks to see bitcoin crashing like this. It's tough to be seriously Rekt. Honestly my advice to you if you have less than $100,000 – consider learning blockchain programming and getting a job in a blockchain company. There's a HUGE demand for smart contract developers but very small supply. That's why these companies offer $95,000-$145,000 a year in salaries.

    If you never learned programming or blockchain programming I made a free webinar showing you how to get started.
    Come join me –>

  2. Down with bitcoin (globalism)

  3. Warren buffet and Jamie the crook diamond are sitting back and saying I told u. FK both of them

  4. Guys, the whales and these paid YouTubers are trying to kick out people like us who own little bit of BTC. They want to buy everything that we have and spreading nagativity by making market very low. Once we are out of the game then it will be pumped and only whales will rule the crypto world. So please don't listen to those paid YouTubers who say BTC will die and never rise. Stick to it and don't sell cheap. You have the right to get rich as much as they have.. stay positive.Best of luck.

  5. This is happening to get all the suckers and know it all out. We all know but low sale high bro was to high for the big boys to come on in. Why buy high when you know the folks that can lower the prices. So all you suckers talking about it’s dead and it nothing backing it like the USD has something backing is a damn fool. So to all you know it all what’s backing the U S dollar? I’ll wait

  6. hodlers are masochists at these conditions. Buyers are catching falling knives. Buy… and u will be losing money immediately

  7. IPSX is the cheapest coin and has a live working model

  8. BTC is only in name is the original Bitcoin> The core dev group has killed it

  9. If you want a good investment (and have the patience to invest like a banker), look at commodities – intrinsic value will only continue to increase as population grows exponentially while supply is inevitably limited by production costs. Worst case scenario, the power grid gets fried from an EMP; crypto and dollars wont be of much use – but your food, clean water, gasoline, equipment (assuming it is EMP immune) and land will be of tremendous use!

  10. Under valued?!?!?!?!?! WTF is the value of something that is not real?

  11. Could you post links to the articles you cover? Thanks a bunch.

  12. Yeah bear will go for 2-3 more years

  13. Anyone who calls himself a "crypto expert" is a fraud. You're welcome.

  14. Bitcoin hit 2000 in few month then we see correction wave complete then it will go up unlimited 50000 dollar by 2021 cyrpto and all other market are high risk invest when you known what is going on then invest

  15. LOL. Has anyone found any practical use for this?.

  16. Sounds like Bitconnect 2.0

  17. Any analysis of the intrinsic value of BTC?

  18. There are no "experts" in crypto. It's all about shilling and fudding and whale manipulation.

  19. I don't really understand why anyone would thnk BTC would ever go up that high ever again. Mining is now unprofitable, transactions fee high. All that stupid expensive hardware used. I think the only direction is down to zero.

  20. 1,000 XRP could be life changing in 20 years!

  21. That's because "experts" want you to buy their devaluing assets before they become worthless… Crypto will be known as the tool of impoverishment, not empowerment. Meanwhile institutional money will use blockchain tech to build their own ecosystems that don't need underlying tokens AKA crypto currency to operate.

  22. How do we know the correlations between bitcoin momentum and market value over that one year period are reflective of a typical one year period? Don't we need to look at much bugger data sets to have even a remote capacity to draw conclusions of any real useful value from?

  23. Good video, but you need to provide links to the referenced articles.

  24. Tired of this fucking Crypto commercial I wanna smack tf outta that guy

  25. You know it won't bottom out and bust….that's why it's a long term investment

  26. itcoin will be worthless in 2 months

  27. Bitcoin will hit $1k by end of year

  28. honestly it's hilarious as fuck seeing this happen. all because people are clueless about this exact thing happening with other 'asset' classes before. all these 'experts' have been wrong for so long, but yeah, they know what they're doing.

  29. The only thing we can go out this bearish market is. YOU HAVE TO USE IT to buy stuff/goods. If a (web)shop accepts bitcoin. use this oportunity and buy bitcoins back with the same fiat amount. That's the only way for a wider acceptance. So don't look at charges and hodl, but use it!!!

  30. Getting closer and closer to 3k by the day. Currently at 3,185. The end is nigh

  31. Love the channel! You should be on MSNBC, BLOOMBERG, or CNBC as a financial journalist/commentator. Would be great if you slowed down your dialogue or rate you speak at. I predict your subscriptions would go up. Always remember your delivery. Still following. Still a fan. Happy Holidays!

  32. After reading some comments. Seems like buying hi selling low is good advice.. Make you rich quickly

  33. Hey, Dvir I have paid for your crypto course but for some reason, I can't log in can you please direct me to the right site.

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